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Jan 242014

Only in that godforsaken shit-hole a.k.a. India does a real-life murderer, Salman Khan, don the garb of a good Samaritan on the screen (Jai Ho), flex his muscles, feign concern for the weak, and earn endless plaudits from all sections of society. In my lexicon, what Bollywood low-life Salman Khan does on the screen ad nauseum [...]

Jan 242014

I will brook no arguments on who will pick up the Oscar statuette for Best Actress at the upcoming 86th Academy Awards ceremony. For I’ve already made up my mind. And the Oscar goes to….Cate Blanchett for a nonpareil performance in Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine! Streetcar Meets Madoff Somewhere in the deep recesses of my cavernous [...]

Jan 182014

Does the action genre of films require the least imagination, least talent, and the least intelligent/least demanding audience? Yes, to all of the above. To borrow a phrase from Bollywood jackass Akshay Kumar, I’d say most action films belong to the ‘leave your brains at home‘ category. Be it Kollywood, Tollywood or even Hollywood, action [...]

Jan 172014

Bulging eyes, mouth agape, jaws dropping and a delightful trance. Well, that sums up my euphoric state as I sat through the sizzling Oscar favorite American Hustle this evening. Showcasing powerful visual appeal and sterling acting enriched by a gripping story, American Hustle is worthy of all the praise lavished on it since the film [...]