Manmadhan Ambu Review – Ulaga Madayan Stumbles Badly

Romance on the High Seas Review – Ulaga Madayan is a Shameless Thief

Say, who is the schmuck that allowed Ulaga Madayan a.k.a. Kamal Haasan to write the story, screenplay and dialogs for his latest embarrassment Manmadhan Ambu.

Must be that half-wit producer Udayanidhi Stalin who’s got a surfeit of money and a paucity of good sense.

Kamal Haasan may know a little bit of what they call the ‘acting thing’ but penning a story, screenplay and dialogs are beyond the lilliputian intelligence of this Ulaga Madayan (universal idiot).

Flaccid Story

Except for a few brief moments during the first half, Manmadhan Ambu is not remotely entertaining.

An apt analogy for Manmadhan Ambu is that Kamal Haasan managed to get a rare hard-on but couldn’t hold on to it beyond a few seconds and suffered premature release of the vital fluids before he could even unzip his pants. πŸ˜‰

If you ask us, Kamal Haasan’s poorly penned story is the arch-villain of Manmadhan Ambu.

The second half particularly is so horribly unendurable that we wondered if we’d taken leave of our senses for sitting through the ceaseless deluge of nonsense.

The Nonsense

Kamal Haasan plays a private detective Major R.Mannar hired by a tycoon’s hyper-suspicious son Madan Gopal (Madhavan) to follow his fiancee Ambu (Trisha) to Europe to see if she’s having an affair.

The story plods on unhurriedly during the first half and to our surprise there was a twist that raised our expectations. But all hopes were dashed on the jagged rocks of utter incompetence and the tsunami of garbage that came up right after the interval.

It’s as if a troupe of gibbering monkeys were bent on wreaking their worst havoc.

A badly written story in which characters start drinking suddenly, three years pass without our realizing it, kids act like grownups, grownups behave like kids, poorly developed romances are the norm, a wife’s death in a car accident is forgiven without question et al. Besides rank ineptness, all of these betray a complete lack of imagination on the writer’s part.

Confrontations Fall Flat

Some of the key moments in the movie like the confrontation between the characters of Madhavan and Trisha after the accident and between the characters of Kamal Haasan and Trisha after her confession fell so completely flat that we wondered if someone was manning the rudder at all.

Despite a large chunk of the movie being filmed on a cruise ship and in different regions of Europe (Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Venice), the photography was most pedestrian.

We liked the bit in which Kamal Haasan describes his wife (Caroline, the French Girl), and the scenes moving in reverse. By the way, Caroline was cute and made an impression on us in the short role.

As far as acting goes, Kamal Haasan, Madhavan and Sangeeta were alright although none of them covered themselves with glory.

The comedy angle involving film producers ‘Mrs.and Mr.Kurup’ was superfluous and absolute garbage.

Trisha – Bad as Ever

What can we say about Trisha’s non-acting that we haven’t said before.

The creature is a nightmare, fouling up the theater each time she appears on the screen.

Maybe, Tamil Nadu needs another anti-Brahmin movement to rid us of this plague.

Not Worth It

Neither the music nor the picturization lifted the movie out of the cesspool it easily slips into.

Bottom line, Manmadhan Ambu is a piece of trash unworthy of your time or money.

Trivia:Β  Madhavan gets Kamal Haasan’s girl in Anbe Sivam and in Manmadhan Ambu he pays the price for it. πŸ˜‰

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43 Responses to "Manmadhan Ambu Review – Ulaga Madayan Stumbles Badly"

  1. munish   December 23, 2010 at 3:12 am

    Hey SI guys! have you watched PEEPLI LIVE? Waiting for your review.. Apart from good performances by all actors, Raghubir yadav, in particular was outstanding throughout. Responds:

    No, we have not watched watched PEEPLI LIVE.

    • mihi_rex   December 23, 2010 at 3:09 pm

      Peepli Live was like one of your ‘Incredible India’ entries: Honest and often times funny. Responds:

      Just checked…Peepli Live is on Netflix Instant Play.

      Since the barrier to watching it is so low now, maybe, we’ll see it tonight.

  2. sganeshkumar1989   December 23, 2010 at 6:56 am

    Off topic:
    You didn’t mention my name while posting the review of ‘Treasure of Sierra Madre’? :O
    By the way,I didn’t buy the DVD,as the film was available to rent from the British library. πŸ˜‰ Responds:

    Sorry. Maybe, we drank more than usual that day!


    Now, your name is right above the review in Blue color in Big-Size Font. πŸ˜‰

    Please check:

  3. trishna147   December 23, 2010 at 7:50 am

    which one is better Endhiran or Manmadhan Ambu? Responds:

    Kinda like asking whether you’d prefer to slip on a pile of bull-shit or horse-shit. πŸ˜‰

    • Filmlover   December 27, 2010 at 1:06 am

      But i think Manmadhan Ambu is much better than Endhiran Responds:

      You write: But i think….

