America Review – An Indian Crook’s Vomit

I love America. I chose this country like millions of immigrants. I’m blessed by my life in America.
Source: Dinesh D’Souza in the new documentary America: Imagine the World Without Her

Folks, allow me to introduce Dinesh D’Souza to you all.

Born in Mumbai (1961) into a Goan family and an American citizen since 1991, Dinesh wears many hats in life – He is a conservative writer and commentator, a lousy documentary maker, a nasty phony and a sickening crook.

If the Gods look kindly upon us, Dinesh will go to prison when he is sentenced on September 23, 2014 (he pleaded guilty on May 20 to campaign finance fraud and makes a slimy, veiled reference to his crime toward the end of this documentary).

America – Dinesh’s Junk

In my view, making an engrossing documentary is a lot harder than making a feature film. Reality bores people.

A political documentary is an even harder sell because the vast majority is indifferent to politics. More so if they’re Indian viewers for whom a political documentary is an alien notion (most Indians are classless scum who enjoy a film only if it involves an item number featuring heaving bosoms and 12 drooling men monkeying around a strumpet or has one of the mediocre Khans as hero).

America: Imagine the World Without Her, Dinesh’s latest documentary is based on his recent eponymous book.

Besides being the documentary’s “narrator and creator,” Dinesh is co-writer of the screen-play, co-producer and co-director.

My verdict after seeing America: Imagine the World Without Her is that Dinesh lacks what it takes to make a good political documentary.

Dinesh lacks both the aggressive narrative panache of a Michael Moore and the unbiased analytical skills required to put forth a balanced view of a subject.

He is so boring as a presenter that I will not fault anyone nodding off during the film.

Dinesh is also guilty of a bigger crime. He’s so blinded by his Right-wing convictions that he does not examine a subject from all sides.

But like most desis, Dinesh is a wily operator quick to spot an opportunity.

It’s no secret that a lot of White trash (particularly the 50+ crowd) hate Barack Obama. And Dinesh sees an opportunity in pandering to this large bunch of White racist troglodytes for whom Obama is Devil incarnate.

So there’s a market for Dinesh’s trashy books and documentaries among the geriatric White trash, more so when a film on America debuts around July 4.

Dinesh’s principal theme in the documentary is that there’s a large group of Americans (particularly the White middle class) who are now ashamed of their country because of the machinations of people like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, and their ‘radical’ mentors like Bill Ayers and Saul Alinsky.

And Dinesh’s basic point is that there’s nothing for Americans to be ashamed of.

America – Based on Theft

In the documentary, Dinesh takes up four American ‘thefts’ that are supposedly frequently cited by the Left and critics to shame the country:

* Theft of Territory (from the native Indians and Mexico)
* Theft of Labor (via Black slavery)
* Theft of Resources (via attacks on other countries)
* Theft of the American Dream (via capitalist practices denying a fair share to workers)

Besides doing a lousy job of debunking the ‘theft’ arguments made by critics, Dinesh also fails to address major issues like huge jump in income inequalities in recent decades, wage stagnation, corporate influence on elections through campaign contributions etc.

For instance on slavery, Dinesh tries to deflect the injustice done to millions of slaves by arguing that there were Black slave owners as well, lots of White indentured laborers were shipped in from Ireland or White children were kidnapped off the streets of London and brought to America. Comparing the hideous suffering of Blacks during slavery to that of some Whites for brief periods is insanity, beyond the pale.

Capitalism, for Dinesh, works merely through the consent of the consumer. But there are so many other aspects to capitalism like providing a living wage to workers, offering healthcare to employees, addressing factory pollution etc. But Dinesh is blind to all of that. And he finds a doddering Indian economist (Jagdish Bhagwati) to tell him that capitalism is the most moral case since it’s lifted over 200 million from poverty in India in 15 years.

If America did not exist, the conquest ethic would dominate the world,” according to Dinesh. That’s arguable and, in any case, with hypothetical statements you can literally say anything without fear of contradictions.

