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Feb 052014

Since I found sleep hard to come by, I got off the bed and picked up an old issue of New Yorker (January 20, 2014). While leafing through the magazine, I hit upon an article on pediatric palliative care that had eluded my eyes during the first reading last month. Lives Less Ordinary by Harvard […]

Feb 042014
What's Common to Telugu Killers in U.S.?

Telugu killers in America have one thing in common. No, it has nothing to do with the aromatic Dum Biryani or the fiery Avakayya pickle. Despite overwhelming evidence of their crimes, Telugu killers in the U.S. plead “Not Guilty” and waste tax payers’ money. Of course, most criminals routinely plead “Not Guilty” but what’s different […]

Feb 042014
Instead of a Hard Reboot, Microsoft got a Minor Update in Satya Nadella

Challenging times call for a full reboot of the system. Alas, all that Microsoft got in its new leader was a minor update. Satya Nadella, a Telugu bidda who studied at a capitation fee college (Manipal Institute of Technology) and bears a lackluster record, has been named the new CEO of Microsoft. Nadella, 47, also […]

Feb 032014
Will Microsoft Screw 500m PC Users?

The big question looming on the minds of hundreds of millions of computer users worldwide is: Will Microsoft stop providing Security Updates for PCs running Windows XP  from April 8, 2014? Launched in October 2001, Windows XP, a PC operating system from Microsoft, is considered a reliable platform unlike some of its successors like the […]