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Mar 112014

The Internet is a huge privacy crater. And I found one more example today of how users’ desire for freebies coincides with business carelessness to users privacy. Since SI blog is frequently the target of crazy people attempting to attack the site, I do random checks of IP addresses of readers. When I was checking [...]

Mar 112014
Why Privus? - Because Power Corrupts

Privus makes your privacy both convenient and absolute. – Rick Molina, founder of EZ messaging encryption service Privus SI’s eternal, immutable law of Power posits that If you hand someone Power, he will abuse it. Power + Humans = Abuse Be it Narendra Modi, Jayalalitha, Manmohan Singh, Barack Obama or some faceless government agent at [...]

Mar 102014

One reason and one reason alone prompted me to watch The Big Picture (2010, director Eric Lartigau) when I stumbled upon the French movie in the Netflix Instant cornucopia. After I spotted Romain Duris’s name in the cast, the decision about seeing the film was no longer “Should I?” My mouse cursor hit the “Play” [...]

Mar 092014
Indians Don't Support Tech Innovations

Indians (living in Mera Bharat Mahaan) lack the entrepreneurial drive that’s so abundant in Americans (and among Indians settled in the U.S.). That’s not really new, is it? But what surprises me is that in a land boasting of nearly three million software programmers there’s very little encouragement for innovation in technology even from average [...]

Mar 072014
Telugu Whacko Timma Raju Kalidindi Plays Hardball - Pleads Not Guilty to Wife's Murder

Another day in Amreeka, another Telugu murderer pleading Not Guilty! Telugu bidda Timma Raju Kalidindi is playing hardball with prosecutors in Somerset County, New Jersey over the murder of his estranged wife Janaki Dantaluru. The 48-year-old software programmer who murdered his wife the old-fashioned way – by choking her and using a braided rope – [...]