Dinesh’s Solution?

Just vague platitudes.

Dinesh argues that despite all the damage the Left/Democrats is supposedly doing to America, the country can still be salvaged.

“But we do have us,” Dinesh tells viewers and this “us” he says in an end note will wage the struggle for restoration of America.

Like any other country/group of people, America is a force for good on some occasions and a force for evil on others. Nothing unique about that.

But it’s impossible to deny that the last four decades have not been good ones for average Americans thanks to their betrayal from both the Right and the Left and the people’s descent into the bottomless pit of mindless consumerism.

5 Responses to "America Review – An Indian Crook’s Vomit"

  1. MadAtBollywood   July 3, 2014 at 2:01 pm

    Your analysis is right on the money! Dinesh is a crook and a liar. He’s the Indian version of Mr. Bean

    I personally hate capitalism to the core.

    Reagan destroyed this nation with his hideous “voodoo economics” whose philosophy was to give SO MUCH money to the rich that it would “trickle down” to the rest of us and create jobs! Well, the super-rich pee’d for the last 3 decades, and it “trickled down” to the rest of us.

    Then came along the Almighty King George “I am the decider” W. Bush, who gave so much tax cuts to the super-rich, along with his unfunded phony wars, and put the final nail to the US coffin!!

    Not that the democrats are any better, but in my not so humble opinion, the Rethuglicans destroyed America!! They are loathsome, beyond redemption!!! Responds:

    1. Ronald Reagan was a congenital retard and to think the shit-scabbed White trash motherfuckers revere him as a great American icon makes me want to puke my guts out.

    Right now I’m reveling in the sheer joy of the Koch-funded Teabagger shitheads cannibalizing Satanic runts like Eric Cantor because they are not extremist enough!

    2. I’m not the praying kind but I’m making an exception for Dinesh.

    Praying extremely hard that he gets the full two-year prison term when he’s sentenced in September.

    The way he introduced his crime toward the end of the documentary was so slimy – With Sean Hannity asking him if he was being targeted blah blah blah. Obamacare, according to Dinesh in the documentary, is a masterpiece of extortion and distortion. While Obamacare is not perfect, it’s a step in the right direction.

    3. Agree that the Democrats, particularly the jism-stained Clinton simpletons, are as sick as the ReThuglican ass-wipes.

    • MadAtBollywood   July 3, 2014 at 2:03 pm

      PS: The Rethuglicans destroyed this great nation by showing the Bible and waiving the US Flag to the gullible and retarded citizenry!!! Responds:

      ReThuglicans are pandering to the White Trash dentures-wearing, Bible-thumping, tit-sagging, cock-drooping shit-faced geriatrics whose mushy brains resemble the thick gravy these cum-turds love to slurp on.

  2. msveda   July 5, 2014 at 4:28 am

    Check this Link on rogue State of USA. They are responsible for so Much Chaos in present World. Most Irresponsible and Nomad like Attitude of USA destroyed every other Nations to Pieces. Responds:

    1. The reality about U.S. is complex.

    There’s no denying the damage America has wrought in several places, the support for dictators (Chile, Saudi Arabia, Philippines etc), the blind support for corporations etc.

    But the U.S. is also a force for good in many ways – For instance, it allows millions of immigrants to come here, build a new life and pursue their dreams in a manner rarely seen elsewhere in history.

    Every year thousands of Muslims from Bangladesh come here under the Green Card lottery.

    I’d bet that if Muslims in Egypt, Afghanistan, Sudan and Pakistan were allowed to come here, their nations would be mostly emptied.

    There’s considerable freedom of speech in the U.S. although lately everything is under surveillance.

    U.S. problem has often been one of corporate overreach and the subservience of politics to business. With our manufacturing completely outsourced to China, the only manufacturing base left in the U.S. now is the military-Industrial complex which employs several million people. To keep these millions and their families fed, educated and provided healthcare etc, we must go to war frequently to destroy our existing weapons so that we can build new ones and provide a livelihood to millions of employees and their families. Sad but such is the reality.