      Leave the thinking to better equipped minds. As your previous comment indicates, thinking is a far too labor some task for your feeble mind to grapple with

  4. dinesh   December 23, 2010 at 7:56 am

    I hear people say the movie is very much similar to “There’s Something About Mary “Is that true?

    Good review by the way! Responds:

    You may be right. Just checked out Wiki on There’s Something About Mary.

  5. rakeshbaba   December 23, 2010 at 8:51 am

    its after long time commenting is allowed,hey have u watched this years best animated movie toy story 3,its really entertaining and wonderfully made film Responds:

    The only toys we’ve been religiously watching and tending to diligently are, ahem, inside our apparel. πŸ˜‰

  6. sunnysonu   December 23, 2010 at 9:30 am

    Thanks for the review certainly saved some GBP`s for this trash, could afford on few more pints during festive season. Also any specific time frame until when the comment section will be open?
    With reference to your comment about KH skills to write story/screenplay, I think he had done a good job for the movie β€œDevar Magan” not sure whether you have watched it earlier. Here is the youtube link for a good scene in the movie Responds:

    Nice scene (your YouTube link) but one swallow doesn’t make a spring.

  7. gk   December 23, 2010 at 10:18 am

    comments open ? :-O Since when ? Responds:

    Sins time immemorial. πŸ˜‰

  8. racer44   December 23, 2010 at 10:25 am

    1.Great to talk to you again, dear old fellow. I was rather missing our heated arguments over meaningless things. Been following your blog whenever I have time. Your posts continue to be interesting, though once in a while I do notice a grammatical lapse or two, like repeating phrases, that I surmise are due to your old age and drinking habits.
    Keep healthy and sharp, old fella. Looking forward to more chats in the future.

    2.Btw, what happened to that long-pending 7G rainbow colony review? Hoping you will remedy the situation.
    3.It was nice to see that you’ve been catching some off-beat tamil films lately like Mynaa. Reason is they aren’t quite so off-beat these days. Hardly a month passes here when you don’t see something different being churned out(though not always good). The other day I watched Easan, a refreshing take on the night-life of Chennai’s richer,well-connected denizens and the murky politics of the city and what happens when these two collide with the life of an ordinary man from out of town.
    Very good film. I can guarantee you will like it. Around 15 characters, no hero or heroine, each one gets a meaty role to which they do ample justice and a mostly gripping screenplay made for one of the best films of this year since Naan Mahaan Alla. Do try to catch it.

    Adios! Responds:

    Doubt if Easan made it here. We didn’t think Vaibhav had the acting gene in him.

    As for the occasional repetition of phrases & grammatical errors, let’s blame Bacchus and the encroaching senility. In saner moments, we usually reread our scribblings and fix any errors where we see ’em.

    Plus, there’s always the night-shift coolie to blame for all the errors of omission and commission. πŸ˜‰

    We’ll do Rainbow Colony/7G one of these days.

  9. Gunaseelan   December 23, 2010 at 8:36 pm

    The word ‘Ulaga Madayan’ in ur subject shows that you are not the right person to review this move. Also for the same reason your review loses its credibility. The movie could be really bad as you reviewed but please try to avoid personal attacks.

    Everyone knows that he is one talented guy in the whole of Indian film industry. He may not be ‘Universal Hero’ (even I don’t agree with that title) but definitely not ‘Ulaga Madayan’ Responds:

    1. When Kamal Haasan assents to being hailed as Ulaga Nayagan (universal hero) in the credits of his movies, he also tacitly assents to being condemned as Ulaga Madayan (universal idiot) when he fails to deliver the goods.


    2. You write: Everyone knows that he is one talented guy in the whole of Indian film industry.

    If by the above poorly constructed sentence you mean Kamal Haasan is the sole talent in the Indian film industry, we’d like to smoke whatever cannabis you’re high on.

    Do names like Naseeruddin Shah and Pankaj Kapoor mean anything to you? Hint: They’re not items on the menu of the Punjabi Dhaba in your neighborhood.

    • hamsubangalore   December 29, 2010 at 2:28 pm

      [Trash Talk]

  10. Gunaseelan   December 23, 2010 at 10:56 pm

    Thanks for the reply.

    I meant Kamal is one of the talented guys in Indian film industry. Naseeruddin Shah and Pankaj Kapoor hasn’t won award for each and every piece of their performance. If you think that talented guys never fail then even Naseeruddin Shah and Pankaj Kapoor is also not talented. Everyone has ups and downs in their career.

