Nokia Debuts $900 N96 in U.S. – A Sure Flop

Nokia has released its N96 multimedia phone in the U.S. market and priced it at a whopping $900 (yes, that is nine hundred dollars).

And this overpriced device does not even have a touchscreen interface like the iPhone.

As far as we can tell no cell phone operator is subsidizing the N96 in the U.S.

Given the current state of the U.S. economy, the sullen mood of American consumers and lack of carrier subsidies, the Nokia N96 is destined to become one of the biggest flops.

Nokia N96 – Overpriced

The Nokia N96 packs a phone, a 5-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics, turn-by-turn voice navigation, 16GB of internal memory (expandable to 24GB with an optional microSD card),  N-Gage gaming and a 2.8″ display.

Yes, it supports 3G HSPDA networks in the U.S., video display and capture of video clips at 30fps.

The 16GB iPhone 3G costs $300 with a two-year contract.

Nokia plans to peddle the N96 through its Nokia Flagship stores in New York and Chicago, online and via independent retailers and e-tailers.

All we can say is Good Luck to Nokia. They’ll need it.

One Response to "Nokia Debuts $900 N96 in U.S. – A Sure Flop"

  1. joeantony   November 6, 2008 at 3:26 am

    Ah, I remember buying a hp widescreen laptop for 800$ in costco last year…. 900$?- for a cellphone? are you sure? Responds:

    You write above: 900$?- for a cellphone? are you sure?

    The exact price for the Nokia N96 is $895. We rounded it off to $900.

    You can confirm the accuracy of our story here (scroll down to the 6th paragraph of Nov 3 press release).

    If the link takes you to home page, check under press, North America, Nov 3.

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