Crazy Tamils Throw Money Off Rockefeller Plaza in NYC

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Jan 202015

Never let it be said that reckless Tamil entrepreneurs miss an opportunity to squander money on cockamamie business ventures. Whether it’s I, SpiceJet, Lingaa, Kochadaiyaan or some other Mannangatti scheme, you can be sure many a zany Tamil entrepreneur with more moolah than gray matter is flushing millions down the toilet in pursuit of bizarre pipe dreams. Now come along two venture capital backed Tamil businessmen Girish Ramdas and Vijayakumar Radhakrishnan whose fledgling electronic newsstand Magzter harbors fantasizes of becoming the Netflix of magazine subscriptions. With its U.S. headquarters at Rockefeller Plaza in NYC, Magzter has launched a $10-per-month subscription […]

Li’l Quinquin Review – Who Stuffed the White Woman inside the Cow’s Ass?

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Jan 142015
Li'l Quinquin Review - Who Stuffed the White Woman inside the Cow's Ass?

At first, the county police officers in the French countryside think the murdered woman was stuffed inside the bovine’s stomach through its anus. Soon another dead cow surfaces on the beach with blood oozing out of its anus. This time a Black construction worker’s body parts are found inside its belly. Life goes on in the small village near Boulogne-sur-Mer in Northern France. Apart from the weird funeral ceremony at the church for poor Mrs.Lebleu, the horrific crimes don’t seem to make any difference. All seems normal. In the picturesque countryside strewn with World War 2 era bunkers, decades-old grenades […]

Bvlgari Man in Black – Ideal for Curry Hogs

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Jan 082015
Bvlgari Man in Black - Ideal for Curry Hogs

“You can smell an Indian before you see or hear him” is a truism as old as the Himalayas. Just the other day, I stumbled upon a furphy that Alexander the Great hurriedly scampered out of India after crushing the local king Porus not because his soldiers mutinied; au contraire, it seems the Emperor found the strange miasma surrounding the vast Indian countryside and the people so off-putting he went nauseous at the mere sound of the words “India” and “Indian,” an allergy that was to stay with the bloodthirsty warrior till his premature end a few months later. “The […]

The Band’s Visit – Delicious

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Jan 052015

Life’s charms, and by extension a movie’s, lie to some degree in the normal unexpected. Now by normal unexpected, I mean events that disturb the stable rhythm of life without triggering catastrophic consequences. These unanticipated events, often striking at most inopportune moments, create discomfort but also add zing to what’d otherwise be a banal birth-to-death tedium for most of us. The Band’s Visit (2007) exemplifies the charms of the normal unexpected when an Egyptian police band takes the wrong bus after arriving in Israel. Absence of the P sound in Arabic is what triggers the miscommunication at the airport, leading […]

PK Review – Wrong Number

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Dec 192014

PK starts off with a nude, 200% human-like alien (Aamir Khan) alighting from a flying saucer spaceship into the Rajasthan desert and wearing a shining, round green pendant around his neck. Once the nude alien loses his green pendant (actually a remote control to hail back the spaceship) to a thief, transfers the two-in-one transistor/cassette player covering his private parts to his hands and starts wearing clothes, the film quickly derails into an unending series of absurdities that get more painful to endure as time passes. By the time, the alien turns into PK, learns to speak Bhojpuri (by plugging […]