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We don’t know about India but here in the U.S. there’s a lot of buzz lately around Twitter.

What is Twitter, You Ask?

Well, Twitter is an online service that lets you stay in touch with your family, friends and colleagues through short updates (called Tweets) of 140 characters or less.

You can Twitter via the web or through your mobile phone (we guess more people are twittering via their cell phones).

With all the noise about Twitter here, it was inevitable that we’d get on board sooner rather than later.

Yes, this morning we went and signed up to the Twitter service.

Plus, it’s free. Pukkat. Now that should bring a smile to all desis.

Our Twitter User Name is: SearchIndia

You can find us on Twitter at

Follow and be Followed

At Twitter, you can be a follower and you can also have followers.

We are following Padmasree Warrior, one of our favorite newspaper New York Times and a few others.

Right now, we have no followers. 🙁

Folks, is Twitter big in India?

4 Responses to " is on Twitter"

  1. Stitha   March 24, 2009 at 9:10 pm

    People are twittering a lot these days. This effect began rising after 26/11 mumbai attacks as twittering became a real-time reporting/journalism during those times. Responds:

    Interesting. We didn’t realize Twittering was picking up in India too.

    We’ve started posting our headlines on Twitter just in case there are folks accessing SI via their mobile phones.

  2. Dr.UnkHaf D. Aktar   March 25, 2009 at 3:14 am Responds:


    We (meaning ‘us’ or the writers of this blog) tend to focus our attention mostly on the U.S. media (and of course TOI/ET/DNA) these days that we miss some interesting stories elsewhere (can’t remember whether we missed the one above or just forgot it).

    When we were in India, we used to listen to BBC a lot but that’s almost completely stopped (except the occasional BBC podcast we download to our iPhone).

    BTW, did you post another link…we deleted a whole bunch of spam a short while ago and are afraid we may have missed one genuine post.

  3. Stitha   March 25, 2009 at 7:14 am

    “writers of this blog”

    You are plural? I always imagined a single person posting in this blog based on simple language analysis. 🙂 Responds:

    As we said once (some six or seven months back), we use the plural ‘we’ in the royal sense.

  4. Dr.UnkHaf D. Aktar   March 25, 2009 at 7:50 am

    No just the above one.

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