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Aug 042014
OMG, Those Crazy Babes got Kickstarted; Good Sense gets Kicked in the Face

I’ve started drinking again (I swear on Swaminarayan, Jesus & Balaji). My health be damned! Remember those hot U.S. desi babes Ankita and Madhuri with their crazy cockamamie idea about an Indian mealkit service Saffron Fix (they ship you the spices and vegetables and you do the cooking and cleaning). Saffron Fix debuted on the crowdfunding [...]

Aug 022014

So you want to make sense of the impossible to understand India? Here watch this classic Bollywood song Ek Do Teen (sung by Alka Yagnik). In the 1980s, Ek Do Teen had every Indian on his/her/Its feet. No, I haven’t seen Tezaab. Sorry, Sweetie! Even in the 80s, I had class! Here, drool on Madhuri [...]

Jul 282014
Kick US Box Office - Even Alia Bhatt has Bigger Dick than Salman Khan

For all of you who claim Bollywood butcher Salman Khan is a superstar, I have a few questions. * Why has Kick fared worse than the quiz show genius Alia Bhatt’s 2 States (Alia’s third major film)? * Why has Kick come in way lower than Aamir Khan’s Dhoom 3 and Shahrukh Khan’s Chennai Express? [...]