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Jan 152014
HP Dumps 2 Slate Duds on Chutiyas

If I hadn’t gotten myself an iPhone 5S a few months back, I might have been tempted to take a look at HP’s new  phablets, the Slate 6 VoiceTab (6-inch) and Slate 7 VoiceTab (7-inch), launching soon in India. After all, I’ve been considering buying an Android device for a long, long time. HP Slate [...]

Jan 142014
Indian Slave Owner Devyani gets Cocky; Grab Her Quarter-Million Dollars Bail Bond Money

Disgraced NYC Indian diplomat and former slave owner Devyani Khobragade has started wagging her vestigial tail now that she’s safely ensconced in India, far from the tentacles of the U.S. justice system. In a cocky motion filed today in court, former slave owner Devyani is seeking relief from the various charges that bedeviled her during [...]

Jan 142014
Jai Ho! Retail Killer Meets Wholesale Butcher

Love Fest – Retail Killer (left) with Wholesale Butcher (right) Say what you will but pigs will love only other pigs. This morning BJP leader Narendra Modi couldn’t contain his excitement at meeting Bollywood star Salman Khan. Modi tweeted pictures of him with Salman and boasted about having lunch with the actor. And Sallu Bhai [...]

Jan 132014
Season 2 of Telugu Crime Drama Starts May 5

Note to all Telugu biddas in America – Cancel or postpone everything you’ve scheduled for May 2014. Now by everything, I mean everything – Trips to India, marriages, engagements, divorces, deaths, deliveries, mother-in-law’s visit to the U.S. for delivery-assistance, father-in-law’s hernia surgery,  H1B extension application, Green Card stamping etc. Hey Tollywood producers – Make sure you [...]

Jan 132014
The Andalucian Friend - Not a Bad Read

Ever since Stieg Larsson and his weirdo creation Lisbeth Salander came to the attention of the world, Swedish crime writers have hit the jackpot with the English language crowd via translations. Swedish screenwriter (for TV shows) Alexander Söderberg is the latest Scandinavian to hop on the crime fiction bandwagon. New Kid on the Block The [...]

Jan 122014

I am not positive I found Her as engaging as most reviewers did. But in terms of its story I’m positive Her (written and directed by Spike Jonze) is a lot different from many a Hollywood film I’ve seen. While I found Her story novel and its lead actor Joaquin Phoenix’ acting solid, the depressing [...]