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Aug 062013

Holy Crap!

Who’d have thought Indian asses would get such a warm, fuzzy welcome from an American hotel chain!

Times sure have changed!

Don’t get me wrong now.

By asses, I don’t mean those poor quadrupeds that bray and trot uneasily beneath their heavy burden.

I mean the literal brown asses of my fellow brown-skinned Indians.

Mug in Toilet of NYC Indian RestaurantMug in Toilet of NYC Indian Restaurant

Ass Kissing

To pander to Indian asses, some prominent hotels in the Starwood Hotels chain including Sheraton, Le Méridien and St.Regis have lately started keeping mugs in the bathrooms.

As we desis know well, Indians have an abiding love for the mug and enduring distaste for paper when it comes to cleaning their Hindu asses.

Westerners would be surprised to learn that 1.2 billion Indians start the day with a mug.

When it comes to cleansing their asses, there’s one mantra Indians have taken to heart for millenniums:

Mug of Water + Left Hand = Nirvana

The Indian penchant to wash their Hindu asses with a mug of water is as old as the hills.

Kali Yuga, Dwapara Yuga, Krita Yuga, Treta Yuga, in any era water has been the sole savior of Indian bottoms.

Rama, Sita, Krishna, Draupadi and her multiple husbands and their countless devotees have rejoiced in the soothing feel of H2O flowing down the eddies and nooks of their Hindu derrières every morning.

Like French philosopher René Descartes’ famous coinage Cogito, ergo sum (I think, therefore I am), Indians have developed an equally famous dictum, I’m Indian, therefore I use mug.

Unity in Diversity

Indians may be divided by language, caste, religion and region but the mug unites them all.

The telecom billionaire in his Noida farm-house on the outskirts of the country’s capital New Delhi, the rag-picker in Mumbai’s Dharavi slum and a dirt-poor farmer in Tirunelveli district in the deep south of India are all brought together by the mug.

So strong is the Indian attachment to the mug that not even their migration to distant shores has unglued the mug-bond.

You can take the Indian out of India but you can never yank the mug from an Indian’s hand.

Indian restaurants in New York City and New Jersey routinely keep a mug in toilets as a “Welcome Home, You’re Now Among Friends” gesture to desis. ;) Continue reading »

Mar 122013

So you are a desi with just five hours to poke around Washington DC before heading back to Palookaville.

Excuse me, I borrowed Palookaville from Marlon Brando who used the word in one of the most famous scenes in motion picture history.

Let’s get back to DC, shall we, and leave Brando and On The Waterfront to RIP.

Here’s what a smart, short-on-time desi ought to do to maximize his entertainment and get the biggest bang out of the few hours in the U.S. Capital.

What to Skip

First, strike the White House off your to-see list.

Sequestration means you can’t tour the inside of the White House and seeing the President’s quarters and office from outside is no different from looking at a picture.

Second, forget the Smithsonian Museums. There’s always a lengthy line at these marvelous, free museums and it takes hours to do justice to even a single museum.

But definitely make time for these modern-day Lyceums on a following visit.

What to See

1. 10AM at Union Station.

Start your mini-odyssey of DC by making the Union Station at 50 Massachusetts Ave NE your first port of call.

Union Station DC © SearchIndia.comUnion Station, Washington DC

Opened in 1908, Union Station is a grand edifice (grand by U.S. standards, that is) built in part classical style. Designed by architect Daniel Burnham, the station is home to Amtrak trains, the DC subway system and, since 2012, to the inter-city Greyhound/Megabus/Peter Pan buses on top level. Yes, there’s parking lot above.

The food court in the lower levels panders to different palates whose owners have thick wallets.

Sadly, the dilapidated theatre screening Bollywood movies inside Union Station is closed!

SI watched the infernally bad Thoda Pyaar, Thoda Magic at the Union Station theatre a few years back before it shut its doors forever.

Don’t miss Columbus Fountain and Statue, and the replica of the Liberty Bell in front of the station on your way out the main entrance.

After ogling at the imposing interiors and facade of Union Station, please don’t rush off. There’s always some Jesus, O’ Jesus, Bible, Hell, Eternal Damnation freak screaming some hilarious nonsense outside the station. Watch and listen to the nut-job for a minute or two.

Free entertainment. Pukkat, as they say in Mera Bharat Mahaan.

Now start walking toward the U.S. Capitol building along First St NE.

