Paiya First Half – Boring Shit

(Via iPhone)

It’s 9.28PM ET and the intermission.

Folks, Paiya is disappointing.

Same ol’ boring shit.

Nothing different from what we’ve seen in a 1,000 different movies.

Karthi is pleasing, of course.

Tamannah is alright.

The third song on the screen now. Adada Mazhada.

Karthi can’t dance.


Back home now.

Working on the full review.

Will have it up soon.

Bottom line: Disgusting

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One Response to "Paiya First Half – Boring Shit"

  1. shadowfax_arbit   April 1, 2010 at 11:37 pm

    Expected….Lingusamy is a formulaic director, if you would even call him a director… All his movies are same – Sandakozhi, Run etc. This one will be no different! Responds:

    1. Just got home. 11:50PM ET (9:20AM IST).

    2. You write: This one will be no different!

    You are right.

    Paiya is garbage. 🙁

    Lingusamy is a Podi-Paiya when it comes to making movies.

    Full review coming soon.

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