Obama Job Rating in the Toilet

Two years back, U.S. President Barack Obama was the worshiped Messiah who could do no wrong.

Today, Obama is the shunned Judas who sleeps with the (Republican) devils and can do nothing right.

Unemployment is still an obscenely high 9.8% (the real rate is probably much higher), the war in Afghanistan is still going badly and the overall mood of the country is sullen over the direction of the country,

Many on the Left consider the President a traitor for not pushing harder on the public option in the healthcare bill, for the bailouts and for compromising on the tax cuts for millionaires.

To many on the Right, Obama is a socialist taking the nation on the path to sure disaster with his massive spending programs.

And as the midterm poll numbers show, the independents have abandoned Obama and his Democrat cronies.

So, is it really any surprise that Obama’s sheen has worn off considerably with the voters.

In a new poll by Harris Interactive, nearly two-thirds of American give Obama a negative rating.

The below table shows how badly Obama’s stock has fallen:

Obama Job Rating

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