Just before you reach the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center, you can see the U.S. Supreme Court on the left. Compared to some of the other historical buildings in Washington DC, the Supreme Court left me unimpressed.

Maybe, what I saw was the unattractive buttock side of the court.

Hey, any building in Washington DC housing so many conservative weirdos (think Clarence Thomas, Antonin Scalia, John Roberts, Samuel Alito) with their asinine fixation on the “originalism” legal theory of the founding fathers must have an unattractive side, right? ;)

The Library of Congress building is down the road from the Supreme Court, on the same side and diagonally opposite the Capitol Visitors Center.

Library of Congress Washington DCLibrary of Congress on First St SE (as seen from grounds of Capitol building)

Useful Hint: There’s a tunnel inside the U.S. Capitol to reach the Library of Congress. Use it if you want to skip the security line at the library.

2. 10:17AM at U.S. Capitol.

It should take you about 15 minutes to reach the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center from Union Station.

Some same-day passes are available but better go online and get them in advance. There’s not much of a rush during Winter, however.

When I went there yesterday (March 11, 2013), there were few people and the line was short.

For the benefit of the many schmucks thronging this blog, the U.S. Capitol is the most dysfunctional building in the whole country since it houses the most hated institution in the nation, i.e. Congress.

Security is tight inside the Capitol building and like at the airports you’ll have to remove your jacket, belt etc and put them into the X-ray machine.

For some reason, my backpack got extra attention from the lady at the X-ray machine.

She looked at me, eyed my cute Lowepro backpack, then inserted her gloved hand into dark recesses where no hand except mine had ventured before and proceeded to give a slow and thorough handjob till she was completely satisfied. ;)

Nothing incriminating found inside the backpack (but I plead guilty to mental masturbation of the cutie)!

Like my former President Jimmy Carter said in the famous Playboy interview:

I’ve looked on a lot of women with lust. I’ve committed adultery in my heart many times…. This is something that God recognizes, that I will do and have done, and God forgives me for it.

Ah, Jimmy, the American people are idiots for voting you out and voting in that monumental jackass Ronald Reagan! :(

All my backpack contained was Malachy McCourt’s delightful memoir A Monk Swimming, my iPhone, a couple of cameras, some loose change, keys, a few napkins (no, not those kind) etc.

Handjob and fondling over (of my backpack, that is), I made my way over to the reception of the Capitol Visitors Center to pick up a pass.

Got one easily.

I suppose Winter is a good time to visit Washington DC if you wish to avoid the crazy crowds that descend on the Capital in Summer from woebegone places like Artesia, Edison, Iselin, Sunnyvale, Devon Ave and Hicksville.

Capitol Hill DC © SearchIndia.comU.S. Capitol (as seen from First St NE)

Free conducted tours are available inside the Capitol with a red-jacketed guide droning on into the free-headsets (supplied at the start of the tour and to be returned).

There’s a 13-minute video inside an auditorium about the history of the building, 13-States, blah blah blah, George Washington, blah blah blah, British, Great Fire, blah blah blah, Civil War, Lincoln, blah blah blah, before the building tour starts.

The entire tour of the building lasts about 50-minutes.

No tipping necessary for the guides.

Although if my tour guide had been a nubile member of the distaff sex, I’d have been mighty tempted to dip my hands into….. my pocket! ;)

Capitol Hill Rotunda DC © SearchIndia.comCeiling Dome of the Capitol Rotunda

Unless you take into account rabid, let’s fuck-the-poor freak-shows like Senator Mitch McConell and Congressman Paul Ryan, the Rotunda is the most unique place in the Capitol building.

Located on the second floor, Capitol Rotunda is a huge, domed, circular room 96 feet in diameter and 180 feet high.

Gazing above at the magnificent dome, I suddenly felt an urge to see the Vatican’s Sistine Chapel ceiling painted by Michelangelo.

Besides the splendid domed-ceiling, the Capitol Rotunda also contains statues, huge paintings on the side-walls and impressive friezes high above.

Capitol Hill Building Inside © SearchIndia.comInside of Capitol Building

Useful Web Site:

After exiting the Capitol building, walk desultorily around the area for about 10-minutes and soak in the atmosphere of the most powerful place in the nation.

That’s exactly what SI did yesterday.

Then I spotted a DC cop languorously waiting to pounce on a Jihadi and asked him for directions to D St and 7th St NW (Rasika).

