Paiyaa UK Box Office – Bad, Really Bad

Tamil film Paiyaa has not fared well at the box office.

The average gross of the Lingusamy-directed, Karthi-Tammanna Bhatia starring Tamil movie Paiyaa at the UK box office is less than even that of Sathyam, one of the worst movies known to human civilization.

For the April 2, 2010-April 4, 2010 opening weekend, Paiyaa had an average gross of £3,503 while Sathyam had an average gross of £4,020.

Excuse us, while we wipe our (crocodile) tears.

Want more bad news?

Well, here we go.

Even that non-actor Ajith’s Asal had a higher average gross.

As you can see in the below chart, director Lingusamy’s previous crap show Bheema (2008) also had higher average gross at the UK box office.

Paiyaa UK Box Office Report

Are we surprised over the Paiyaa debacle?

Of course, not.

Here’s an excerpt from’s review of Paiyaa:

First, Siva (Karthi) uses a black umbrella to hide from the Bombay hoodlums waiting for him en route.

Second, the girl uses the same black umbrella in an abortive bid to hide from the Andhra goondas. Alas, the schmuck Charu (Tamannah Bhatia) can’t even hold an umbrella straight and gives the game away to the waiting baddies

Hey, wait. We almost forgot. Our hero is Nikkara vandilae aeramataru (the hero will never board a standing bus).

Andhra thugs, Bombay thugs, Black umbrella, Nikkara vandilae aeramataru hero – Folks, these are the flimsy threads on which the Paiya story hangs teeters.

…..Any surprise then that the movie is a pathetic piece of shit.

Puke-worthy garbage unworthy of release in a theater.

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4 Responses to "Paiyaa UK Box Office – Bad, Really Bad"

  1. STG   April 8, 2010 at 6:53 pm

    offtopic: Stuck in an accident yesterday with few scratches and some muscle catches on leg and couldn’t make to office. I bought Rain Man long back but never had a chance to watch. So I decided to watch it until my boy friend return from work to take me to clinic. Screw my laziness for keeping this film covered with dust so long.

    I was totally blown away that I continued to watch even after my boy friend returned and yelling at me to get ready for clinic. Despite his anger, I watched it till the end. After its over, i returned to sense and started screaming in pain only to get more yelling from him.

    Even though Dustin bagged Oscar for this film, i would say its Tom Cruise who really deserves. I would argue that Dustin from start to end had a cliched role with cliched expression albeit making an intense impact on viewers. However, it Tom who sets the screen afire with his anger on his father for ignoring his share – greedy over his unable-bro – planning to trade his bro for money – creating a bond with Dustin when his childhood events unfold – finally realizing and fighting with legal people to retain his bro with him forever.

    This can be clearly seen in the way Tom speaks – Initially when he converse with Dustin, Dustin would obviously reply “I dont know”. But Tom tries to give more options for him to get what he thinks. Later, when he connect with this bro well, Tom was able to read Dustin’s mind and easily understand what he think or what he would think.

    Will watch it again this weekend.

    You Write Above:

    1. Rain Man is a classic.

    2. You write: I would argue that Dustin from start to end had a cliched role with cliched expression albeit making an intense impact on viewers.

    No, the role most certainly was not cliched.

    How many movies did you have in Hollywood before that with similar stories/roles centering round an autistic genius? Now, don’t bother looking for an answer/justification because that was a rhetorical question.

    Yes, Dustin Hoffman had the better, extremely offbeat role making it impossible for anyone to stand out in Tom Cruise’s more conventional character.

    • STG   April 8, 2010 at 7:17 pm

      Dustin had conceived his role well and given a terrific performance – no doubt in it. His natural features along with his makeover/the way he looks – everything made easy for the viewers to create an everlasting-sympathy for his role. since iam talkative, i related well with Tom… 😉

      btw how did you find SRK in MNIK in a similar kind-of role…? – I haven’t watched it yet. Responds:

      You write above: btw how did you find SRK in MNIK in a similar kind-of role…?

      Compared to Dustin Hoffman, SRK is a Chutiya as far as acting.

  2. logu   April 9, 2010 at 2:19 am

    Wonder you know u to read tamil
    follow the link…. Responds:

    You write: Wonder you know u to read tamil

    We’ve just about managed the feat of getting a handle on the 26 English alphabets.

    Tamil has 247. 🙁

  3. rama   April 22, 2010 at 2:56 pm

    Piyaa was again the usual flick…hero bashing up the thugs..this time two of his and the other one is of the heroine…what a waste of time..Lingusamy..pls try some other better formula…Karthi..who i think has talent shouldn’t be wasting time in the movies targeted for the c-grade audiences…

    SI…would like to see you review on Angaadi Theru…I saw the movie and was very much touched by the story and screen play…Anjali (heroine) was really rocking.. Responds:

    You write above: SI…would like to see you review on Angaadi Theru..

    We should have watched it in the theater.

    Now, we’ll have to wait for the DVD.

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