Whacko Brits Love Indian Virgins

To the long list of crimes the British are guilty of against Indians, let’s add one more – Virginity tests on dozens of Indian girls. According to an AP story, the British High Commission conducted tests on 73 women in New Delhi and nine in Bombay between 1976 and 1979. The reason offered for conducting […]

Hooray, Indian Software Firm Smartsoft Screwed; H1B Violator Ordered to Pay $1m in Back Wages

Aye Aye Yippee Yippee Aye Aye. Nice day outside, eh? 😉 Folks, we can’t contain our excitement. Ha ha ha ha. 😆 Just had to share this wonderful news with y’all. Smartsoft Violated H1B Rules Indian software firm Smartsoft International, founded by Murugadass Krishnan and Shanthi Murugadass (Tamils??), has been royally screwed for H1B violations […]

H1B Visas; Follow the Japanese U-Turn, Partially

After years of importing tens of thousands of foreign workers of Japanese descent from Latin American countries like Brazil and Peru for blue-collar jobs, Japan is now doing an U-turn on its immigration policy. An U-turn that America must seriously consider (but only partially) vis-a-vis its H1B Visas. Facing growing unemployment of its own citizens […]

H1B Pulls Down Wages 6%; Send the Coolies Home

A report co-authored by a desi says that H1B Visa admissions into the U.S. pull down wages for native IT programmers and systems analysts by 5%-6%. Are you surprised? You shouldn’t be: Because coolies always work for less (you know just like the Walmart slogan We sell for less you see on the back of their […]