More Sori Nayis than Fans Among Ajith ‘Fans’?

Based on the number of filthy comments we received for our unbiased Billa Review, we feel there is a big pack of Sori Nayis among Tamil actor wannabe Ajith’s fans.

While this is admittedly an unscientific study and the sample size perhaps not large enough, the vulgarity, fury and malevolence in the harsh reaction among Ajith’s fans to our unbiased review of that horror show Billa suggests the possibility of widespread prevalence of rabies among Ajith’s fan-base.

When we criticized Azhagiya Tamil Magan, we encountered a few mild protests from Vijay’s fans.

But when we criticized Ajith’s Billa, we encountered an online lynch mob.

Some of the comment posters to our Billa Review threatened to chop off our fingers while others wanted us to die.

Indeed some of the vulgar comment posters claimed to be personal friends of Ajith and categorically stated that we should take the comments as coming from Ajith’s office.

Yet other Ajith fans have sent across filth so vulgar and disgusting that we can’t even mention them here.

We can’t help but be puzzled as to how any decent Tamil movie star can put up with a fan base that exemplifies an unruly, filthy and disgusting mob.

Sure, the sins of the fans should not be visited upon their movie heroes just like the sins of the children should not be visited upon the parents.

But we wonder where all the filth, fury, vulgarity and threatening abuse in the comments of Ajith’s fans to our unbiased Billa Review emanates from.

Do they come from the top?

10 Responses to "More Sori Nayis than Fans Among Ajith ‘Fans’?"

  1. don   January 1, 2008 at 11:16 am

    Dear Rekha tnx for replying to my humble comment …..
    well ur right u did encounter only some “mild protests from Vijay’s fans”…well wat else did u expect tat movie was so horrible tat it wud make even the most die hard fan of vijay bend his head with shame u only get “mild protests” wen u criticize a movie worth being criticized but u will “encounter an online lynch mob” (as u put it in ur oh so great english) wen u criticize a movie like billa which had almost no room for improvement.
    And another thing please don’t call ur review “unbiased” it was anything but that. So my advise free of cost next time u go criticizing an excellent movies in ur so called “unbiased” manner keep in mind tat u will have to face the “unbiased” opinion of the fans…

    Cheers. Responds:

    1. Thanks for proving what we wrote in our above post – More Sori Nayis than Fans Among Ajith ‘Fans’?

    Your English sucks…Your logic stinks…Your comments sicken.

    We fervently hope you don’t reproduce because think of the damage you would inflict on the world’s gene pool.

    2. You write above: …a movie like billa which had almost no room for improvement.

    By God, each time you write something you expose your pathetic standard. Billa is a horror show.

  2. JM Rahul   January 1, 2008 at 8:28 pm

    @ The editor:

    I know how you feel when Ajith fans talk bad about you. However, it is better to ignore or delete those comments instead of creating an article like this. It’s my humble request.

  3. don   January 2, 2008 at 8:12 am

    [abusive and filthy tirade] start givin some decent worthwhile reviews i noticed that more than half the movies u announce as “horror shows” turn out to be superhits (like chak de india).
    of course ur not gonna post this comment coc it has a lotta “abusive raunts”

    [abusive tirade]

    Cheers Responds:

    So, our Billa Review gets you so upset that you’ve completely lost your mental balance as evidenced by the heap of your abusive tirades. Rabies is curable.

    With your desperate malevolent attacks, you are only proving the essential argument of this above post (More Sori Nayis than Fans Among Ajith ‘Fans’).

    All of your abusive and senseless rants will not change the simple fact that Billa is an unendurably awful movie and Ajith can’t act.

    You dolt, just because a movie like Chak De India is a superhit does not make it a good movie. Some 29 years ago, a Malayalam movie called Avalude Ravukal turned out to be a big hit. Does that make it a good movie?

    Great movies like On the Waterfront, Casablanca, Sholay, Bobby etc stand apart from the clutter and are as watchable today as they were decades ago.

    But what good does it do to educate a mindless Ajith fan like you on fine movies…it’s like throwing pearls before a swine because you can’t see beyond a Thala or Valu.

  4. ravi   January 4, 2008 at 11:40 am

    I feel that if you have sticked to your review alone it wouldnt have occured. You r simply saying you are correct. Why shud u say ajit as “korangu” and “philis40wbulb”and now you are saying “fans as sorinayis r u working in zoo or as webdesigner”.
    it s you who made mistake dont blame fans (i’m not one among them). Billa became a great success and in future lot of classical movies r going to be remade. Ajit indeed has set a trend and proved he is gofathr of tamilindustry.
    i don no how much it collectd in first five days but in two weeks it collected 30cr.bcz producers and distributors said we r able to reover the prduction cost of the movi which is 30cr. Responds:

    You write above that Ajith is godfather of Tamil film industry.