By the way, there are a lot of idle employed people in DC, the most visible symbol of corruption in the nation’s capital.

Yes, overstaffing is the bastard child of corruption in the bureaucracy and corridors of government.

I saw several of these idle employed members of the homo sapiens specimens yesterday inside the Capitol, inside subway stations, sitting in cars, standing outside etc.

Maybe, Republicans do have a valid point about wastage in government!

3. 12:25PM at Rasika.

After walking around, ogling at all-and-sundry, SI arrived at Rasika.

A pretentious Indian restaurant with an unsmiling, rude host at the reception who pointed to the bar and said Shit there, Same Menu.

Spinach Chaat at Rasika is Delicious but Pricey © Searchindia.comSpinach Chaat at Rasika

Thank God, the Rasika bartender was a sweetie-pie who was politeness, cheerfulness and helpfulness incarnate. The angel even charged my iPhone! :)

Heeding the recommendation of an SI blog reader, I ordered the Spinach Chaat ($9) along with the only Indian beer available, the drowning in debt Vijay Mallya’s Kingfisher.

Winter, Summer, Autumn or Spring, you may count on SI never to  say “No” to beer or any kind of spirits. ;)

Made from Crispy Baby Spinach, Tamarind, Date Chutney and a teeny-weeny bit of Sweet Yogurt,  Spinach Chaat is a delicious appetizer.

My only reproof against the Palak Chaat is the mismatch between the high price and low quantity!

One could eat 20 Spinach Chaats (for $180) and still not feel full. Really! :(

Savoring the yummiliceous Palak Chaat and quaffing my beer, I spent a leisurely 30-minutes at the bar, checking for comments on the SI blog, looking at headlines on my iPhone and scanning through Rasika’s pricey menu.

After getting directions to the nearest subway station (Archives Station) from the sweet bartender, I headed out into the cold again.

All in all, time well spent so far!

Rasilka DC Bar on D St and 7Th ST NW © Searchindia.comRasika Bar with the Waiting Ice-Cold Kingfisher

Rasika – 633 D St NW Washington, DC 20004 Ph: 202-637-1222

Nearest train station – Archives (served by Green and Yellow lines)

4. 1:30PM at Capitol Tandoor & Grill.

Went into the underbelly of Washington via a deep escalator to reach the subway tracks at Archives station.

DC subway kiosks are not as user-friendly as NYC Metro kiosks. :(

DCites may be more more refined than Noo Yawkers but they are less smart!

Oh well, different people, different brain sizes!

Seriously, if all Blacks are endowed with monstrous dicks why can’t all Noo Yawkers be blessed with bigger brains. We’ll leave it to the dickheads to sort out this priapic argument!

Time to take the train to Tandoori heaven a.k.a. Capitol Hill Tandoor and Grill.

Two trains later, ended up at Capitol Tandoor & Grill on 8th St SE.

Opt for the $10.95 Lunch Buffet.

A decent spread at the steam-table during my visit (see below picture).

Capitol Tandoor & Grill DC Buffet ©

Lunch Buffet @ Capitol Tandoor & Grill

Having tried two Tandoor items (Tandoori Chicken and Chicken Tikka Makhni), I swear on Abhishek Bachchan that this place is da Seventh and Eighth heaven.

Yes, I’m even willing to swear on my pet Bollywood aunties Nithya Menon, Vimala Raman, Anushka Shetty, Vidya Balan and Richa Gangopadhyay.

Only the merciful Allah knows what they use for marination but the Tandoori items are great here.

Warning: Stay away from the hideous Naan bread!

Chicken at Capitol Tandoor & Grill DC Buffet © Searchindia.comDivine Tandoori Chicken at Capitol Tandoor

Capitol Tandoor: 419 8th St SE Washington, DC 20003 Ph: 202-547-3233

Nearest train station – Eastern Market (served by Orange and Blue lines)

5.  2:35PM, back at Union Station.

Took me three trains (and two transfers) to hotfoot it back to Union Station.

Now don’t you forget the food court in the lower levels.

Try some gelato at the ice cream shop and pick up some Indian food at Aditi restaurant.

My previous experiences at Aditi were unpleasant but the third time (or was it the fourth time yesterday?) was a winner!

Aditi DC Food Court Counter

SI selected Vegetable Biryani with Okra and Spinach Chickpeas curries (total $9.10) from the Aditi steam-table.