    Hope you know Kamal Haasan is not one of the items in menu of Pujabi Dhaba in your neighborhood.
    You can also go through this link to know his achievements: Responds:

    You write: Hope you know Kamal Haasan is not one of the items in menu of Pujabi Dhaba in your neighborhood.

    Write something original and entertaining instead of merely regurgitating what we wrote earlier.

    • Gunaseelan   December 23, 2010 at 11:39 pm

      ha ha…

      I thought you are a big eater of Punjabi Khana in a Punjabi Dhaba. If you want something entertaining replace ‘Punjabi Dhaba’ with ‘Saravana Bhavan’ πŸ™‚

      Anyhow, we would love to see more reviews on the movies and not on the individuals.

      Bye bye… see you soon in your next review. Responds:

      1. You write: If you want something entertaining replace ‘Punjabi Dhaba’ with ‘Saravana Bhavan’

      Saravanaa Bhavan Review – Orgasmic Heaven on Lexington Ave, NYC

      2. Enjoy –

    • prasath.j   December 24, 2010 at 4:17 am

      When you talk about acting, you say naseeruddin, anupam kher,irfan etc. When you talk about Star power & hero status you refer names like shah rukh,salmaan,rajni,akshay,aamir, etc who do not even know the A,B ,C’s of acting and they fail to recognize one sheer fact that presence of both is indeed a rarity like viewing a comet.

      An Amazing combination of actor(classic) & star(commercial) cinema
      KAMAL is the most complete actor Indian cinema has ever seen. He is the best method actor available to Indian film industry till date. For those who say kamal is good only in crying, his successful comedy movies Chachi420,Panchantantram,Pushpak,Appu raja,MMKR,Vasool raja etc is the reply to you all. Even the so called Great actor – Sivaji (his senior) and today’s contemporaries like Vikram and Surya didn’t even try their hands on comedy. They are simply incomparable bachhas when compared to the caliber of kamal’s commercial/humour quotient. Can you imagine rajni and any of the above actors capable of delivering crazy Mohan’s dialogues with such comic timing and elegance as kamal did in the above said movies?

      So, Correct your opinion about kamal.He is not only good in crying but also will entertain you in comedy, Dance as well. He is an wholesome entertainer. And those who compare naseeruddin, anupam kher,om puri etc with the calibre of kamal, can anyone of them romance with today’s heroines singing duets running around trees without looking awkward? Can they be crowd pullers with their star power? They are jut character actors. They cannot play lead role /Hero. See his personality today even at the age of 55!

      I am not a kamal fan and I am not saying he can be compared to the likes of Hollywood (al pacino & Marlon Brando) but he is far far better than most other bollywood and gollywood clowns(shah rukh,AB,Hrithik,aamir etc).he is better of the lot. You have to agree that. Responds:

      So Kamal can cry, be funny, dance and run around trees.

      Big deal.

      Kinda like saying an Indian constable after 15 years on the job knows how to hold a Lathi (baton).

      Kamal’s recent movies like Dasavatharam, Unnaipol Oruvan & now Manmathan Ambu are sheer junk, so amateurish as to beggar belief that this fella has been in the business for four decades.

      • prasath.j   December 24, 2010 at 5:54 am

        Agreed kamal has been in this field for a long time. But what did naseeruddin,pankaj kapoor achieve in hindi film industry who have played a equally long innings of 30 years?Naseeruddin can just take credit of appearing in a small role in a kamal directed film (Heyram).You said pasupathy was better in Virumaandi(again directed by kamal).My point is Can pasupathy and naseeruddin play a handsome rock star? (like the one played by kamal in kalaignan).
        In todays era of same monotonuos roles played by so called commercial stars (AB,Rajni,shah rukh)
        you definitely have to give some credit to his versatility!
        But Again i insist that kamal is a dwarf star when compared to the likes of al pacino, george clooney,Marlon brando. Responds:

        You write: My point is Can pasupathy and naseeruddin play a handsome rock star?

        In our not-so-humble opinion, Pasupathy & naseeruddin Shah have a hard time getting any roles let alone Rock Stars or Porn Stars.

        Sadly, we live in an age that prizes crass over class, the meretricious over merit and theft over the original.

        To say, Kamal did four fine films in 1974, 1983, 1994 and 2001 doesn’t wash. Got to deliver each time. No resting your oars.

        People pay ticket-money every time for quality, not for quantity.

        • Gunaseelan   December 24, 2010 at 1:32 pm

          Oh… nice to see the argument still going strong. This topic of discussion made me to do some research on Naseeruddin Shah and Kamal Haasan.

          Of course people get to see lot of quality films from Kamal Haasan. If Kamal’s films fail commercially at the box office (few did bomb and it is the case even for Naseeruddin Shah or Amitab or Sharuk or Rajini) you wont see the producers lining up in his house. He delivers far better quality than any other actor in Indian film industry. He sets the bar every time when he makes a movie which others try to reach.

