Will this Paiya Delight Us Tonight?

Paiya Review – Storyless, Pathetic Piece of Shit

We were delighted thrilled to see Karthi in Selvaraghavan’s charmer Aayirathil Oruvan.

At last, a fella in Kollywood who can spell the word acting.

The fella can teach a thing or two about acting to his older brother Surya, sister-in-law Jyothika and even to his old man Jillu Jillu Gullu Gullu Sivakumar.

So it’s no surprise that we’re in the theater now waiting for Karthi’s new film Paiya to start.

Yes, we’ve listened to all the Paiya songs more than once:

The pleasing Thuli Thuli; the fast-paced Poongatre Poongatre with the heavy beats; the prosaic Adada Mazhaida; Suthude Suthude with its suggestion of an inebriated Karthi; and En Kadhal Solla with its interesting lyrics.

If you pressed us hard, we might confess that we like En Kadhal Solla best of all.

What we’ve read here and there suggests Paiya is a romantic film.

By the way, Tamanna plays the female lead opposite Karthi.

Paiya is directed by Lingusamy, the bozo who gave us the Vikram starrer Bheema.

There are about 50 people in the theater for the opening show at a theater on the East Coast.

Our hopes are high and we’re gonna be mighty pissed to be let down.

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Paiya Review – Storyless, Pathetic Piece of Shit

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