YouTube – Greatest Time Wasting Tool in History

Throughout history, smart people have devised so many clever and novel ways to waste time – wrestling, bull fighting, cock fighting, Tamil trash, Bollywood garbage, ogling, playing pocket billiards and that weird game cricket.  

But surely nothing can beat Google’s YouTube video site as the best designed time-wasting service ever.

The latest comScore report released today shows how popular YouTube is – online viewers in the U.S. alone watched 5.3 billion YouTube videos in October.

As the above table shows, Google/YouTube is way ahead of other online video properties.

Google sites account for about 40% of all videos viewed, with YouTube representing 98% of all videos viewed at Google.

According to comScore, YouTube attracted 99.5 million unique viewers in October followed by Fox Interactive Media (60.79 million), Yahoo sites (45.19 million) and Microsoft sites (30.70 million).

U.S. Big Picture
Overall, U.S. Internet users viewed 13.5 billion online videos in October.

The folks at comScore have calculated that over 147 million U.S. netizens watched an average of 92 videos per viewer in October.

Is anyone in the U.S. working at all? No wonder our country is going down the toilet.

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