Fox 5 Screws Atlanta Hindu Swami from Tamil Nadu

We’ve never been great fans of Fox, America’s fair and balanced network.

But the video of Fox 5’s recent sting operation at the Hindu Temple of Georgia in Atlanta makes for interesting watching.

You see, it’s all about money. And the commercialization of Hindu temples in America.

Here’s the brief story of the Hindu Temple of Georgia along with a link to the Fox 5 video.

Ever heard of Dr. Commander Selvam?

No, no. He’s not some commando or part of the elite security force guarding Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Just an ex-member of the Indian Home Guards, where he was supposedly the first youngest Area Commander for Home Guards in Chennai City, Tamilnadu, India.

Our Dr. Commander Selvam (original name Annamalai Annamalai), who hails from Tamil Nadu in India, has recently achieved notoriety in the U.S. for some rather unholy actions undertaken for the sake of money.

On the Hindu Temple of Georgia web site,  Dr. Commander Selvam is also referred to as His Holiness Sri Sri “SELVAM SIDDHAR and as:

a divine personality, a great scholar, who is able to relieve problems from neck pains  to all kinds of mental, material stress and conflicts in all walks of our life.Sri Sri Selvam Siddhar is the only living  Siddhar and Swamiji in USA with the Atharva Vedha background.

As even a non-devout Hindu knows, by tradition alcohol is prohibited inside the premises of a Hindu Temple. Not just inside the sanctum sanctorum but anywhere inside the premises of the temple. Be it the common area, kitchen, toilet, the auditorium or anywhere inside the compound.

But thanks to Fox 5 MyFox Atlanta, we know that our divine Dr. Commander has no objection to alcohol, beer or wine being consumed inside the Hindu Temple compound.

When asked by the MyFox Atlanta sting operation whether they could bring alcohol, beer or wine, this is what the divine personality Dr. Commander a.k.a. His Holiness Sri Sri “SELVAM SIDDHAR” had to say:

Except drugs, you can bring anything.

Please click on the below video to see the Fox 5 sting video:

Also caught on the Fox 5 MyFox Atlanta video, another Swami at the temple had no objection to barbecue meat being brought inside the compound for consumption at a family reunion party.

Well, all we can say based on the video is that this Hindu Swami i.e. Dr.Commander, the so called divine personality gives a bad name to Hinduism.

Given his consent to bringing alcohol, beer and wine inside the Hindu Temple Georgia premises, it’d be right to question the religious credentials of this swami.

Dr.Commander told Fox 5 that:

My Hindu Temple has been of great service to the Hindu community not only in Atlanta but all over the nation.

Fox also quoted the divine personality Dr. Commander as saying that the people who were complaining against him were trying to wrest the temple away for their own motives.

When contacted Dr.Commander about the Fox 5 videos, this is what he had to say:

Whatever you want to do, what’s the problem? I don’t care about anything.

4 Responses to "Fox 5 Screws Atlanta Hindu Swami from Tamil Nadu"

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  2. mitchell   August 8, 2008 at 6:35 am

    At least its only one Swami who had been caught redhanded in the US..Here in India at least one fake Swamiji is caught everyday and the crimes they were said to have done are really bizarre .In one weird case somewhere in kerala a swami tried to convince women that they can be relieved of their problems if they can do a pooja by stripping off their clothes.A few women were said to have actually believed him.Somewhere In Andhra a priest convinced a village that they can go to heaven if they allow him to break coconuts on their heads.You should see the blood flowing , it was completely evil and horrible

    Ignorance is the main reason for people falling prey to these ‘evil’ Swamis.

  3. mitchell   August 8, 2008 at 11:36 am

    Hey it seems our comments are posted instantaneously without you processing it..If so why did you change that old process of yours? Now it looks like any [Trash talk] can posted for public view. Responds:

    Since when did efficiency become a crime?

    We processed your previous comment quickly because we were up & about when it came in.

  4. mitchell   August 8, 2008 at 11:39 am

    let this comment be private..Iam wrong it seems. Last time i posted a comment and it looked like it was processed instantaneously.. Responds:

    Please see previous comment by Mitchell & our response.

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