Guerrillocracy – An Ideology for the 21st Century

I do believe that, where there is only a choice between cowardice and violence, I would advise violence. – Mahatma Gandhi, Young India, August 11, 1920 At this pivotal moment in human history when hundreds of millions are struggling in the dark shadows, it’s the right occasion to reflect on whether Democracy is the best […]

Quote of the Day – Patrick Kennon

Those societies that continue to allow themselves to be administered by individuals whose only qualification is that they were able to win a popularity contest will go from failure to failure and eventually pass from the scene. – Former CIA Agent Patrick Kennon in The Twilight of Democracy, p.263

Incredible India 50 – Finally, Shameless Buffoon M.K.Azhagiri Opens Mouth

Only in Incredible India. Folks, only in Incredible India can a 60-year-old buffoon who cannot speak Hindi or English (the two official languages of the country and of Parliament) and to boot a first-time Member of Parliament, become a Central Cabinet Minister. Yes, we’re talking of the buffoon M.K.Azhagiri a.k.a M.K.Alagiri, India’s Union Minister for […]

Moron of the Day – P.Chidambaram

For all that has been written, civil society must answer for the deaths of innocents by outfits that do not respect democracy at all. – India’s Home Minister P. Chidambaram blaming civil rights activists after the second violent attack by Maoist Freedom Fighters in Dantewada. Source: Times of India Pushed to the wall by decades […]

Why India Cries Out for a Million Dantewadas

Yippee, another attack at Dantewada. Great, just another 999,998 to go. Detest It, Hate It, Loath It * God, we hate the three-letter word Mao. * God, we hate the brute Mao who killed millions with his senseless policies that led to great famines and the upheavals of the Cultural Revolution. * God, we hate […]

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