Aditi Union Station DC © Searchindia.comVegetable Biryani, Okra Curry, Naan Bread and Spinach & Chickpeas

Naan bread was inhumanly awful but the rest of the food turned out to be very good.

Pretty damn good!

There’re plenty of tables at the Union Station Food Court.

So you can get the food at Aditi to stay or to-go.


Time to say adios to Washington DC and return to Palookaville.

Make a promise to return soon and savor more of the Capital’s famed attractions.

Jan 022013

Thanks to remarkable marketing, New York City received 11 million foreign visitors in 2012.

Let’s not kid ourselves here about the so-called attractions of New York City.

Other than the Broadway shows, a bunch of good museums and Ellis Island (Statue of Liberty), New York City does not really have much to boast of.

Unlike India with a hoary past dating back thousands of years, New York City does not have much of a history to speak of.

No Qutub Minar, no Jantar Mantar, no Taj Mahal, no Sanchi Stupa, no Chola Temples, no Khajuraho, no Benares, no Rajinikant. Zilch, zip.

Until the enterprising Dutch immigrants came sailing into the southern tip of Manhattan in 1614 and established a settlement there, the area now known as New York City was home to the Algonquian tribes of Native Americans.

There was not much then and there’s not much now in New York City!

Times Square New York CityTimes Square New York City

With so little to boast about, still New York City attracted 41 million domestic visitors and 11 million international visitors in 2012.

All gaping at the not-so-gape-worthy billboards in Times Square.

No surprise then that New York City hotels sold 29 million hotel room nights and generated $504 million in hotel tax revenue in 2012.

The hospitality industry across the five boroughs of New York City today employs 356,000 New Yorkers.

NYC hoteliers must be laughing all the way to the bank.

Foreign Visitors to India

In contrast, the entire Mera Bharat Mahaan (India) with several thousand years of history and supposedly a “glorious past” got a paltry 6.4 million foreign visitors in 2012.

Foreign visitors to India in 2012 are based on SI estimates that take into account Ministry of Tourism figures that put foreign tourist arrivals up to the end of November at 5.89 million.

Besides creating thousands of jobs in New York City, the deluge of tourists is a huge boost to hotels, museums, Broadway theatres and other businesses.

Visitors to NYC are estimated to have generated $55.3 billion in economic impact to the city’s economy.

Why India Fares Poorly

Besides the obvious problems of pitiful infrastructure, crumbling monuments, all round filth and poor hygiene, India has done a rotten job of marketing the nation as a tourist destination.

If anything, India is synonymous in the West only with Delhi Belly.

Incredible India Campaign in NYCIncredible India Campaign on New York City Tour Bus

After several years of the Incredible India campaign, it’s a shame that India still gets less tourists than just New York City.

As if poor infrastructure and hopeless marketing were not bad enough, India is now developing a horrid reputation as a lawless land where rape, murder, theft and riots are all too common.

Every day brings fresh reports of gruesome rapes in the nation’s capital Delhi and all across the country.

Compounding the problem, India now has a prancing monkey heading the Ministry of Tourism.

Chiranjeevi’s only claim to fame so far is to make a monkey of himself in a few hundred trashy Telugu films. The bloke not only has zero experience in managing a large organization but his political debut too was a miserable failure.

With improvements in infrastructure and greater investments in maintaining monuments supported by a a souped-up marketing campaign, Incredible India has the potential to create tens of thousands of jobs in the tourism and hospitality sectors and add billions to the coffers of the nation’s economy.

Until then, India as a must-visit tourist destination will remain a mirage.

Sep 042012

Qatar Airways, ranked the world’s best airline by Skytrax for two years in a row, has rolled out a worldwide 3-day sale.

Qatar Airways 3 Day Global Sale

The sale, which starts today and ends at midnight September 6 (local time in every market), brings reduced fares to destinations in India, Middle East and other parts of Asia, Africa and Australia.

While the fares are attractive, seats are limited.

I spent over 10-minutes on a test to find flights to Delhi from New York City (JFK) for $1,053.

Here’s a sample of Qatar Airways sale fares for Economy Class:

Qatar Airways Sample Fares

The discounted tickets apply to both Economy and Business Class.

Although just 15-years-old, Qatar Airways is now one of the world’s most admired and fastest growing airlines.

The Doha-headquartered airline flies to 118 major business and leisure destinations across Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, North America and South America.