          And we should also realize the fact that he belongs to a small industry called India film industry. Comparing him with Hollywood stars is absolutely unnecessary. Am sure he will excel If he gets an opportunity like A.R.Rahman. With the limited budget in Indian Rupees, he delivers the best. If you are ready to spend 500 million dolors, Kamal can deliver better than James Cameroon.

          Naseeruddin Shah’s only directorial venture ‘Yun Hota Toh Kya Hota’ failed miserably at the box office (i dont think he directed any other movies) and reports say that the portion of this movie resembles UNITED 93. Does it mean that even Naseeruddin Shah an Universal Idiot? You should also understand that every Indian dont watch Hollywood movies. There is nothing wrong in bringing something to Indian audience that they dont watch.

          You name any film personality in India, I can boldly say that they are not as multi talented as Kamal Haasan. He can do a movie all alone. He can excel in any department of the movie. You dont have to encourage but dont discourage the talent because we look up to Kamal Haasan for some more path breaking movies.


          1. You write: If you are ready to spend 500 million dolors (sic), Kamal can deliver better than James Cameroon.

          You don’t need 500 million dolors (sic) to write a compelling story. Kamal Haasan (who was responsible for story, screenplay & dialogs in Manmadhan Ambu) made an absolute ass of himself with the half-baked quarter-baked nonsense, particularly in the second half.

          It’s easy to find excuses for the people we love.

          2. You write: Comparing him with Hollywood stars is absolutely unnecessary. Am sure he will excel If he gets an opportunity like A.R.Rahman.

          Kiddo, after 40 years in films, after so many avatarams and at the age of 55, you don’t wait for opportunities, you create them yourself!

          You are making Kamal Haasan sound like a Vimala Raman waiting for the right break!

          3. You write: And we should also realize the fact that he belongs to a small industry called India film industry.

          Last night when we went to bed, India was making more movies than Hollywood. Of course, in the few hours we were in bed fantasizing of Jennifer Lawrence, Vimala Raman auntie and Tabu grandma it’s possible Hollywood overtook India.

          Jokes aside, India is the largest film industry (in sheer number of movies made). Hardly the ‘small industry’ that you delude yourself into believing it is.

          Source: Indian Film Industry

          • 1012900   December 26, 2010 at 10:09 am

            Good to see the comments form opened again after a very long time. What happened, pal?
            Kamal proved he can be a good director with films like Hey Raam and Virumandi. So I had very high expectations, which has come down, reading your review. I maybe going on 31st to this movie. I just hope I don’t find it as bad as you did.


            You write: I maybe going on 31st to this movie.

            As the old saying goes, a fool and his money are soon parted. πŸ˜‰

          • iamsumu2   January 9, 2011 at 2:48 pm

            Wow interesting to see so many rabid fans of Kamal. Do these people actually not watch the films or read SI’s reviews?

            W.r. to Kamal’s comedies, little credit has been given to Crazy Mohan’s story telling and dialogues (in past movies) which create the situations for the actors to excel. (Though they do get repetitive beyond a point).

            I’m surprised that SI has handled the ‘unholy’ trinity of producers, Udayanidhi, Kalanidhi and Dayanidhi who have hogged most major releases (by hook or crook) in recent years, with kid gloves.

            These are the real villains for ensuring that such rubbish get to the screen.


            You write: I’m surprised that SI has handled the ‘unholy’ trinity of producers, Udayanidhi, Kalanidhi and Dayanidhi who have hogged most major releases….. in recent years, with kid gloves.

            Not true.

            Here are some examples from the SI archives:

            Must be that half-wit producer Udayanidhi Stalin who’s got a surfeit of money and a paucity of good sense.

            Source: Manmadhan Ambu Review – Ulaga Madayan Stumbles Badly

            If Paiya proves anything at all, it’s that Tamil Nadu Cheap oops Chief Minister Karunanidhi’s grandson Dayanidhi Azhagiri is as much of a moron as his cousin Udayanidhi Stalin when it comes to putting out Tamil movies.

            Source: Paiyaa Review – Storyless, Pathetic Piece of Shit

      • trishna147   December 24, 2010 at 1:26 pm

        can i just point out, today’s contemporaries have tried comedy, but that doesnt make them any better at acting, eg: Vijay, Dhanush, even Rajinikanth.
        Although i can say Suriya did a comic character in Pithamagan (he was hilarious), Madhavan was funny in this film (he was drunk half the time, but still, he was funny) and Karthi was good in NMA too (a natural at comedy AND he can act)…see, these people can cry, be funny, dance and run around trees too. Responds:

        1. We think most Indian actors are comic because they are so bad as to make what they’re doing look ridiculous. Ideal example – Abhishek Bachchan.

