Singam First Half – Garbage

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Thank God for the intermission.

Folks, this is a much needed intermission from the Singam nonsense.

Not one redeeming element so far in the movie.

Prakash Raj as the villain is the usual screaming Kollywood bad guy.

Surya as the police inspector doesn’t shine. Not in the least.

Anushka is literally the ‘irritating idiot.’

All in all Singam so far is Just loud noise.

Waste of $11.50.

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One Response to "Singam First Half – Garbage"

  1. STG   May 28, 2010 at 7:11 pm

    Wow! so you did that finally.

    Waiting for a bang from you. All my senses started tickling…dont forget to include these…

    1. Pathetic shit/Total Garbage/Vile trash
    2. Show your middle finger
    3. $$$ down the drain
    4. Out of 9 people 8 runway screaming and only we watched till the end (real Braveheart)

    …with not less than 10 shit’s in your review. I almost started coming… 😉 Responds:

    All of the above and more. 😉

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