We’re Happy – Obama Wins in Iowa

American voters in the Iowa caucuses made a clear choice for change on Thursday by handing Illinois Senator Barack Obama a solid victory in the Democratic primaries. The African American Obama’s message of change and hope has resonated with the people of Iowa. Whether Obama can succeed in winning the Democratic primaries and then the […]

America’s Prison Population – Up, Up & Up

It’s an American tragedy. If there is one constant in American society, it’s the growing prison population. With the highest incarceration rate in the world, America’s prison population still keeps growing at a distressingly high rate primarily because of tough sentencing guidelines and lack of support systems to integrate released prisoners into society. The U.S. […]

America Turns into a Nation of Foolish Gamblers

As the American middle and lower classes continue their inexorable downward spiral into destitution and bankruptcy, Americans have caught the gambling bug big time. In the latest American gambling news, MGM Mirage is investing $5 billion in a new mega casino project in Atlantic City, which already has 11 casinos. MGM Mirage’s proposed multi-billion dollar […]

Green with Envy, Obama Hits out at Hillary’s Indian Ties

U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, who has vowed to run a dignified campaign, has attacked his rival Hillary Clinton for her “personal, financial and political ties to India” in a memo leaked to the New York Times by the Clinton camp. The caustic memo referred to Hillary Clinton as D-Punjab, a reference to Hillary’s […]

Barber among Jewelers in New York City

We spotted this man just the other day on W47th St in the Jewelry District of Manhattan sporting a back-board that advertised a nearby Barber Shop. Just a few blocks from New York City’s famous Times Square landmark, the Jewelry district in Manhattan is chock-a-block with stores selling gold, diamonds and other precious gems. Amid […]

New York City Derby on 8th Ave?

Mounted police are an interesting sight anywhere. In this age of Hummers, BMW and Mercedes Benz cars, the sight of a policeman atop a big horse makes for a nice picture. Horses, once ubiquitous in New York (according to a recent issue of the New Yorker there were 120,000 horses in 1908) are a rarity […]

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