Incredible India 50 – Finally, Shameless Buffoon M.K.Azhagiri Opens Mouth

Only in Incredible India.

Folks, only in Incredible India can a 60-year-old buffoon who cannot speak Hindi or English (the two official languages of the country and of Parliament) and to boot a first-time Member of Parliament, become a Central Cabinet Minister.

Yes, we’re talking of the buffoon M.K.Azhagiri a.k.a M.K.Alagiri, India’s Union Minister for Chemicals and Fertilizers.

How does this dodo even conduct official business or communicate with his underlings.

With such leaders, it’s no wonder that no one in the international arena takes India seriously.

The BBC rightly put out a piece recently with the provocative headline: India cabinet minister breaks his parliamentary silence:

An Indian cabinet minister – unable to speak English or Hindi – has for the first time managed to answer a question in parliament.

Chemicals and Fertilisers Minister MK Alagiri’s first words were: “Question number 161. A statement A to E is laid on the table of the house.”

The MP for the Madurai seat in India’s southern Tamil Nadu state gave a prepared answer in faltering English.

Fame or Infamy?
This clown Azhagiri owes his claim to fame to two reasons:

* First, he happens to be the son of M.K.Karunanidhi, Chief Minister of the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu and leader of the DMK party.

* Second, the bozo Azhagiri’s supporters attacked the office of Tamil newspaper Dinakaran (run by Sun Network) on May 9, 2007 in Madurai causing the death of three people. The owners of Sun Network/Dinakaran are Azhagiri’s relatives.

Here’s what a report in the Indian newspaper DNA said in May 2007 on the violent attack on Dinakaran’s office:

The Sun Network, which runs the Dinakaran daily, on Wednesday accused M K Azhagiri, elder son of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi, as being the main culprit behind the attack on the offices of its paper here.

The Chief Operating Officer of the network R M Ramesh told reporters here that ‘Azhagiri has been named the main accused in the complaint given by the company to police.’

Recently, an Indian court acquitted some of the key accused in the case of the violent attack on Dinakaran’s office:

The Principal District and Sessions Court here had acquitted all the accused, including V.P. Pandi alias ‘Attack’ Pandi, M. Murugan alias ‘Sori’ Murugan, P. Thirumurugan alias ‘Kaattuvasi’ Murugan on the ground that the prosecution had failed to prove the case beyond all reasonable doubt. DSP V. Rajaram was also acquitted of charges of failure to perform his duty.

Nobody Cares in Tamil Nadu
Does anyone care in Tamil Nadu?

Of course not.

The people in the state are for the most part idiots whose only preoccupation is the fart of some music composer, the upcoming film of a bald grandfather Shivaji Rao Gaekwad (a.k.a Rajinikanth) from the neighboring state of Karnataka and the big tits of a plump North Indian starlet. 🙁

People get the government and leaders they deserve.

Hey, what was that noise?

Ah, that must be the family members of the three dead people (in the Dinakaran attack) singing the dirge Mera Bharat Mahaan.

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