In the U.S., Qatar Airways flies to New York City (JFK) and Washington DC (IAD, i.e. Dulles, VA).

The airline plans to start flights to Chicago in April 2013.

Qatar Airways flies to several destinations in India including Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Goa, Hyderabad, Kochi, Kolkata, Kozhikode, Mumbai and Trivandrum.

To make a booking for the sale tickets and for the blackout dates, terms, conditions and exclusions, visit Qatar Airways Global Sale.

Aug 042012

by SI Blog Reader AC

The wife and I just got back from an exhilarating 10 day trip to Ireland.

Unlike our previous holidays together, we decided to not stay in any place for too long and to just drive around the island.

Moving in a clockwise direction, we visited Dublin, Waterford, Dingle, Galway, Belfast and finally Dublin again.

The move paid off handsomely as we soaked ourselves in a rich culture, met warm and friendly people, visited historic sites, took in incredible scenic vistas and of course, drank lots of really good beer.

Here is a photo essay encapsulating some of those pleasures to loyal SI fans!

Republic of Ireland


Located in County Kerry in the South West corner of the country, Dingle dates back to the 13th century. While it used to be a trading post in ancient times, it is more of a tourism center in present times.

One of the popular scenic drives is the Slea-Head (pronounced “Slay-Head”).

Drive around the Dingle Peninsula, hugging the coastline and starting and ending in Dingle.

Below (all pics from Slea-Head Drive except the last one):

Beehive huts from the Bronze AgeBeehive Huts from Bronze Age

Click on the Images to see larger pictures

Blasket Islands off the coast of Dingle PeninsulaBlasket Islands off the Coast
of Dingle Peninsula

View from a coffee shop on the Slea-Head DriveView from a Coffee shop
on the Slea-Head Drive

SeagullA Seagull

Main St on DingleMain Street on Dingle


Galway is a mid sized city centrally located on the western coast of Ireland. It is a city which is renowned for its vibrant arts and music scene. Eyre Square is the city center.
Copper Sculpture in Eyre Square
A copper sculpture in Eyre Square that is supposed to represent the sails on a “Galway hooker”, a traditional fishing vessel.

While original sails are colored dark red, they were recently “Yarnbombed”.

Knife Juggler in Eyre SquareKnife Juggler

A knife juggling street performer in Eyre Square.

He said he was from Scotland.

Galway CathedralInside Galway Cathedral

This massive building (Note the height of the central dome above the pulpit) is a fairly recent addition.

It was completed in 1965.

Galway HarborA view from Galway Harbour

Cliffs Of Moher

The Cliffs of Moher (pronounced “Mo-Air”) which is located to the Southwest of Galway in County Clare.

With the sea especially choppy that day, a lot of the passengers in the ferry fell sick.

There was this one teenage girl who seemed particularly traumatized, screaming with every roll of the ship.

I lost balance and fell to the floor of the ship a few times, trying to take pictures.

Dunguaire Castle
The Dunguaire Castle down the road from our B&B in Kinvarra, the town we were staying during our Galway leg of the trip.

The castle was built by the Hynes clan in the 16th Century.

The castle’s renovation and maintenance is topnotch.

Waterford Crystal Factory

The home of the world famous crystal ware maker is a southern city of the same name that is roughly equidistant from both Dublin and Cork.

The firm offers a tour of the factory premises which takes visitors through various elements of the manufacturing process.

Glass Moulding & Blowing Process

Glass Moulding & Blowing ProcessMoulding & blowing

Cutting with Industrial DiamondsCutting with
industrial diamonds

Beautiful Glass PieceFinished product

Other Miscellaneous Pictures

Hairy Lemon Pub on Stephen Street, Dublin City CenterHairy Lemon Pub

The Hairy Lemon Pub on Stephen Street, Dublin City Center.

I had my first official pint in Ireland here.

The pub claims to be named after a dog catcher of the same name, a supposedly popular character in Dublin circa 1950.

We found this pub by chance and we went here on our first evening in Dublin.

Consequently it became our North Star for navigating Dublin (until I downloaded a GPS app on my iPad the next day)

Howth Harbour

Dublin's Howth Harbour

Howth HarbourImages of Howth Harbour,
a suburb of Dublin

Northern Ireland

The Old Bushmills Distillery

Located in County Antrim in Northern Ireland (about 50 miles from Belfast), the Old Bushmills Distillery is the oldest whiskey distillery in the world.

The tour of the distillery premises is very popular among tourists.

