Oct 122011
Dakshin Express Crushes Paradise Biryani Pointe

For some odd reason, Biryanis have become a big thing on the East Coast lately. From Massachusetts to Georgia and perhaps even beyond, it seems like every other day a Biryani place is opening up in one city or the other on the Eastern seaboard. In Edison, New Jersey, the two well-known Biryani places are the hole-in-the-wall Dakshin Express and Paradise Biryani Pointe, a larger operation with multiple branches. Having tried Egg Biryanis at both places recently, SI’s verdict is that Dakshin Express’ biryani (below left) is nonpareil, good enough to be served to Gods while the Paradise Biryani Pointe’s […]

Sep 262011
Dakshin Express Edison NJ - Heavenly, Sooper Biryani from an Ugly Shithole

Oh Baby, Oh Baby! Besides sending us into an orgasmic swoon, Dakshin Express on Oak Tree Road in Edison (NJ) evoked nostalgic memories of that incredible shithole. Which shithole, you ask? India, of course. 😉 The vaguely human-looking waiters at Dakshin Express look like they’ve just escaped their cages from the nearest zoo and the dark-skinned South Indian diners (no, we’re not the Fair & Lovely kind either) deep-throating the food eat with a rapacity seen only among Somalis, Ethiopians and Gujjus (during Diwali Annakoot at the Swaminarayan Mandir). We asked ourselves for the n+1th time, have these South Indian […]