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Nov 192013

I stumbled upon the Korean film White Valentine (Hwaiteu ballenta-in, 1999) yesterday while desultorily scrolling through the selection of Asian movies on the streaming site Beautiful Jun Ji-hyun What grabbed my attention was the name of the movie. No serious movie buff would scroll past an alluring title like White Valentine without pausing, right? [...]

Nov 182013
SI Thrilled - Ram Leela Scores Big at BO

I’m pleased as punch! So pleased and thrilled that I’ve opened a bottle of Soju to celebrate, my poor health notwithstanding. Bollywood director Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s lovely film Ram Leela has done remarkably well at the U.S. box office. Pssst, Ram Leela has done better than even the super-hero film Krrish 3. For the opening [...]

Nov 182013

I don’t think Obama is a real fighter. He’s too pretty, and he doesn’t want to get his looks messed up. – Writer Alexander Cockburn on Barack Obama (in 2008) Source: New York Times, November 12, 2013 The majority, including, alas, yours truly, were taken in by Barack Obama. Irish-American writer Alexander Cockburn was among [...]

Nov 152013

SI Thrilled – Ram Leela Scores Big at BO I loath 99.9% of Bollywood movies. The Bollywood affliction of a sophomoric story with zero visual appeal, a bunch of jackasses going through the motions of acting, 4 lifeless songs, 1 awful item number, and 40-minutes of filming in London, NYC or Holland drives me to [...]

Nov 142013
Einstein Would be Proud

Just what our obese world desperately needs! A french fries vending machine! Wonderful Invention Chinese company Beyondte Technology Co. has launched what it claims is the world’s first french fries vending machine. Put your bill or coins into the machine, wait for 95-seconds, and, voila, here’s your French fries cooked in beef fat or vegetable [...]