Music We’ve Acquired Lately – 8

As we slowly slide away into non-existence, we’re listening to music more than ever before.

Particularly old Hindi songs, reliving the good ol’ days in our fading memory.

Sure, we love Tamil songs but Hindi songs will always have pride of place in our hearts.

Here are a few Hindi songs we’ve purchased lately from iTunes:

* Hum Aur Tum – An eternal favorite of ours featuring Kaaka a.k.a. Rajesh Khanna and the beautiful Sharmila Tagore in the Yash Chopra directed film Daag (1973). There was never another better than Rajesh Khanna for romantic roles. God, Kaaka, why did you screw up your career?

* Loote Koi Man Ka Nagar – A classic song from Abhimaan (1973) featuring Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bhaduri. Say what you will, Jaya Bhaduri was a far superior actress compared to her buffoon of a husband Amitabh.

* Kya Khoob Lagti Ho – See Iyengar girl Hema Malini and the late Feroze Khan in Dharmatma (1975). Filmed in pre-Taliban Afghanistan, this song is for all time. In the prime of her youth, Hema looks gorgeous. here  Say, Hema had good knockers, naa? What a shame neither Hema’s daughter Esha Deol nor Feroze’s son Fardeen Khan inherited their respective parents’ talents. Well, such is life.

* Karvati Badalte Rahen – This song from Aap Ki Kasam will forever be linked to a relative who was infatuated with a neighbor V and insisted we convey his undying love for her, which, being sensible of course, we didn’t. Just as the song used to play on Vividh Bharati (does it still exist?), our relative would start bugging us. Rajesh Khanna, Mumtaz and Sanjeev Kumar feature in the film.

* Churake Dil Mera – The song from Main Khiladi Tu Anari is lovely but the picturization (on Akshay Kumar and Shilpa Shetty) is ugly enough to drive us to drink. Not that we need an excuse to take a swig. Akshay Kumar was a sick actor then…the clown is sick now.

* Pappu Can’t Dance – This one is of course from the recent movie Jaane To Ya Jaane Naa. Did we tell you we like that Christian man-chester gal Genelia D’Souza. Of course, it could be our gin speaking too at this ungodly hour. At 2:42AM ET, even man-chesters look pretty to our senses in our soused state. 😉

* Chura Liya Hai Tumne Jo Dil Ko – From one of the biggest blockbuster films of the 1970s – Yaadon Ki Baarat – featuring Zeenat Aman, Dharmendra, Tariq, Vijay Arora and that cow Neetu Singh.

* Yeh Kaali Kaali Aankhen – If you don’t know that this number is from the SRK-Kajol film Baazigar, you ought not to be reading this blog. No, the picturization is nothing to write home about. Nooo. Both SRK and Kaajol are graceless dancers. Kajol particularly dances like a shaitan. What a bunch of lazy pigs, not making the least effort to appear graceful in their steps.

* Tu Mere Saamne – Set against the background of snowy terrain, this one is from the SRK-Juhi Chawla film Darr.

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10 Responses to "Music We’ve Acquired Lately – 8"

  1. guruprasad.s   May 16, 2010 at 7:18 am

    Nice collection.

    If the scripts of Hindi movies were even a fraction as good as their songs and lyrics, we would have many more classy Hindi movies.
    I have always felt that the talent of the lyricists (some were poets in their own right), that of the music composers and the playback singers (proper classical background in many cases, and due diligence in most cases) far exceeded that of the actors.
    When the great Mohd Rafi used to start his riyaz (practice) fairly early in the morning, the neighbours would be eagerly waiting for him to start.
    How else do you explain the fact that songs composed fifty years back are popular even today, while those of this day are mostly forgotten ?
    Even your collection has only one song from 21st century 😉

    In Kaka’s Daag, you have “Mere dil me aaj kya hai, tu kahe to mai bata doo”, another fine and popular song.

    The male singer of “Loote koi man ka nagar” is Manhar Udhas, brother of renowned ghazal singer Pankaj Udhas. Manhar has rendered “Hum tumhe chaahte hai aise” from Kurbani.

    The stylish Feroz Khan has a nice song in Safar “Jo tum ko ho pasand wahi baat kahenge” rendered by the great Mukesh.

    Feroz is also supposed to have stolen the acting honours in the movie from right under the nose of the then superstar Rajesh ‘Kaka” Khanna.

    Not sure if you have listened to the melodies of Jewel Thief.
    Every song is a gem in its own right.
    The movie itself is thoroughly enjoyable even to this day.

    Aap ki Kasam has a very popular song “Zindagi ke safar me guzar jaate hai jo makaam”
    rendered by Kishore Kumar.

    The songs of Darr were composed by the duo of Shiv-Hari, santoor maestro Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma and flute maestro Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasiya.

    Director Yash Chopra had good sense to get these two on board for his movies like Silsila, Chandni, Lamhe and Darr. No wonder these movies have some fine melodies.