    That’s beyond ridiculous. Cut down on your drinking immediately.

  5. ravi   January 5, 2008 at 10:48 am

    you idot bloddy first stop drinking . i am not a bloddy drinker like you .Commenting on this website is like talking to wall.Talking like fools first said movie is flop then saying we are not concern with succes.then why hve you created this much blogs.I am not at all anybody’s fan.But he hsa poved he is the mas of generation. Responds:

    You drunken monkey.

    This is an English blog to discuss Ajith’s Billa movie.

    Learn to write a proper sentence in English and STOP repeating yourself.

    Have you ever tried reading what you write? Sheer agony. Processing the repetitive garbage you write about Ajith the Sun, Ajith the Moon, Ajit the Ultimate Star etc has taken five years off our lives.

  6. THARANIROBUSTER   April 15, 2008 at 4:38 am

    Hey this seems like a comedy show by Ajth fans, Please you guys when you will understand that stars (not only Ajith or Vijay) are only surviving because it is in your hands to make them live. We all do work they do Cinemas for a living, you people must first understand that you dont go through all that singing and dancing in rain and sun for survival. Its not a prestigious job , and may I ask all tamil industry fans a question, if they think 100% about their fans development of intellectuality and status why don’t they act in documentary films featuring conservation, education and betterment of the society?? Why are they continously opting for Commercial Cinema??? They want to raise their Status and want to have Thousands of people behind them. They are selfish in their own cause, only when they earn they set up charities and free facilities, they are moving up even if they struggle so please take Cinema as an entertaining and informative(not applicable to tamil industry), medium and not as your life, Thats all i can say.

    And regarding the Billa movie review, almost everyone can note that it was actor prabhu who gave some interest in the beginning and Rehman, in the end. When watching a film for example, i shall say Ram (jeeva) and, Ghajini(surya), what did you people see??? ,did you see jeeva in ram ??, no, it was Ram in Ram and not Surya but Sanjay Ramasamy in Ghajini, but when we see billa its Ajith in Billa and not Billa in Billa, hope you understand.

    A strong point is being missed here, Comedy is another bliss which makes you free of everyday hues, please honestly Ajith fans, Ajith cant even spell comedy and in Billa a few laughs (if they were there ) maybe Santhanam provided that, which was the handiwork of the dialogue writer. Actor Rajnikanth excels in comedy and have fans noticed that he seldom needs comedians, (and even if they are present they act as only accomplices) as he does every bit of humour in the related frame. Thats the secret of his success. Actor Vijay seems to do better in that area though.

    Anyway guys keep coming on the nice reviews, and these people don’t tend to understand until someone has to put all their energy in explaining the real facts. ok guys luv ya all (Search India guys).

  7. jp2u   October 7, 2008 at 1:01 pm

    wow, am starting to become a fan of this reviewer…. its just fun for me reading across all the reviews in common.

  8. beni   November 18, 2008 at 11:52 pm

    my theory for Ajith, the flop master’s fanbase is that it’s ‘cos he’s fair skinned. Responds:

    You write above: my theory for Ajith, the flop master’s fanbase is that it’s ‘cos he’s fair skinned

    You may be right because the dark-skinned Tamils have a fascination for fair-skinned persons (look at the import of the fair-skinned heroines from North India).

    But then, how do you explain the popularity of someone like Vijay, who most definitely hasn’t heard of Fair & Lovely.

  9. beni   November 19, 2008 at 1:34 pm

    Isn’t it obvious?!
    In his movies, he’s providing dream fodder for his hardcore fans in form of the dark, brave, good hearted young man who protects the weak and scores the fair, modern chick.

    Meanwhile, Vijay the kallan has carefully charted out a whole ” I’m Rajini’s second coming ” plan.
    He’s persistently worked towards projecting the pavvum, humble, man of the people persona that Rajini’s perfected/played up to.
    And not to mention, he’s taken care to establish his own trademark style factors..!

    He is a good dancer though! And i don’t believe he’s a horrible actor. I deftly enjoyed Pokkiri and Ghilli.

  10. venbas   July 20, 2012 at 6:38 pm

    SearchIndia…maybe you should throw out the buffoons who spew forth crap without even a microsecond logical reasoning about the reality.

    That will keep these buffoons at least temporarily out of SearchIndia. Responds:

    I’m in two minds over the idiots – whether to eject them or let them hoist themselves with their own petards.

    Among the Tamil stars, Ajith is a magnet for the crazies, whackos, lunatics and the rabid curs.

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