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Mar 132012

Say what you will about desis in America.

They have some class compared to the chutiyas in India with their mouths wrapped around the schlongs of the Khans, Rajinis, Bachchans and the Roshans.

U.S. desis have provided a decent start to Vidya Balan’s latest Bollywood outing Kahaani propelling it to a per screen average of $6,385 at the box office.

Amid the endless trash put out by Bollywood every week, Kahaani is that rare gem.

Here’s how Kahaani fared at the U.S. box office compared to a few prominent Bollywood films:

kahaani u.s. box office report

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  4 Responses to “Kahaani Box Office – Not Bad, Bidya”

  1. The chutiyas should have released it in more theaters.

    Unlike most mainstream Bollywood movies this one did not release in the nearby Regal Cinemas.

    May be Regal gave up on Indian movies after the dismal Ekk Deewana Tha and London Paris New York. Responds:

    Should be in the local Indian grocery stores by now.

    MadatBollywood (pl see below comment) got it free for buying $100 worth of Dal, Achaar, Rasam Powder, Sambar Powder, Rice, Parathas, Curry packets, Fair & Lovely etc. ;)

    But the experience is better on the big screen.

    We recently watched Hugo (via Netflix DVD) on a 40-inch TV. It was definitely not bad on TV but the visual experience would have been far superior on the big screen.

    • No need to spend $100 for a theater print dvd.

      There are stores here where you get a copy made from the original DVD for $2 and you get $1 back if you return it within a a day or two. The desi store fella saves bucks on blank dvd’s that way ;-)

      Did you like Hugo? Responds:

      Hugo was nice but we thought it lacked a soul.

      It was kind of mechanically perfect.

      Perhaps, that’s the reason The Artist took the high honors at the Oscars.

    • Fair and lovely!!! LOL ;-) Responds:

      We presume that cream still exists.

      Big in the 1970s….you couldn’t watch a movie in an Indian theatre then without the Fair & Lovely ad.

      The elder sister (MILF) comes home on vacation. Dazzled by her didi’s radiant beauty, the younger sister asks her whether she had gone to Kashmir…Simla.

      The elder sister then brandishes the violet Fair & Lovely box and attributes her glowing complexion to the beauty cream. ;)

      Beauty creams and Soda (Coke, Pepsi etc) have remained the biggest con jobs in the world.

      • Dude, that’s so nostalgic.

        Thanks for taking me down the memory lane.

        Yes, I remember the fair and lovely ads on Doordarshan back in the day :D

        About beauty creams and Soda, yours truly is a consumer of neither ;-)

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