        A friend from India who was recently here aptly described him as a fellow with the befuddled look of a lost kid in a village fair.

        2. Suriya’s father Jillu Jillu Gullu Gullu Sivakumar was a ‘natural’ comedian. Look at the monkey dancing in this video see @ 1:04-1:08.

        • trishna147   December 26, 2010 at 3:04 pm

          Unfortunately Suriya&Karthi’s father doesnt quite fall into the ‘contemporary’ category that i was talking about.


          You write: Unfortunately Suriya&Karthi’s father doesnt quite fall into the ‘contemporary’ category

          Thank heaven for small mercies.

          Between Jyothika, Sivakumar and Surya, this family of unintentional ‘buffoons’ has caused more torment to the 60 million Tamils than Karunanidhi and Jayalalitha combined. Mercifully, Karthi has turned out to be different.

        • prasath.j   December 28, 2010 at 4:06 am

          Its ridiculous to compare kamal’s humor quotient with newbies like dhanush,vijay karthi’s etc.They have to be consistent in the long run. One or two films can’t make justice.They have a long way to go.Can anyone of them capable of delivering crazy mohan’s dialogues with impeccable timing as kamal did in the above said movies?

          Surya’s pithamagan role was rather irritating one.

          Leave alone newbies.Even the late thespian Sivaji and kamal’s contemporary vikram (even after getting national award) have not even acted in one full length comedy movie.

          Remember “Versatility” is one of the most important criteria to judge an actor.A veteran actor is expected to play a wide range of roles in his lifetime.and that for reason,kamal scores more over his competitors Naseeruddin,Mammooty or even mohanlal & AB.

  11. Harish   December 24, 2010 at 3:58 am

    What else to say?

    Change the film title to Manmadhan “misfired” Ambu.

    Just an Average movie, for what was expected from a successful team in the past.

    Could have been a better show if it was a copy of “The ugly truth”.

    This is not a romantic comedy as many were saying but a romance turned into comedy. Responds:

    You write: This is not a romantic comedy as many were saying but a romance turned into comedy.

    We consider it a tragedy for viewers who have to sit through this junk, particularly the second half.

  12. racer44   December 24, 2010 at 8:16 am

    1.I see your lengthy hiatus has meant that a lot of comments are from newbies unused to your candid viewpoints on many issues. But then, what better way to check on the strength of your reader base eh? I guess you’ll eventually see the “regulars” posting again, though it may take a while for many of them to realize that you’re ready to process comments again.

    2.I haven’t seen Manmadhan Ambu yet(not sure whether I’ll be seeing it;hearing a lot of bad reports. One acquaintance said of the film “If you’re suffering from sleeplessness pay a visit to the theater(showing MA) and you’ll save a lot of money on doctor’s visits”), but I think I can pinpoint the source of Kamalahaasan’s “inspiration” better. Reports suggest that “Romance on the High Seas”, a 1948 hollywood film and MA share a similar premise. The film’s wiki page does seem to lend strong credence to these rumours. Investigating the sources of indian filmmakers’ originality being your cup of tea, I was hoping you would take the time to check out the aforementioned film and compare it vis-a-vis MA.

    3.Having watched “There’s something about mary”, I really can’t see how MA takes its inspiration from it, aside from the “private detective” thing, and even here, the characterisation differs quite a bit for it to qualify as a copy.
    Btw, TSAM is a really good comedy. Though personally, I’ll always rate American Pie higher up.

    4. How’s your book(or was it short story) shaping up? Seeing that you are wary of your writings being copied without permission, are you still planning on posting it on the blog? I am sure the regulars here would love to read it(if only to see SI at the receiving end of some harsh criticism). Responds:

    1. You write: Reports suggest that “Romance on the High Seas”, a 1948 hollywood film and MA share a similar premise….

    We’ll try to watch Romance on the High Seas on Tuesday. Just ordered it.

    2. Not sure, if we’ll post the ‘other’ stuff we’re laboring on here (on the SI blog). Still thinking about it. The first set would fall broadly under the rubric of ‘Whore Chronicles.’

  13. makfund2000   December 24, 2010 at 10:53 pm

    Excellent review.

    The whole tamil industry is predominantly based on “you scratch my back and i scratch your back” mentality. Hugely bloated egos due to their lousy fan base who either haven’t been exposed to anything other than kollywood trash or refuse to accept that it is mediocre.

    Coming to kamal i think he is going through a severe narcissistic streak and everybody is feeding to his ego. Somebody should do like the boy in “Emperor’s new clothes” and break the myth.

