iPhone 3G gets Copy/Paste, MMS Support & More

Apple is upgrading the software for its popular iPhone mobile phone to provide a host of new capabilities including cut-copy-and-paste.

The copy and paste feature in the upcoming iPhone 3.0 software is supposed to work with all applications and not just e-mail.

iPhone 3G

Other enhancements in the iPhone 3.0 software include:

* Addition of search to all applications including e-mail, calendar and the music library on the iPod
* Support for MMS
* A new voice memo app
* Support for in-app purchase (useful for buying subscription content)
* Peer-to-peer connectivity (useful for gamers)
* Support for stereo bluetooth headsets
* Landscape keyboard and more

Altogether, iPhone 3 is supposed to come with 100 new features.

By the way, Apple says its AppStore now has 25,000 applications.

iPhone 3.0 will show up on the iPhone 3G this summer. And it’ll be free.

We can’t wait (yes, we are kinda getting addicted to our iPhone as the 3G service’s gotten better).

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