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Mar 262014
Snail's Pace - Telugu Groper Srinivasa Erramilli's Appeal Moving Sloooowly

Telugu bidda Srinivasa Erramilli’s appeals process at the U.S. Appeals Court for the 7th Circuit in Chicago against his groping conviction of a 65-year-old grandmother is moving at snail’s pace. I suppose all Telugu biddas must be wondering Why! Serial Groper – Erramilli Srinivasa Erramilli started his appeals process in late September 2013 but there [...]

Mar 262014
What's Wrong with this Picture?

Bizarre Nation Everything about India is bizarre – Its people, its politicians, its culture and, of course, its movies. Let’s take the Indian movie business, for instance. It’s no secret that Indians are insanely crazy about movies. The sight of their favorite star (Rajinikanth, Sharukh Khan, Salman Khan etc) or a fair-skinned item girl jiggling [...]

Mar 252014
Prison, Here I Come - Rajat Gupta

Greedy Indian chutiya Rajat Gupta is preparing himself for prison with the Federal Appeals Court for the Second Circuit in New York today rejecting his appeal against his conviction for insider trading and securities fraud by the U.S. District Court in 2012. The 65-year-old multimillionaire with multiple homes in the U.S. will likely be lodged [...]

Mar 252014
Azhagiri Expelled - Karunanidhi Still Sane

Any doubts over M.Karunanidhi’s sanity because of his advanced age were dispelled today when he expelled his son Muthuvel Karunanidhi Azhagiri from the DMK party. By any yardstick, M.K.Azhagiri is a buffoon and a lout. Plus, his name notwithstanding Azhagiri is anything but beautiful (azhagu means beauty in Tamil). M.K.Azhagiri – Buffoon (Pix Courtesy: Hindu) [...]

Mar 242014
Nothing Doing, Says Bharara;  Opposes Martoma's Bid for Retrial or Acquittal

In a strong rejoinder, the U.S. government has vehemently opposed a recent motion by Mallu crook Mathew Martoma for acquittal or retrial. A former portfolio manager at SAC hedge fund, Mathew Martoma was convicted by a New York jury on February 6, 2014 on two counts of securities fraud and one count of conspiracy. Martoma [...]

Mar 242014

(for Boops) I consider Nebraska the best value I’ve gotten from a movie in a long, long time. For a mere $1.22 (DVD rental at the RedBox kiosk), I derived indescribable joy from this remarkable 2013 film. Featuring all-round acting of the highest caliber and a story so offbeat it beggars description, Nebraska is truly [...]