10 Interesting Web Sites

Over the years, we’ve wandered hither and thither across the vast landscape of the WWW (World Wide Web).

Newspapers, blogs, movie sites, government sites, corporate sites, risque sites and more. You can see our spoors on all of them.

But very few web sites are really interesting. Most have no reason to exist except to feed the vanities and vain egos of some bozos.

Here are some web sites that we find interesting (in no particular order):

1. SeekingArrangement.com – The New York Times Magazine has a lengthy article today (4/12/2009) on this site, which essentially lets rich older men find young dolls for you know what
2. CouchSurfing.com – An interesting site that we discovered, thanks, again, to the NYT (Travel Section, 4/12/2009). Lets all cheapo desis save on hotel tabs and make new friends
3. Huffington Post – More of an aggregator but an interesting site nevertheless for the variety of news you can find here
4. Politico – Big one for U.S. political news
5. Silicon Alley Insider – A digital media news site founded by the infamous Henry Blodget (former Wall Street analyst)
6. Fat Wallet – Tips on Hot Deals and coupons
7. DPreview – An amazon.com owned site for photography buffs
8. Rotten Tomatoes – A must-visit site for movie fans
9. NYT – All the News that’s Fit to Print. Need we say more
10. The Times of India – King of the Indian media scene. Comprehensive coverage of Indian business, politics, Bollywood and more

One Response to "10 Interesting Web Sites"

  1. TrulySiva   April 13, 2009 at 3:19 pm

    How come you miss your baby? Don’t SI qualify to be in the list

    SearchIndia.com Responds:

    Thank you for voting SI to that interesting list. 😉

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