Kites Opening Show USA – Poor Response

Kites Box Office 2 – Hrithik Roshan Peotomized

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Here we are in a theater on the East Coast for the first day, first show of Hrithik Roshan’s Kites.

Poor opening, we must say.

There are about 55 people in the theater.

Capacity of hall at Anil Ambani’s Big Cinemas in North Bergen (New Jersey) is about 238.

It’s 8.00PM ET now.

Pretty bad response. Just 55 people!

Pathetic for the much hyped movie featuring Hrithik Roshan and some non-name, unheard gal going by the name of Barbara Mori.

If the response to Kites is so bad in New Jersey, it’s likely worse elsewhere.


They’re showing Rajneeeti previews now.

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