However visitors are not allowed to take pictures inside the distillery.

While Scotland and Ireland are both famous for producing whiskies, there are a few subtle differences that a visitor gets educated on during the tour:

1. Irish whiskey is tripled distilled while Scotch whisky is only distilled twice.
2. In a Scotch whisky, the malted barley is dried using peat smoke which gives it its characteristic aroma. In an Irish whiskey, the barley is dried more naturally.
3. The difference in spelling. The Irish drink is spelled with an extra ‘e’

Irish Whiskey

Complimentary mini whiskey bottle and drink offered to all visitors at the end of the tour.

Dunluce Castle

Located a few miles to the west of the distillery, Dunluce Castle was built in the 13th century by a local Earl on a cliff overlooking the Irish Sea.

At various times the castle was held by clans from nearby Scottish islands and local chieftains.

It fell into decrepitude in the 17th century.

Ruins of Dunluce CastleRuins of Dunluce Castle

Giants Causeway

This popular tourist destination- also located in the vicinity of Bushmills- is world-famous for its precisely carved basalt columns on the coast.

Volcanic activity millions of years ago shaped the basalt in the area into polygonal columns that are several feet tall.

The most common shape among the columns is the hexagon.

The surrounding cliffs also provide spectacular vistas.

Giants Causeway

Giants Causeway

Giants Causeway

Giants CausewayPics from the Giants Causeway

Tips for travelling in Ireland

1. While it is always prudent to carry traveller’s checks while travelling anywhere, it is may be advisable to carry some hard currency in Ireland. Outside of Dubiln, none of the Irish banks were willing to cash the checks. EUR in Republic of Ireland and GBP in Northern Ireland
2. It may also be a good idea to consult your bank to see if they have tie-ups with Irish Banks. That way you may just be able to use your ATM card without attracting punitive fees.
3. If you are planning to rent a car, remember that the Irish drive on the left side of the street and you may only be able to rent a stick shift.
4. Get a GPS. This was pretty useful in the cities as unlike North America, street signs were not prominently displayed.
5. Have some warm clothing handy. Our first night in Dublin was chilly even though it was mid-July.

Dec 192010

You schmucks can scream Mera Bharat Mahaan and India Shining till you are hoarse but India stands tall on the global stage only for all the wrong things.

Like for instance, travel diarrhea, rape, frequent random violence, treatment of minorities, extra-judicial murders by the police (encounters) et al.

In this post, we intend to examine the danger travel diarrhea a.k.a. Delhi Belly poses to travelers making the mistake of visiting India.

India continues to be one of the highest risk countries in the world for travelers ending up with travel diarrhea.

What is Travel Diarrhea
UK’s Health Protection Agency defines travel diarrhea as:

Three or more unformed stools in a 24 hour period, often accompanied by at least one of the following: fever, nausea, vomiting, cramps, tenesmus, or bloody stools (dysentery), with symptoms usually starting during or shortly after a period of foreign travel.

While rarely fatal, travel diarrhea can, however, be a very unpleasant experience and ruin your vacation or business trip.

Travel diarrhea can be caused by bacteria (like Escherichia coli, Salmonella spp, Shigella spp and Campylobacter spp), protozoa (Cryptosporidium spp, Giardia lamblia, Entamoeba histolytica, Cyclospora spp) and viruses (norovirus).

Travel Diarrhea – India Stands Tall
A recent report by the Health Protection Agency finds that India had the highest number of Delhi Belly victims (581) for travelers from England, Wales and Northern Ireland in 2008 and the second highest rate (64.85).

Diarrhea in India
HPA Advice to Travelers on Preventing Diarrhea
• Wash your hands after using the toilet and before eating or preparing food; if soap and water is not
available, carry alcohol hand gel with you.
• Investigate the destination before you go; is the tap water safe to drink? If it is not, then do not drink
it or use it for cleaning your teeth. Avoid ice in drinks.
• Make sure any food you eat has been recently prepared, is properly cooked and piping hot. Avoid raw
fruit and vegetables unless you know they have been washed in clean water or peeled yourself.
• Practise good swimming pool hygiene. Do not swim if you have diarrhoea and make sure any babies and young children wear suitable swimwear while in the pool. Take care not to swallow any swimming pool water.

Of course, if you ask the wise souls at, the best and safest thing travelers can do to avoid Delhi Belly is to strike India off their itinerary.