    Kamal as actor was good compared to most of kollywood, but once he started dabbling in other things, the narcissist in him took over and it has been non stop nonsense after that. Responds:

    You write: The whole tamil industry is predominantly based on “you scratch my back and i scratch your back” mentality.

    Good point supported by the story Rajini Appreciates Kamal:

    Kamal Haasan hosted a special show in which his forthcoming release Manmadhan Ambu was screened for his close buddy Rajinikanth. Soon after watching the movie, Rajini appreciated Kamal for his excellent work, which not only included acting but also penning story and dialogues.

  14. V2000   December 25, 2010 at 1:33 pm

    this review is a vile with full of bile. the reviewer wants anti brahmin movement. a poor movie reviewed in a very poor style. yuck this site. Responds:

    Oh, you sound mighty upset that we called for a movement against only the cow-piss drinkers. No worry, let’s add the cow-flesh eaters as well and rid ourselves of the remaining idiots.

    Blow the conches, sound the drums, let the revolt against the incompetent cow-piss drinkers and cow-flesh eaters in Kollywood begin!

  15. elnino.aurora   December 25, 2010 at 5:45 pm

    Attendance potachu. Responds:

    Marked Present. πŸ˜‰

  16. STG   December 25, 2010 at 10:34 pm

    Hi again! why half of the comments appears to be striked out (I am using IE 8.0 – does it matters?).

    BTW…I havent watched the film…so I cant add my 2 cents now πŸ˜‰ Responds:


    Thanks, sweetie.

  17. renesmee   December 26, 2010 at 10:12 am

    I kinda liked the movie compared to the crap thats coming out these days although I must admit that it was a bit predictable and had a poor storyline but still as I say after watching endhiran and tees mar khan this movie was a huge relief. A few one liners were really good while others sucked to the core.
    PS – Kamal and Trisha make an awesome jodi
    much better than Rajni and Ash anyway πŸ˜‰
    And that backwards song was a copy of “The Scientist – Coldplay” although it is a first for Indian cinema Responds:

    You write: Kamal and Trisha make an awesome jodi

    You really must cut down on your drinking! πŸ™

    • vjcool   December 27, 2010 at 1:08 am

      HI SI good to see the comments back. it was good to see ‘irreversible’ review.. think many who love endhiran and this wouldn’t even sit through the whole film.

      Everyone gets the film they deserve.

      I’ve been recommending a film called ‘Exam’ a 2009 film, that was on TV. Got a very different storyline. And I would like to see a review of ‘127 hours’ , I donno if its been released yet. I was also surprised you didnt review the soundtrack of 127 hours that had got a golden globe nomination for ARR again. This Danny boyle film has a 8.5 on IMBD and a whooping 93 % on RT. Responds:

      Added Exam to our Netflix queue. Looks interesting.

      127 Hours should come to DVD soon.

    • renesmee   December 27, 2010 at 5:31 am

      I’ll cut down on mine when u cut down on yours
      PS – Do u guys ever even try to find the good points in a movie bcause all your reviews seem to be nothing less than hopeless personal attacks at everyone involved in the film Responds:

      1. You write: Do u guys ever even try to find the good points in a movie

      We rarely get a chance to cross that bridge because most Indian movies are horrible crapshows. But how would those who come at the mere sight of Kamal & Trisha together understand that.

      As all but the dimwitted realize, the Indian film industry is for the most part peopled by a bunch of unimaginative, stealing swines who wouldn’t understand moviemaking if it swatted them on the face, derriere or any other part of their anatomy.

      The ultimate Bollywood movie Slumdog Millionaire was made by an Indian, a Britisher Danny Boyle.

      2. You write: bcause all your reviews seem to be nothing less than hopeless personal attacks at everyone involved in the film

      For every movie, we’ve explained in a manner that even headless chickens would understand what’s lacking in the film.

      Got cojones? Go ask Kamal why he involved himself in a piece of stolen shit like Thenali.

      Premature weaning is obviously causing too many synapses to misfire in your head.

      Sweetie, your time would be more fruitfully spent looking for a wet nurse than lobbing ad hominem grenades on our non-existent personal attacks.

      BTW, there have been Indian movies we’ve enjoyed – Kaminey, Aayirathil Oruvan, A Wednesday, Ishqiya, Taare Zameen Par, Dev D et al.

  18. Filmlover   December 27, 2010 at 1:01 am

    I recently saw “Manmadhan Ambu”, i say i have thoroughly enjoyed this movie. Of course, Kamal had no scope in acting but he did good job in writing neat and decent script and screenplay. Movie starts off with slow pace and boring, in fact, usual Ravi Kumar factor that his previous movies always had starting problem. However, as movie progressed, there were some good laughing moments. Surprsingly, Madhavan did fantastic job. On certain occasion, Madhavan over takes Kamal.

