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Jun 292012

Tell me your longitude and I’ll know what latitude to allow you.

– Sir Lulworth in The Blind Spot by Saki
Source: The Complete Works of Saki, P.295

Here’s the context for the above brilliant quote.

In The Blind Spot by Saki, Sir Lulworth is telling his nephew Egbert that people’s behavior can be explained by their geographical origins.

Saki, a British writer who died in World War I, is a remarkable storyteller.

For the bibliophile, The Complete Works of Saki is a feast upon which you can keep gorging without ever feeling sated.

My favorite Saki story remains Sredni Vashtar, a brilliant story with a chilling end.

Just in case you were unaware, Saki is the nom de plume of H.H.Munro.

  One Response to “Quote of the Day – Saki”

  1. Brilliant quote!

    Reminds me when Mama’s or Maami’s in gatherings ask for your Gothram and your native town so they can deduce your ancestral lineage.

    O.Henri and Saki are well known to Desi Indians who are exposed to their short stories in school. Responds:

    1. You write: Reminds me when Mama’s or Maami’s in gatherings ask for your Gothram and your native town…

    When I was young, I overheard the family elders mentioning my Gothram as Haritsa. Must have been an unusual one because I grew up to hate Hinduism and all that the stupid religion stands for.

    On second thoughts, I guess Hinduism is not as stupid as other religions that promise 72 virgins will blow you in Heaven if you blow up a bunch of people on Earth.

    2. Sweetie, it’s O.Henry with a y at the end.

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