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Jul 242012

The Apple juggernaut shows no sign of slowing down.

In its fiscal third quarter ended June 30, 2012, Apple sold 26 million units of its iPhones.

Total sales of the iPhones since their launch in June 2007 now exceeds 244 million units.

iPhone Sales 2007 - 2012 Q3 ©

Strong iPad Sales

Sales of the company’s iPad tablets were also robust in the third quarter.

Apple sold 17 million iPads in the quarter, the highest sales of the tablets in any quarter since their launch in April 2010.

None of the other tablet vendors (Samsung, Blackberry, Acer, Asus, Kindle, Motorola/Google etc) have sold anywhere near the iPads.

Consumers have overwhelmingly opted for the iPad tablets despite their higher price.

There are over 225,000 native applications for the iPad, a lot of them free.

Major Indian newspapers like the Times of India, Economic Times, Business Standard and Deccan Chronicle have dedicated iPad apps.

iPad Tablet Sales 2010 - 2012 Q3 - ©

Apple Fiscal 3Q 2012 Results

Apple reported a profit of $8.8 billion ($9.32 per share) on sales of $35 billion in the third quarter.

In the year earlier quarter, the company reported revenues of $28.6 billion and a net profit of $7.3 billion ($7.79 per share). Gross margin was 42.8 percent compared to 41.7 percent in the year-ago quarter.

International sales accounted for 62% of Apple’s revenues in the third quarter.

Mountain Lion Coming Tomorrow

Apple is releasing Mountain Lion, the next version of its operating system for the Mac computers, tomorrow.

Apple sold 4.02 million Mac desktop and notebook computers in the third quarter.

Revenues from Mac desktops and portables amounted to $4.93 billion in the third quarter.

By the way, this blog post was written on an iMac. ;)

You can be sure we’ll upgrade our current Mac OS, OS X Lion to Mountain Lion as soon as we think it’s robust.

Jul 242012

Man, just as I’d almost given up hope comes some good news about the RedBox movie streaming service.

Redbox Instant -

RedBox Instant, the RedBox-Verizon joint venture, is supposed to move into initial testing today.

Like Netflix, RedBox Instant will offer a movie streaming service on a subscription basis.

Users should be able to watch unlimited movies for a set price, which I expect will be less than $9 a month.

With RedBox Instant, consumers will be able to use a variety of set-top devices like Roku or gaming consoles to stream movies directly to their TVs.

Given Netflix’ entrenched presence with consumers, RedBox should price its service at no more than $6.99 a month, two dollars less than streaming leader Netflix.

Expect to see the RedBox Instant service to launch before the end of 2012.

The movie streaming business in the U.S. is dominated by Netflix giving it solid pricing power.

Amazon Prime, Blockbuster, Hulu Plus and Indian channels like Mela, Databazar etc are bit-players in the movie streaming game.

RedBox Kiosks Won’t Close

Have no worry, the RedBox kiosks won’t close.

RedBox will continue its current DVD rental service from the 36,000 retail kiosks it’s set up across the U.S. outside grocery stores, gas stations, convenience stores and pharmacies.

RedBox DVD Rental Kiosk in the U.S.RedBox DVD Rental Kiosk

The kiosks offer DVD rental of new Hollywood movies for $1.22 a day.

Over the next three to four years, the DVD business in the U.S. is expected to go the way of the now-defunct VHS tapes business as streaming becomes the preferred way to rent movies and TV shows.

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Jul 242012

Your favorite blog is now on Pinterest!

Oh well, idle minds have lots of time. ;) is on Pinterest

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a popular online pinboard where you can ‘pin’ your favorite photos.

The photos can be uploaded from your PC or ‘grabbed’ from some other web site.

On Pinterest, you can find tons of photos in virtually every category you can think of.

I’m happy to report that my favorite Indian movie stars Ajith Kumar and Abhishek Bachchan have been ‘pinned’ several times on Pinterest. That sure made my day!

Speaking of Indian movie stars, I found a rare 1970 Air India ad featuring the yesteryear oomph girl Zeenat Aman.

There are lots of other interesting India-related pictures.

Look, I even found a Bollywood board and pictures of my eternal South Indian favorite food Masala Dosa.

You can find your favorite blog at

Sob, sob. I have no ‘followers’ or ‘likes.’ :(

By the way, you can also find SI on Facebook and Twitter.