    2. It’s human nature that a group of strong people with bigger weapons will throw their weight around and attack the weaker ones.

    We saw that in India during the Muslim invasions and later during the crushing British rule in India from the 18th-20th centuries, Japanese atrocities in China in the 1930s and in the behavior of the ancient Roman Empire.

    As Edward Gibbon writes in The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire:

    “The Roman name was revered among the most remote nations of the earth. The fiercest barbarians frequently submitted their differences to the arbitration of the emperor….The terror of the Roman arms added weight and dignity to the moderation of the emperors. They preserved peace by a constant preparation for war.” Vol.1, P.12

    Bottom line, we can only moderate violence/cruelty/bad behavior among groups of powerful people but never expel it from the human soul.

    • msveda   July 5, 2014 at 11:15 am

      USA should and have no rights to interfere in Asian and African Nations Internal Crisis.
      It never interferes in interest of any section of People except its Corporations.

      Basically it creates instability in Asian and African Nations to attract Workforce. Even European Nations are at loggerheads with USA due to instability it offer in World Peace.

      Simply said USA is war mongering, Powerful Country with no Tastes or Cultural Identity of its own.

      Previous Global Powers such as Roman Empire, Mongol Empire, Spanish Empire, British Empire and USSR have contributed to Regional and World Stability ( to some extent) and made contributions in Literature, Arts, Culture and so on.

      USA made no contributions as previous powers did.

      USA is modern day Barbarian. Responds:

      1. I’m beginning to have doubts about M.S.Veda.

      Given his incendiary anti-American comments with little proof, I can’t help but wonder if he’s a RAW or ISI agent trying to get SI into trouble?

      His/her/its IP address keeps changing bizarrely plus He/She/It keeps changing his/her/its SI blog registration password far too frequently!

      As Shakespeare would say, Something is rotten in the state of Denmark!

      Anyway, who gives a fuck what some chutiya tries with SI. I’m gonna focus on my Jameson Whiskey now!

      2. You write: Previous Global Powers such as Roman Empire, Mongol Empire, Spanish Empire, British Empire and USSR have contributed to Regional and World Stability ( to some extent)

      Who gives a fuck if the British contributed to World stability when they buggered all our Indian grandfathers,’ great-grandfathers’ and great-great-grandfathers’ asses!

      • msveda   July 5, 2014 at 11:03 pm

        Regarding my IP address, I use a Laptop and two mobiles to post my comments. Then you must know how IP addresses change, genius.

        If British buggered Our ancestors, we are buggered by USA, genius. Do you have any idea how USA issue spreading its wings in India through Consumer Products. I cannot support everything with links.

        Move your bum from your seats and travel to India, spend some time and you will realise how USA has negatively influenced India in all aspects.

        Whether it is carbonated drinks, automobiles, Consumer Products, etc., everything is occupied by American Concerns.

        USA is heir to British Empire, albeit classless and no input in Cultural Identities. Responds:

        1. True, U.S. culture is the dominating global culture be it Hollywood, Coca-Cola, Pizza Hut or our dangerous Ford cars.

        2. But what the fuck is wrong with you people that you are so easily influenced, so eagerly swill the unhealthy coca-cola, watch/copy our crappy Hollywood flicks and despite NSA buggering your asses your leaders genuflect before the American flag.

        As Cassius tells Brutus in the bard’s Julius Caesar (Act 1, Scene II):

        The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,
        But in ourselves, that we are underlings.

        If Indians are underlings, start blaming yourselves before pointing the finger at us/U.S.!


        b) NSA monitoring/spying on BJP (Source: Washington Post)

        3. BTW, do you have any idea why Senator McCain was in India recently?

        Ponder over that before frothing at the mouth!

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