Barber among Jewelers in New York City

We spotted this man just the other day on W47th St in the Jewelry District of Manhattan sporting a back-board that advertised a nearby Barber Shop. Just a few blocks from New York City’s famous Times Square landmark, the Jewelry district in Manhattan is chock-a-block with stores selling gold, diamonds and other precious gems. Amid […]

New York City Derby on 8th Ave?

Mounted police are an interesting sight anywhere. In this age of Hummers, BMW and Mercedes Benz cars, the sight of a policeman atop a big horse makes for a nice picture. Horses, once ubiquitous in New York (according to a recent issue of the New Yorker there were 120,000 horses in 1908) are a rarity […]

Gujju Behns Eating Dhokla in Atlantic City Casino?

Gujju Behns in the Den of Vice – at an Atlantic City Casino Boredom makes men and women explore strange things, particularly when thrown into a strange environment. If a move to a different culture is hard enough for the educated Indian middle class – those with the so-called cosmopolitan world views – it must […]

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