    After that, barring DDLJ and Dil toh pagal hai, the songs of Yash Raj movies are nothing to write home about (much like their movies). Responds:

    1. You write: Not sure if you have listened to the melodies of Jewel Thief.

    Like most Indians of our era, we’ve listened to Honthon Mein Aisi Baat Mein Dabake Chali Aai and other songs from Jewel Thief countless times.

    2. You write: Even your collection has only one song from 21st century

    And that too only because of our inordinate passion for the Christian man-chester gal with that ugly sounding name. Gawd, which sane parents would name their daughter Genelia! 😉

  2. chennaiarun2007   May 17, 2010 at 10:22 am

    Hi SI,

    Here I am going to write the review of Raavanan film music .

    For all Rahman fans,you are going to be disappointed with this film’s music.

    It is fair to say that he has experimented with sounds,but no particular song leave a great effect on you!!

    I am a Rahman fan myself and enjoyed the music of his previous film Vinnaithandi Varuuvaya.
    But the music of this film comes nowhere close to the standards of his earlier film.

    I am very very disappointed with the kind of music that he has composed in this film.Trashy junk.

    His earlier associations with Mani Ratnam yielded fabulous results,but I am not quite whether many people will like the songs of this film!! Even their last association,the film Guru had decent music. It even fails to match that standard.

    Only two songs Usure Pogudethey sung by your favourite singer Karthik and Veera song are good!!
    This too considering the audio has 6 songs.

    If 2 out of 6 is a good track record of Rahman, then let Tamil film may go to hell!!

    I may get bashing from ARR fans,but I do not worry about it as:

    1. I am a ARR fan myself.

    2.The so called fans will ultimately understand what a trashy junk it is!!

    3. I do not worry whether it is becomes a HIT, that means the audiences must be deaf!!

    4. As I do not think and get influenced with what other people say, for me it is a junk and trash!!

    ARR,I do not expect this junk from you after winning the OSCAR!!

    I could not even enjoy the songs even on second and third hearings,where has your so-called class and style gone!!

    At least I hope that the film is directed well by Mani Ratnam and the so called junk songs are picturised well.

    Arun Responds:

    We haven’t listened to the Tamil songs yet.

    But expectations from ARR have soared after his Oscar and Grammy awards.

    Wonder what other readers have to say on the music from the Tamil Raavan.

    • rakeshbaba   May 18, 2010 at 7:58 am

      rahman is a fantastic music director,he is one of the few music directors who gives music which suits perfectly for the film,this is a special talent,after oscar even i liked vinaithaandi varuvaya and raavan but totally disappointed with his music in blue.

      Still rahman is still the top most music director in india in present situation,thumps up to rahman. Responds:

      Inshallah, he’ll continue to please us.

  3. chennaiarun2007   May 19, 2010 at 2:35 am

    Hi SI,

    There are particular reasons why I did not like the Tamil music version of the film Raavan.I am not quite clear whether the previous blogger has heard the Tamil version or Hindi version.

    People who did not like the Tamil version’s music loved the Hindi version. So do not be completely misguided when people say that they love music of Raavan.You have to ascertain whether it is the Hindi version or Tamil version!!

    The following are the reasons why I did not like the Tamil version:

    1. The song Kodu Potta is too loud for comfort.Singer Benny Dayal,who has quite a reputation in Tamil Nadu seems to have somehow spoiled the show with his loud singing.

    2.The song Kaattu Sirukki is also too loud and is too jarring.Anurudha Sriram spoils the show with her squeaky,shrill voice.

    3.The song Kalvare sung by Shreya Ghoshal is reasonably melodious.There is not a single iota of doubt about it,but the voice falls a bit too flat to make an impression.

    4.The song Keda Kari too has jarring and awful music.The song is bad enough to spoil your mood.

    So the following reasons can be concluded:

    1.In name of experimentation, the music is too loud and jarring in 3 out of these 4 songs.Only Kalvare has a soft music.

    2.The reason why Tamil version is far inferior than the Hindi version is that the choice of words/lyrics are too poor that they do not make the desired impact.When you compose the same set of songs in both Tamil and Hindi,an appropriate sounding Tamil word must be selected.For example,the word Usure Pogudhey cannot make the same impact as the same Behene de in the Hindi version as sound wise,both words are not similar.

    3.Poor Choice of singers:

    Benny Dayal is comfortable singing in rap and soft melody.This was proved by the instant success of Taxi Taxi song from the film Sakkarakatti.He cannot sing a loud song and make the same impact.

    Also Anurudha Sriram,who is known for squeaky voice spoils a completely melodious song!!
    I see some comments in websites,from people,who have criticised her singing:

    Damning comment in a website:
    I feel like throwing away my head-phone out of frustration when I hear Anuradha Sriram’s voice in kattu sirukki song..
    In Ravanan, music and lyrics do not sync ..

