Two Desis (Iyer & Jhingran) Become IBM Fellows

IBM today announced six employees as IBM Fellows for their contributions to the company and the IT industry.

And guess what? Two of the six are desis: Subramanian Iyer and Anant Jhingran.

IBM Fellows is the IT giant’s highest technical award. Only 217 individuals have earned this honor in the company’s history. Including the newly named Fellows, 73 are active employees.

Here are details of the two desis who received this distinction:

* An alumnus of IIT Bombay and UCLA, Dr. Subramanian (Subu) Iyer of the Systems and Technology Group at Hopewell Junction, New York is being recognized for innovations in semiconductor technology.

Subu Iyer is said to have led development and implementation of embedded DRAM technology – a dense memory that can be fabricated on high performance Logic chips – used in IBM systems ranging from high-end servers to BlueGene supercomputers to game chips. Other contributions of Iyer (and his team) include demonstrating the first SiGe heterojunction bipolar transistor used extensively in wireless communication, development of on-chip programmable electrical Fuses, a technology that allows semiconductor chips to “self-repair” and for the circuits on a chip to be reconfigured even after the chip has left fabrication facilities and development of IBM’s 45 nm CMOS technologies.

* Anant D. Jhingran of the Software Group in in San Jose, California and an alumnus of University of California, Berkeley, is being honored for contributions to IBM’s Information Management business.

Credited for work in the areas of data warehouse, business analytics, search and e-commerce software, Jhingran is said to have defined and brought out the first version of IBM’s Data Warehouse Edition, which included his innovations in core data warehouse capabilities, and combined it with mining, OLAP, and ETL technologies, bringing various parts together in a unified fashion. His work is described as the core software behind the current IBM Smart Analytics System, which provides clients with business insights from raw data.

Anant is also one of the principal technical leaders within IBM responsible for defining the middleware platform for cloud application delivery.

Other Fellows
The four other new IBM Fellows are James C. Colson of the Software Group in Austin, Texas; Jeffrey A. Frey of the Systems and Technology Group in Poughkeepsie, New York; Alfred Grill, a researcher in Yorktown, New York; and Charles Johnson, a researcher based in Rochester, Minnesota.

IBM said technology originated by IBM Fellows include:

* Reduced Instruction Set Computing (RISC) — the architectural basis for most high performance work stations and servers
* Thin-film heads — for high-density disk storage devices
* DRAM — the fundamental solid-state memory technology used in the industry
* Relational databases — one of the foundational technologies of knowledge management
* The Trackpoint — the little red pointing device for laptops
* Virtual memory — allows many users to share a single computer
* The Scanning Tunneling Microscope — the first instrument able to image atoms
* Fortran — one of the world’s most widely used computer languages
* RAMAC — the world’s first disk drive
* The AT bus — the basic architecture for IBM PCs

6 Responses to "Two Desis (Iyer & Jhingran) Become IBM Fellows"

  1. boopalanj   May 25, 2010 at 3:15 pm

    and one out of the two is a tamil karuppiah it seems? 😉 Responds:


    These Iyer Karuppiahs are all over the place.

    Legend has it that Shakespeare was merely the Anglicized name of Sheshap Iyer.

  2. sam   May 25, 2010 at 11:16 pm

    Cool! Good News in the morning is good for health.

    Aana Tamil Naatu le mattum Iyer nnu sathamma sonna MK sir lightta thattiduvaaru. Avalavudaan. Responds:

    You Write Above: MK sir

    Don’t say MK sir, say Loose Paiya.

  3. chennaiarun2007   May 26, 2010 at 12:50 am

    HI SI,

    Good achievement.You know what is the recent trend here in IT- it is learning about data mining and data warehousing.

    In management books-they teach us about TQM,benchmarking etc,and about employee motivation.But sadly,nothing seems to be implemented in practice in the companies.They just treat employees as a sort of machine which has to keep delivering good output.And they have this fucking sigma process,invented by Bill Smith.That chap seems to have invented it for manufacturing process,but these companies are using it for servicing sectors as well.Iam not quite so sure how you can measure quantitatively the software services using it.

    Arun Responds:

    You Write Above: sadly,nothing seems to be implemented in practice in the companies.They just treat employees as a sort of machine which has to keep delivering good output.

    They call it Capitalism. 😉

  4. SRINIVAS   May 26, 2010 at 11:21 am

    and one out of the two is a tamil karuppiah it seems? – Is that Jhingran ?

    Loose Paiya and his followers will tell you that Iyer’s are not Tamilians …. Infact the original Loose Paiya goes by the name of Periyar …. Responds:

    You write: and one out of the two is a tamil karuppiah it seems? – Is that Jhingran ?

    Well, Subramanian Iyer could be a Palghat Iyer too.

    BTW, can Palghat Iyers be considered Tamils?

  5. SRINIVAS   May 27, 2010 at 11:40 am

    BTW, can Palghat Iyers be considered Tamils?

    For Tamil — its Periyar and his followers ….i am not a recognised authority …..BTW the scope of the question can be expanded —— how about all those who speak Telugu at home , but are more tamil then some tamilians themselves ……..those who dont agree with Original Loose Paaiya’s views on almost every issue ? ……….ask Loose paaiya and his followers ….i cant comment on this ……

    Palghat Iyers …..yes ….they are Iyers for sure …if u ask them ….they are both (tamil and mallu) is what they say Responds:

    1. For the most part, Iyers and other Brahmins have been emasculated in Tamil Nadu thanks to the reservations of about 70% in educational institutions and jobs (??).

    2. It does not augur well for the people of Tamil Nadu that Loose Paiya and his extended family of clowns controls the government, media, films, et al.

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