Americans Don’t Give a Damn for Indian Cuisine

A recent survey by restaurant guide Zagat reveals some unwelcome news for Indian restaurateurs in the U.S.:

Most Americans don’t give a flying f*ck for Indian cuisine.

Food Items at an Indian Restaurant in the U.S.Hell, No, Say Americans

Cuisine Favorites

According to the survey, Italian is the most popular cuisine, with 27% of respondents nationwide citing it as their favorite, followed by American (18%), French (12%), Japanese (10%) and Mexican (10%).

Interestingly, even as a lot of Indian restaurants are kissing the dust in cities like NYC because of the recessions a lot of new ones are also coming up.

In the last few months, Saravanaa Bhavan has opened two new Indian restaurants (one in NYC and the second in West Windsor, NJ), Anjappar has announced plans to open a branch in NYC and Bukhara Grill NYC co-owner’s son is opening one in South Plainfield, NJ.

Plus, the Biryani peddlers Paradise Biryani Pointe and Paradise Grill are expanding like there’s no tomorrow.

What gives!

In any case, after treating Indian diners badly for several years it now looks like Indian restaurants have no choice but to kiss Indian asses. Thanks to the recession, Americans are eating out less and when they do scrounge around for coupons and discounts.

By the way, most Indian restaurants in the U.S. serve abominable food that we wouldn’t serve to our dogs or cats (that is, if we had one).

2 Responses to "Americans Don’t Give a Damn for Indian Cuisine"

  1. Aswin_Kini   October 25, 2011 at 1:52 pm

    “Most Americans don’t give a flying f*ck for Indian cuisine.”.
    They (Americans) actually fear it. Americans do not love the amount of spices that we add for our food. A particular incident comes to mind.

    This was 4 years back when I was working for a Rochester-based Elearning company in Chennai. Our trainer, a 49 year old lady, who had a passion for teaching and travel, was brought in by the company to teach us (Indian employees) about American culture, their way of writing, euphemisms, etc. While she agreed to come India more due to her passion for travel, she found it really hard to adjust here

    One of the things that irked her was Indian food. She used to exclaim, “Oh my god, why do you guys eat food with so much spice. How on earth do you eat these Andhra meals (Note: She used to refer to every spicy meal as ANDHRA meal)”. The next thing that bothered her was that most of the Chinese and Three Star Restaurants here dont provide authentic American, Mexican, Italian, or Chinese food). Till I met Americans like her, I had no idea of how much Americans despised Indian food. Responds:

    You write: They (Americans) actually fear it. Americans do not love the amount of spices that we add for our food.

    True and that’s one of the reasons most Indian restaurants in the U.S. are completely f*cked up.

    In desperate hopes of attracting American clientele (read Whites), most Indian restaurants here tone down the spices and heat. So much so that that for desis like us what we end up eating is almost unrecognizable as Indian food. 🙁

    • முனிAndy   October 25, 2011 at 2:48 pm

      SI, please don’t depart before watching The Sopranos.,&sort=user_rating,desc&title_type=tv_series Responds:

      1. We agree with the woman…the fat dude must have gone to an Indian restaurant.

      A lot of Indian restaurants in the U.S. are unhygienic shitholes. BTW, our buddy, the Bollywood villain Shiva Natarajan’s three NYC Indian restaurants, Bhojan, Chola and Dhaba, now have Live “Fucking” Roaches. No kidding, that’s what the NYC Health Dept says! Well, except for the “fucking” part. Even Saravanaa Bhavan (Lexington Ave) has Live Roaches.

      2. And it’s not ‘So Racist” as the young p*ssy angrily exclaims in your video.

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