Naan Mahaan Alla Review: Somebody get us a Gun, We Want to Shoot this Bastard Suseenthiran

How dare this bastard Suseenthiran do this to us.

Dai badava *#$%&@, unnae vandhu paathukuraen da (we’re gonna fix you real bad).

What the f*ck is wrong with Suseenthiran, director of the new Tamil film Naan Mahaan Alla?

Here’s our diatribe vis-a-vis this bastard:

* Did no one tell this bastard that Tamil movies ought to be unwatchable horror shows?

* Did no one tell this bastard that none of the actors in a Tamil movie ought to show even a spark of acting talent?

* Did no one tell this bastard that he ought to have picked Aishwarya Rai, Vijay, Ajith, Abhishek Bachchan, Vikram or Surya and then a la that heart-attacked, over-rated, super-flopped buffoon Mani Ratnam delivered a piece of shit?

* Did no one tell this bastard that Tamil films ought to look downright bizarre with vulgar song/dance sequences from Iceland, Machu Picchu, Malaysia and Mexico and crude comedy featuring Vadivelu or Vivek?

* Did no one tell this bastard with no Godfathers in Kollywood that he ought to have stayed back in his village near Palani and grazed cows?

How dare Suseenthiran flout all the basic rules of Tamil filmdom and deliver a decent movie.

The effrontery!

Somebody, get us our .357 Magnum. We’re gonna shoot this bastard, right now.

Suseenthiran, what a sweet bastard! 🙂

Here we were, all ready to do another headline like Vile Trash, Lift the Middle Finger, Colossus of Nonsense et al and this sweetie-pie Suseenthiran comes and spoils it all. 😉

Decent Film

Schmucks, now don’t y’all get us wrong.

We’re not, not heralding the advent of a Coppola or a Spielberg on the cinematic stage here but the arrival of a talented film-maker, talented by Tamil Indian movie standards.

Nor is Naan Mahaan Alla a masterpiece. For a masterpiece would be a complete contradiction in terms where Tamil movies are concerned.

But Naan Mahaan Alla is doubtless a decent, watchable film.

No question about it although the movie tended to lurch this way and that in the first half particularly around the romantic scenes and the ‘love-failure’ drivel.

Again, at the end there were some issues with the story, at least by our reckoning.

Hey Suseenthiran, let’s not forget your four bad guys are crafty scumbags who managed to overcome one of the biggest thugs in the city and his henchmen and yet they are all overpowered by one person at the end! That sure seemed off-key to us.

Still, it didn’t irritate us all that much given the overall high entertainment quotient of the film.

Its limitations aside we’d still insist the story was fairly engrossing.

The music was alright. Not the stuff of legend but nothing hideous either like that fart we heard recently.

The story outline, if you really want to know, is actually two separate pieces that intersect around the middle of the film.

The first piece centers around Jeeva (Karthi), a carefree young man given to loafing around with his buddies and romancing the girl Priya (Kajal Agarwal).

The second and darker element of the movie is around a bunch of young savage criminal elements, given to raping, doing drugs and killing people.

Let’s Undo the Injustice

In India, the morons give all the credit to the actors and ignore the director, the architect of a movie.

Here at SI, we’re determined to undo this grave injustice to directors who tend to get overlooked in the craven assholic hero-worship by the jack-ass fans.

Guys, the credit here goes all to Suseenthiran, first and foremost. Let’s give him a big hand.

All-Round Fine Acting

‘Tis no secret that here at SI, we’re fans of Karthi.

The bloke is infinitely better than his older sibling Sori-Padam Surya and a billion gazillion times superior to his old man, that tail-less monkey ‘Jillu Jillu Gullu Gullu Sivakumar.

In Naan Mahaan Alla, Karthi once again does justice to his role and delivers paisa vasool to the paying audience.

Like all fine actors, Karthi makes it all seem so effortless and natural. That sure must take a lot of effort to achieve that outcome.

Not just Karthi, the four or five guys cast in the role of the bad fellas did a commendable job too. Sorry guys, we don’t know your names.

Baby Got Boobs

Hey, what’s happening.

Just a few months ago, we were ruing that Kajal Agarwal was a man-chester. Now, where did those 34Bs in Naan Mahaan Alla come from?

Not that we’re complaining. But we want to know. We really do. 😉

Seriously, Kajal Agarwal doesn’t have much of a role in the movie.

In the few frames she was present, the girl did a good imitation of a constipated soul gritting her teeth in a desperate attempt to induce bowel-movements.

