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Oct 142014
Telugu Creates History - Yandamuri gets Death

Ask not for whom the bell tolls: it tolls for thee. – John Donne Telugu Bidda Raghunandan Yandamuri’s Ultimate Fate A Pennsylvania Execution Chamber (Source: PA Department of Prisons) Never let it be said that Telugus are not pioneers. Be it in (re)discovering America, releasing Oscar-worthy Tollywood gems, littering Dum Biryani restaurants across the landscape […]

Oct 102014
Doomed! More Surface Pro 3 Discounting

Surface Pro 3 – Discounts Start Some companies are like some people – Plain stupid. They never learn from their follies. Take Microsoft and its doomed Surface tablets for instance. Over the last few years, Microsoft has incurred losses nearing two billion dollars on its disastrous forays into the tablet arena. No matter that Microsoft […]

Oct 062014
The Son Review - Hindus Don't Wear Turbans

[T]he age of mercy is over and …the day of Judgement has arrived. But as the Messiah is running late, we have to do his job for him. – The Son by Jo Nesbo, p.299 I hate it when Western writers don’t know the basics about India or its majority Hindu inhabitants. A short while […]

Oct 042014

Bangari – Neeku rape ante ento thelusa? Chitra – Repu? Repu shanivaram Bangari – Ha ha ha, adhi kadhu…. Bangari – Nenu ninnu rape chesesanu annuko, pelli chesesthadu….Rape mana pelli chesesthadu…Nuuvu naa onka chooste untavu, Nenu neemedha padipothanu anthe (English translation: The alcoholic asks his girlfriend if she knows what Rape is. Thinking he’s speaking […]