Siruthai – Ha Ha Ha, Kazhuthai at BO

This Karthi fella, sibling of sori padam Surya and son of Monkey dancer Sivakumar, is going the way of his peers – that is taking the trash road to infamy.

No surprise then that the box office numbers of Karthi’s movies reflect that.

Here’s how Karthi’s new film Siruthai fared at the UK box office compared to a few recent Tamil movies:

Sirthai Box Office

3 Responses to "Siruthai – Ha Ha Ha, Kazhuthai at BO"

  1. trishna147   January 19, 2011 at 5:53 pm

    DUDE, its his only 5TH film!!

    And his BO figures are higher than Dhanush, Simbu, Vishal, Arya, Jayam Ravi who’ve been in the industry far longer than Karthi.

    Siruthai may be his worst film, nevertheless, it was entertaining to some extent. I dont see the issue with it for grossing less than AO, because AO had much more hype and expectations, hence a higher opening.

    And Siruthai did gross more than Paiya and NMA…

    Aadukalam is a much better film, but BO figures dont say much, do they? Responds:

    Since when did getting lower gross for a 5th film than the 2nd film (AO) become a better yardstick?

    This must be what they call new Math! 😉

    • trishna147   January 20, 2011 at 12:50 pm what if Siruthai got less than AO?
      Manmadhan Ambu was less than Dasavathaaram
      Sura was less than Vettaikaran
      Asal was less than Billa
      Singam was less than Aadhavan
      Madharasapattinam got less than Naan Kadavul
      its all to do with expectation and hype. Kandhasamy was ridiculously hyped as “the” next best thing, look at the opening it got. Raavanan was hyped as the comeback for Mani Ratnam and Vikram. Remember they were all so confident that Mani Ratnam and Vikram would get National Awards! And they held a premier in London the day before the release, and they broadcasted it live on BBC!

      btw, i watched The King’s Speech. It was BLOODY AMAZING. Im watching it again this weekend. its THAT good. Responds:

      1. More is always more and less is always less.

      Size matters! 😉 Even in BO numbers.

      2. Glad you enjoyed The King’s Speech.

      We strongly recommend it to other readers as well.

  2. maravan   January 25, 2011 at 9:47 pm

    we are expecting review for aadukalam and kaavalan… Responds:

    You write: we are expecting review for aadukalam and kaavalan…

    And we’re expecting Julia Roberts and Jennifer Lawrence to knock on our door tonight. 😉

    We have no plans to see Aadukulam, Rahukalam, Kaavalan, Vellaikaran, Pitchaikaran et al.

    You may, of course, expect to see more English and Foreign movie reviews from your favorite blog SI in the coming weeks and months.

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