Kajal, have you tried Hajmola! 😉

Go for It recommends that all ye schmucks with your throats tightly wrapped around the schlongs of Rajini, Vijay, Ajith, Surya et al watch this film.

A talented and hardworking film-maker like Suseenthiran deserves that much at least from Tamil movie-fans.

Directors like Selvaraghavan and Suseenthiran are a beacon of hope that all’s not completely lost in the wasteland of the Tamil film industry.


At a theater on the U.S. East Coast, there were about 28-30 people for the evening show on Thursday. The audience seemed to be engrossed with the film although as we were getting out we overheard a Kelavi (old lady) lamenting that Thillalangadi was better. We think she’s senile or maybe she ate one of those Salmonella-infected eggs (we have a massive egg recall in the U.S. going on now). 🙁

6 Responses to "Naan Mahaan Alla Review: Somebody get us a Gun, We Want to Shoot this Bastard Suseenthiran"

  1.   January 3, 2011 at 9:12 pm

    Comment NOT from SI but from முனிAndy

    I am watching Naan Mahaan Alla (have taken a break).. Few of us have recommended Suseendran’s first movie Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu to you. Although NMA is well above average for a Tamil movie, I felt that VKK was made better.. even the romantic scenes were enjoyable unlike the forced romance in NMA.

    Kajal has always had 34Bs .. The wise Dr. Lawrence Kutner tried to correct you in . you need better boob glasses. But she is a poor actress.

    From Lawrence Kutner to Jennifer Lawrence.. Rented Winter’s Bone from redbox for free today.. because of your recommendation. It was a toss-up between Salt and Bone.. but went for Bone, because I don’t like Jolie much. Responds:

    1. You write: Few of us have recommended Suseendran’s first movie Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu to you

    We’ll watch it for sure. We have some friends returning from India in a few months. Let’s see if we can persuade them to bring along a bunch of DVDs.

    2. You write: Kajal has always had ….The wise Dr. Lawrence Kutner tried to correct you in ….

    Vice, you mean. In any case, seeing/feeling is believing! 😉

    3. You write: But she is a poor actress..

    Which girl isn’t in Indian movies? Just a rhetorical flourish, no need for a response.

    4. You write: Rented Winter’s Bone from redbox for free today.. because of your recommendation.

    Well, Steven Spielberg thought highly of Jennifer Lawrence’s performance.

    But, hey, who knows how NC Tamilbergs will react!

    N.B.: Opened up Naan Mahaan Alla comments.

  2. Hari Jr   December 21, 2011 at 7:56 am

    Watched this flick some days back.

    Skeptical about ending. Could have been displayed in a more realistic manner!!

    Here some people don’t find favor with it on account of drugs & violence in the second half!!

    In my opinion, is a decent movie given Karthi’s performance!! What was amazing was his timing of humor!! 🙂

  3. adithya   November 19, 2012 at 9:36 am

    At last one good review from u….

    I liked naan mahan alla and action scenes were realistic (better than over the top fights that vijayakanth does so often)…..u said selvaragavan and suseendhiran are beacons of hope,i feel u must add bala into that list, he is certainly one of the best tamil director at the moment…..

    • boopalanj   November 19, 2012 at 2:33 pm

      Ha Ha.

      Adithya did not read SI reviews of Bala’s Naan Kadavul, etc 😉 Responds:

      You write: Adithya did not read SI reviews of Bala’s Naan Kadavul, etc

      I doubt this thing reads anything.

      Were you to see its e-mail address, you’d wonder how I endure these creatures!

      • adithya   November 20, 2012 at 12:06 am

        yeh i saw ur review,i thought u was very harsh on bala, it was his best work till date after pithamagan,he won national award for naan kadavul and everyone knows that it’s not easy to get national awards…also u r not reviewing good tamil films,u like to watch bad tamil films and then u scribble abt those saying it’s worst,crap blah blah…i guess there are no reviews for good tamil films like aadukalam,kanchivaram,pizza,attakathi,aaranya kaandam etc…..

        • boopalanj   November 20, 2012 at 4:55 am


          Your comment is partially correct. SI hardly reviews off-beat films in Tamil.

          But, in any case, those films at times don’t get wide promotions and they don’t get released abroad. Hence SI has comparatively less access to those films than ones in Indian Ocean Garbage Patch (a.k.a Kollywood in this context) (Ref:

          But as of what I have seen, SI, he/she/it has never held him/her/it-self back from commending the good piece of work.

          But as far as your list of good films are concerned, for ex., even Kanchivaram received mixed reviews of maintaining a sick-tone through out the film although it received the national award (although I personally liked it). Pizza and Aadukalam were merely unconventional but no great in my opinion.

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