New iPhone Making Landfall on June 19

Damn, why can’t these folks in Cupertino let us lead our lives in peace.

Yes, a new version of Apple’s wildly successful iPhone will debut on June 19.

iPhone 3G S

Here are the key enhancements in iPhone 3G S (the moniker for the new phone):

* Support for video with built-in editing

* Hands-free voice control for both iPhone and iPod operations

* 3-megapixel camera (existing model, i.e. iPhone 3G: 2-megapixel)

* Supports 7.2 Mbps HSDPA for faster networking speeds

* Longer battery life

* Built-in digital compass for instant navigation

iPhone 3G S will ship with Apple’s new iPhone 3.0 OS software.

The 32GB version of iPhone 3G S costs $299 while the 16GB version is $199.

The 32GB version is a new offering from Apple. Previously, the storage on the iPhone topped off at 16GB.

But remember there’s the bondage of the two-year contract with AT&T (Apple’s exclusive carrier partner) with a minimum monthly ransom of around $74.

Apple has slashed pricing on the existing 8GB iPhone from $199 to $99, making it very unlikely that the new Palm Pre will ever gain any traction.

The 16 GB iPhone 3G is being phased out but AT&T will offer them for $149 until it gets rid of the stock.

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2 Responses to "New iPhone Making Landfall on June 19"

  1. raghavendrav   June 8, 2009 at 4:30 pm

    Any clue on upgrade options? I could not find any info on AT&T website. Responds:

    iPhone 3.0 OS releases on June 17. Free for existing iPhone 3G users.

    Has a ton of new features like cut & paste, support for MMS et al.

    The new iPhone 3G S (includes iPhone 3.0 OS) releases on June 19. You have to pay $299 for 32GB or $199 for 8GB.

    No deals for existing 3G users who wish to upgrade, as far as we can tell.


    Here are the upgrade prices for current customers.

  2. SRINIVAS   June 9, 2009 at 12:23 am

    none of the enhancements are actually new pathbreaking technologies ……its just a case of bundling existing technologies ….the next iphone will have maybe 64 gb ….

    i fail to understand why people queue up to buy such things …..they need not wait for apple to launch these …

    ipod’s also were not new ….mp3 players have always been there …..

    the only good product from apple is the 120/160 gb classic thanks to its huge storage space …apart from zune …there is no other player which offers this …

    Touchscreen technology again has always been there in phones …from O2 and others ….apple is infact a late entrant ..

    Increased awareness levels amongst consumers is necessary ….

    In terms of sound quality COWON beats all the MP3 players hands down …that’s the best available player as on date Responds:

    1. You write: none of the enhancements are actually new pathbreaking technologies ….i fail to understand why people queue up to buy such things …..they need not wait for apple to launch these …

    True, the enhancements in iPhone 3G S are not path breaking.

    But after using 12+ cell phones over the last 15 years and the iPhone 3G over the last 13 months, we can say that the iPhone 3G (predecessor of the new iPhone 3G S) is a fine product.

    We are querulous people and are known to whine about everything. But people around us say that we haven’t complained too much about the iPhone 3G except the monthly $74 AT&T tax (2-year contract a must). In the iPhone 3G, the touchscreen works very well as do the other features like the iPod, Internet browsing et al.

    iPhone’s popularity rests on the triple pillars of slick design, sleek UI (user interface) and the 50,000 applications in the Apple App Store.

    2. Never heard of Cowon before.

    Amazon has it though and the reviews are good for both the Cowon 16GB Video MP3 player and the 8GB MP3 player.

    Unfortunately, most of the stores that stock Cowon are online stores. Only a couple of brick and mortar stores in NYC like J&R and Adorama stock Cowon.

    Next time we go to NYC, if we have time we’ll go to J&R (huge electronics store in downtown Manhattan) and check out Cowon. We’ll let you know how we found it.

    Cowon certainly has a loyal base, going by the Amazon reviews.

    3. You write: the only good product from apple is the 120/160 gb classic

    Never used the Apple iPod Classic. So can’t say much about it except that at one point we considered buying it as a handy external portable storage device for its large storage capacity. But then Western Digital came out with its 250GB Passport external drives, so we bought that instead.

    Two main drawbacks of the iPod Classic are the lack of touchscreen and absence of Internet capabilities (this means it can’t leverage the 50,000 apps in Apple’s App Store, ranging from Panchang to weather to movies to news to YouTube to Instant Messenger to what have you).

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