LG Tries Cheap Trick in Times Sq Hoarding

Seething with envy over rival Samsung’s new Galaxy S4 smartphone, LG tried a cheap and nasty trick to fool New Yorkers.

A trick I stumbled upon by accident yesterday.

As I was walking around Times Square in Midtown Manhattan on my way to McDonald’s for breakfast, an unusual sight struck me.

Right above Samsung’s ad for the Galaxy S4, I spotted an LG ad for its flagship Optimus G smartphone that copied the look and feel of Samsung’s ad:

LG Optimus G is here 4 you now

LG Plays Cheap Trick on Samsung Galaxy S4

LG’s move was a desperate, unconcealed attempt to queer Samsung’s pitch and seek to steal some of its thunder.

But the cheap trick will fail because people easily see through such dubious tactics and read into them nothing but fear of a better and more advanced product.

Folks, LG’s Optimus G is just no patch on the new Samsung Galaxy S4 that debuted in New York City on Thursday evening.

Bottom line, LG is plain petrified and the above hoarding in Times Square is the best evidence of its fear.

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