    Songs are also so good. I really liked the song “Neela Vaanam”, the way it was taken totally amazing work. Hats off to Kamal and KS Ravikumar.

    Honestly speaking, i don’t watch Tamil movies regularly. The reason why i liked this movie because its not typical tamil masala movies where you can see a hero beats 100 rowdies at a time, duet songs, item songs etc. This movie is straight forward romantic comedy. This is indeed superb family entertainer. Don’t miss it Responds:

    1. You write: I recently saw “Manmadhan Ambu”, ….Of course, Kamal had no scope in acting

    Kamal had no scope in acting?

    Ha ha ha. God, now even non-humans have started responding to our reviews.

    2. You write: Honestly speaking, i don’t watch Tamil movies regularly.

    But you are an expert on Ravi Kumar’s films and Tamil masala movies (see your comment above).

    Dishonestly responding, maybe there’s still some hope left for you.

    • Filmlover   January 3, 2011 at 12:56 am

      Sorry, i don’t get your point by calling me as non-human. However, what i actually meant that Kamal hadn’t offer any new to his fans or people who expect from him to deliver new Avatar, especially in acting. He was quite simple in his expressions. That’s all. Is there any problem for you?

      I never liked KS Ravikumar. He is such a pain in my ass. But i have appreciated his effort in this movie, that too, because of Kamal. Apart from that, he is not at all favorite director.

      Manmadhan Ambu doesn’t have item song or dappa kuthu song, no silly fights, no irritation love dialogues and most importantly, no duets ( running around the trees or group of boys & girls). Did you find any of the above cliched stuff? i don’t think so.

      This is the reason i say MA is much better than ENDHIRAN. After i watched Endhiran, i had almost entered in to the COMA stage. It took one week to come out of that horrible experience. I don’t consider that as sci fi. WORST movie ever made on this planet. Responds:

      1. You write: what i actually meant that Kamal hadn’t offer any new to his fans or people who expect from him to deliver new Avatar, especially in acting. He was quite simple in his expressions. That’s all. Is there any problem for you?

      New, old, semi-new or semi-old – Kamal Haasan offered nothing at all in this piece of garbage a.k.a. Manmadhan Ambu.

      Houston, we have a problem! πŸ˜‰

      2. We agree that Endhiran was plain trash but that’s no alibi or a defense for Manmadhan Ambu.

      To try and justify one crappy movie in terms of another crappy movie seems like a weird defense to us.

      Endhiran Review – Orgy of Stupidity

  19. dinesh   December 27, 2010 at 4:34 pm

    Could you please review Kattradhu Thamizh. Because this was the only movie that hit me as a perfectly made indian movie of all god awful movie i have watched.

    To me indian movies are just a ripoff of foreign movies especially hollywood

    e.g They even did a remake of SILENCE OF THE LAMBS,PRIMAL FEAR,and very recently TAKEN (‘VIRUTHAGIRI’), tamil version of THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE (“Nil Gavani Sellathey”) and the list goes on …

    Here is list of Indian copycat movies.
    But after watching this Kattradhu Thamizh movie i came to realize there is still little hope for good movies.So just want to know your reviews because of all the movie reviews i read yours seems really reliable.

    Thanks in advance for your review. And many many thanks for all your movie reviews because you people are doing good job in saving people like us from watching bad movies.

    Keep up the good work! Responds:

    We’ll see if we can get Kattradhu Thamiz. Seen the trailer several times.

    Unfortunately, our DVD source for Indian movies Netflix does not stock it.

    • Filmlover   January 3, 2011 at 1:02 am

      I believe that list was very less. There are many many are there. However, you are right. Indian films are completely ripped off from Hollywood. Responds:

      There’s a list somewhere on this blog of some fine Hollywood, Foreign, Bollywood and Indian movies.

      We’ll update this comment with the link later.

  20. reneindia   December 29, 2010 at 12:30 pm

    movie is 100% better than thatha sotta kanth’s “NONDHIRAN”. alteast some logic is there in the movie and not like poochandi cartoon mental kanth’s “NONDHIRAN”

    • Filmlover   January 3, 2011 at 1:03 am

      I agree with you. “Nondhiran”? wow! nice title, better than “Endhiran”? lol πŸ™‚

  21. logu   December 31, 2010 at 4:22 am

    Thalaiva/Thalaivi enna aaachu engale marandhuteenga? enakkum oru present pottukonga…. Responds:

    Howdy sweetie!

    Marked Present. πŸ˜‰

  22. tmrrmt   January 5, 2011 at 7:25 pm

    Though I agree with you that Kamal has not lived up to his potential/talent last few years, to use words like ‘ulaga madayan’ is not very civil – to start with, ‘ulaga nayagan’ is a title that was given to him by someone else, even after he refused to accept it – he never called himself a great actor, but even now humbly attributes all greatness to the late Sivaji Ganesan, Marlon Brando, or the still alive Dilip Kumar.