    I can bring some more worse comments from people who heard the Tamil film album.There has been mixed reactions from people here about the music.While some people say it is too good and outstanding on repeated hearing(please note that they have heard it about 20 times!!) and others like me who have said it is bad on the first or second hearing itself.

    For me,whether a song is experimental or pop or melodious or disco,it should appeal on the first and second hearing itself.There is not point in hearing a song again and again when you do not like it the first time or second time itself.When you go for repeated hearings,you are forcing yourself to enjoy the song,which is not a very good trend as far as music industry goes.

    For example.I liked Smack That on first hearing itself.Omane Penne and Hosanna,I liked respectively on second and third hearing respectively.But Iam not going to force myself and hear Ravanan songs for 20 or 30 times,it a wasted effort.

    Go to any website and hear the Tamil version, then you will be able to clearly understand my predicament!!

    Arun Responds:

    Strong but seemingly valid arguments.

    • The Mahatma   May 19, 2010 at 10:49 am

      I usually am ok with Anuradha Sriram’s voice.. but Kaattu Sirukki sound terrible when compared to Ranjha Ranjha.. That song was tailor-made for Rekha Bharadwaj.. just realized she is married to Vishal.

      Similarly I thought was much better than .. I don’t know why.. I had been thinking that Yesudas was a better singer than Udit Narayan till that song.. Udit smoked Yesudas in this song… the female singing was also better in the Hindi version.
      but Lata’s Jiya Jale was well matched by Janaki’s Nenjinile Responds:

      Plus there’s the dissonance of listening to a Tamil song in a SRK film.

  4. vjcool   May 19, 2010 at 8:49 am

    I like Raavan hindi songs, not yet heard the tamil version. I found one song loud, and thats ‘beera’, cant say if it would be loud when seen on screen. It’s always too early to comment on ARR’s music, some has a little ‘getting used to’ and some are right away catchy like ‘slumdog millionaire’ and well there’s personal preference. I prefer the hindi versions of Bombay and Dilse. and when people were praising Bombay, a friend of mine couldn’t understand what the cacophony really was, and what was the commotion about the fake qawwali ‘Kehna Hi Kya’.

    Personal preferences I guess rules everything, I dont get hip-hop, where many does love them,and for that ‘Eminem’. There’s many who hate MJ and like George Michael or hate Hard rock but like Bryan Adams and Bon Jovi..

    While writing this comment, a few people asked me to hear the tamil songs, and one vouched for the lyrics. Think I’ll try to hear Raavana and see what makes them want to hear it five times a day.

    Update: Anuradha Sriram does sound jarring .. hmm well some songs feel ‘made for hindi’ and doesn’t have the tamil feel.. maybe someone can hear the tamil ones first and hindi next to see what it feels like. ‘Usure Pogudhey’ is good. like arun says , the lyrics of other songs seems like fillers. I kinda liked ‘Kodu Potta’.

    The reactrion I got for this comment is
    ‘we dont understand what you find in these hindi songs’… well.. Responds:

    Given the inordinate hype buildup behind Raavan, both the songs and the film will likely fare well.

  5. vjcool   May 20, 2010 at 3:21 am

    I know you dont like online books ( I dont either, its good to hold a book than stare at the screen.) but cant help myself. These many books is just too many. Responds:

    Hey, that’s a cornucopia there. Bookmarked the site.

    Just skimmed through this piece on Macaulay.

    • vjcool   May 20, 2010 at 12:44 pm

      Thank you, thats a nice piece on Macaulay.I liked lord Chesterfield’s letter to his son, and in this cynical world, its needed to be read by almost all. It reminded me of how much impatient and ill-mannered , we as humans have become. I vow to be good mannered and of immense patience , read through these texts thoroughly and take to heart. Thank you.. it was kind of a wakeup call after a very rough day. Responds:

      You Write: I vow to be good mannered and of immense patience

      Us too. 😉

  6. முனிAndy   June 7, 2010 at 3:09 pm

    I have an eerie feeling that you may have never heard of Chikku Bukku Chikku Bukku Rayilu.. I’d rate it among ARR’s very best… after watching some dancers of SYTYCD even Prabhu Deva’s dancing seems verrrrry inadequate. Responds:

    Have to rush out. Will be back in a little while and respond to this. Responds:

    Our heart goes out to Prabhu Deva.

    Until we watched this video from Gentleman we never knew he suffers from epilepsy. 😉

    No, we hadn’t seen it before. The Prabhu Deva films we’ve seen are Kadhalan and Minsara Kanavu.

    • sganeshkumar1989   June 7, 2010 at 4:15 pm

      Yup,it was superb,a real Adrenaline pumping number! ARR really created magic, recreating the sound of a moving Express train,with some strange sounds;fell in love with the song instantly.(Unlike the recent ARR numbers,which many claim sound good only upon repeated listening! ;)) Responds:

      Sounds good only upon repeated listening for ARR is like reviewers writing only for Vijay fans. 😉

      After ARR won the Oscar/Grammy, people have become scared of writing anything negative/critical about ARR.

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