Two Indians Named IBM Fellows

Of the seven new IBM Fellows named today, two are desis.

The two new IBM Fellows of Indian origin are Ruchir Puri of IBM Research at Yorktown Heights, NY and Balaram Sinharoy of the Systems and Technology Group in Poughkeepsie, N.Y.

Who are IBM Fellows?

IBM Fellow is the computer company’s highest technical award to its employees.

IBM has credited its Fellows with developing critical technologies such as the RISC processor, relational databases, virtual memory and Fortran.

Only 238 individuals have earned this prestigious distinction in the company’s history.

Including the newly named Fellows, 77 are active employees.

The 2012 IBM Fellows have 131 years of combined IBM experience and collectively been issued 273 patents.

The other IBM Fellows for 2012 are Luba Cherbakov (IBM Enterprise Transformation – Bethesda, Md), Paul Coteus (IBM Research – Yorktown Heights, N.Y.), Ronald Fagin (IBM Research – San Jose, Calif.), Vincent Hsu (IBM Systems and Technology Group – Tucson, Ariz) and Jeffrey Jonas (IBM Software Group – Las Vegas, Nev).

Ruchir and Balaram – Bios

Ruchir is an alumnus of IIT Kanpur and University of Calgary while Balaram got his Ph.D from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Here are the bios of Ruchir and Balaram:

Ruchir Puri

Dr. Ruchir Puri has led the fundamental transformation of microprocessor design in IBM’s high-performance enterprise systems. Throughout his career, he has shown a passion for pushing the boundaries of design automation to reduce dependence on labor-intensive manual design. The resulting increase in design efficiency has strengthened IBM’s competitive position in the marketplace. Dr. Puri led this new design approach and directed combined global teams from IBM Research and Systems and Technology Group to execute the transformation.

Balaram Sinharoy

Dr. Balaram Sinharoy is well-known as one of the world’s top processor architects. Among the technologies he has pioneered are Simultaneous Multi-Threading and power-efficient, high-performance, multi-core server design. Dr. Sinharoy is currently chief architect of IBM’s next generation POWER technology, responsible for micro-architecture and differentiation features. Before that, he was chief architect of IBM’s POWER7 processor and was responsible for defining the POWER7 micro-architecture that delivers IBM significant leadership in the marketplace.

Other Indian IBM Fellows

We’d hypothesize that Indian-Americans are well represented among the ranks of IBM Fellows.

The last time an Indian was named IBM Fellow was in 2010 when Subramanian Iyer and Anant Jhingran won the honor.

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