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Aug 252008

Hey Snow White, Latelywe’ve come upon reports that you are actively engaged in discussions to reimburse those schmuck distributors/exhibitors for the massive loss incurred because of their ill-advised decision to pay a premium for your Kuselan crap-show. Judas anna, by just focusing on distributors you are ignoring another constituency that fed you, nourished you and […]

Aug 252008
Frozen River - Must Watch Movie

Frozen River (2008) Cast – Melissa Leo, Misty Upham Directed by – Courtney Hunt Playing as of 8/22/2008 at: New York City (Angelika), Philadelphia (Ritz Bourse) and Los Angeles (Laemmle’s Playhouse 7, Pasadena & Laemmle’s Town Center 5, Encino) Life is a hard road for much of humanity. Even in USA, the so called richest […]

Aug 202008
iPhone 3G - Hold Off on the Purchase in India

Apple’s iPhone 3G officially debuts in India on Friday, 43 days after the hot mobile phone was launched in the U.S. After 41 days of owning and using a 16GB iPhone 3G in the U.S., we would caution potential buyers that the hype is way ahead of the reality for this device. Caught up like a lot […]

Aug 202008
Microsoft Search - A Total Disaster in India

comScore confirms what we suspected all along – Microsoft search sites are a complete disaster in India. In comScore’s June 2008 study of the online search market in India, Microsoft sites accounted for a tiny and irrelevant 1.7% share of searches in June 2008. Microsoft had to suffer the ignominy of coming in No-4, behind even […]