Groupon Rebrands Indian Deals Site SoSasta into Horrid Sounding Crazeal

U.S. coupons major Groupon has rebranded its Indian deal site SoSasta into the weird sounding Crazeal. Apparently, the name SoSasta is not resonating well in South India and also supposedly not hip enough to entice the highfalutin upmarket sellers into clambering up on the discounts train. What cockamamie crock! When you’re basically peddling discounts, SoSasta […]

Stupid Fucks on HP’s Board Err Again

For all those schmucks who think that corporate boards are stuffed with wise old men who do nothing but bring their decades of ‘wisdom’ to guide businesses and pass the torch to a new generation, we say ’tis time to stop taking those deep drags from the fine California weed you got betwixt your lips. […]

Kindle e-Book Lending Debuts at 11,000 U.S. Libraries

Thousands of America’s libraries got better today with Amazon rolling out the Kindle Library Lending program to 11,000 libraries. This means that members of several thousand of America’s county and town libraries like yours truly will be able to borrow Kindle e-books and read them either on the Kindle e-reader or on competing devices like […]

Just Who the Hell is Chuck Ganapathi?

Man, Andy Warhol was right with his famous comment that In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes. Well, it’s Chuck Ganapathi’s day under the arc-lights today. The Internet is all atwitter about this fella. It seems the PSG Tech alumnus, who we were all blissfully unaware about until a short while ago, […]

New York Times Slams Indian Coolie Factory Infosys

If it were human, Indian software services provider Infosys would be feeling a sharp pain in its back-side today. For the New York Times has thoroughly buggered India’s software darling in a critical piece posted on its home page. The NYT story says that Infosys is: facing an expanding federal investigation prompted by claims from […]

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