Indians Build Biryani Highway in Edison, NJ

If Marx and Engels were to rewrite The Communist Manifesto, they’d probably pen it this way: A spectre is haunting Edison – the spectre of Biryani. All the powers of Edison have entered into a holy alliance to expropriate this spectre: Punjabis and Telugus, Pakistanis and Delhites, Afghanis, Tamils and Gujaratis. Never in the history […]

Once Upon a Time, Kamal Haasan Attracted Crowds

(For SI Blog Reader and ardent Kamal Haasan fan prasath.j) There was a time, really, when Ulaga Nayagan Kamal Haasan attracted crowds for his movies. Even in America, Tamil movie fans lined up to watch Kamal’s movies. We still remember going to Clearview Cinemas (now Anil Ambani’s Movie City) on Oak Tree Road, Edison (NJ) […]

Tawa NJ – Wow, Yummy Food; OK Service

Update -Tawa is Closed Eureka, after a long while we can rhapsodize about a New Jersey Indian restaurant that pampers battle-hardened desi palates rather than punishing them with effete curries. Folks, Tawa at 1357 Stelton Road in Piscataway (NJ) is da place for fans of our non pareil Indian cuisine. With curries that sing with […]