    It does give an impression that the review is more a personal attack on Kamal the person, rather than the product itself (though I do agree that the film might genuinely be bad in your perception).

    btw, am as big a critic of him as am his fan – I would say that he has given quality fare like Mahanadhi, Devar Magan, Virumaandi, only coz he has fans who are his biggest critics! Responds:

    1. You write: to start with, ‘ulaga nayagan’ is a title that was given to him by someone else, even after he refused to accept it

    By the same token, ‘Ulaga Madayan’ is also a dishonorific title bestowed upon him for the crap he’s shoveling our way.

    Plus to steal the way he’s done, albeit so sloppily, from Romance on the High Seas is a disgrace.

    Please read: Ulaga Madayan is a shameless thief.

    2. You write: It does give an impression that the review is more a personal attack on Kamal the person, rather than the product itself


    We never talked of Kamal Haasan’s personal attributes like who he sleeps with or does not, what toothpaste he uses, whether he showers daily et al.

    When we talk of Kamal Haasan, it’s all in the context of the movie Manmadhan Ambu.

    • tmrrmt   January 6, 2011 at 12:27 pm

      Awesome answer! thanks! by all means, we need more websites like yours to constantly critique our films!

      btw, am curious to know, if you have given any ‘positive’ review of anything from India at all ? Responds:

      1. You write: btw, am curious to know, if you have given any ‘positive’ review of anything from India at all ?

      Unsure if we’ve given ‘positive’ review of anything but we’ve always spoken in favor of these three nice-things, particularly of their nice-thingies – Tabu, Anushka (Shetty not Sharma), Vimala Raman. πŸ˜‰

      2. BTW, have you read our Incredible India columns.

      That should really, really make you feel good about Mera Bharat Mahaan.

      3. So disappointed that not even a pipsqueak from you on Kamal Haasan’s shameless theft.

  23. vjcool   January 7, 2011 at 6:07 am

    on the ‘copy epidemic’ affecting our film industry

    [Link Deleted] Responds:

    No links to Tamil, Hindi, Arabic, Telugu, Hungarian, Mongolian, Uzbek et al language sites, Please.

    Please provide links only to English sources.

  24. sunnysonu   January 25, 2011 at 7:49 pm

    We would have been blessed if she had kept her word . Please don`t blast me for spoiling your evening πŸ™‚ Responds:

    Our favorite bit in the above video link:

    Host: Will we see you in movies soon?

    Trisha: No, no, not at all. It’s not my cup of tea.

    Truer words have not been spoken by Trisha in all her life. πŸ˜‰

    And a bigger promise has not been broken by Trisha. πŸ™

    Sweetie, we entirely agree with you. Acting ain’t your cup of Tea. Not in a million years.

  25. VivekVenkatSubramaniam   August 11, 2012 at 8:24 am

    Superb review; brutal, precise and hits the low points of that lousy excuse for a movie, and I am actually a Kamal fan.

    A la SI, I will say this: Ye shmucks can blubber in rage if you like, but I am a fan of Kamal.

    Anyhow, even I think that Kamal has gone too far.That Dasavatharam of his! Disgusting is the only word for it. I just got the feeling that he tried to show his acting prowess off to the world by casting himself in 10 roles, while trying to put them together with some incoherent nonsense he calls his script. He insults the audience even further by choosing the worst makeup for his roles (who can forget that intensely ugly “American” that Kamal played).

    Now he comes up with this stolen garbage.

    What the bloody hell was he thinking, acting along with kids like Trisha; she’s 20-something and he is nearing 60! For heaven’s sake). His decision to direct films after Anbe Sivam is his worst yet (I do disagree with your review of Unnaipol Orvuan, though but hey, we all have opinions).

    He lacks the flair of any famous director in the world but he’s such an a****le that he considers himself the best.

    Kamal, for heaven’s sake, just return to acting, or just hang up your boots if you cannot control your OCD. You can still enjoy the successes of Nayagan, Anbe Sivam, or Sigappu Rojakkal.

    By the way, SI, have you watched Kuruthippunal yet? Be warned though, it is a copy of another fine Hindi film, Drohkaal.

    In my opinion, Kuruthippunal is one of those movies where Kamal has subtly underplayed his character, which can’t be said of him in some of his films. At any rate, do watch the movie. It is a humble recommendation from a avid fan of your honest blog.

    Take care, and lots of love,
    Vivek Responds:

    No, I haven’t watched Kuruthipunal.

    I’d love to watch the film but it’s hard to get hold of a 1995 Tamil DVD in Amreeka.

    I notice the film also features Arjun, a complete novice to the concept of acting!

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