Quote of the Day – A Famous Bihari

One cannot judge the value of an opinion simply by the amount of courage that is required in holding it. – A famous Bihari in an unfinished essay on writer Evelyn Waugh, 1949 Do you schmucks know the identity of this famous Bihari? Since God has not bestowed Indians with enough gray matter, my innate […]

Quote of the Day – Jane Austen

Is not general incivility the very essence of love? – Lizzy in Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen Chapter 25, P.73, Kindle (iPad) edition Jane might have been the prettiest of the five Bennet girls but Lizzy shall forever remain my favorite. Just in case you’re wondering about the context of the above quote, an […]

Difference Between Hooker & Escort

When is a Prostitute not a Prostitute but an Escort? [The Colombian gal] was dismayed, she said, that the news reports have described her as a prostitute as though she walked the streets picking up just anyone. “It’s the same, but it’s different,” she said, indicating that she is much more selective about her clients […]

Quote of the Day – Adolf Hitler

The greater the man, the more insignificant should be his woman. – Adolf Hitler, in 1934 Source: At Home With Hitler by Antony Beevor in New York Review of Books, April 26, 2012 P.37

Quote of the Day – Pete Wells on Shake Shack Burgers

More often, though, the meat was cooked to the color of wet newsprint, inside and out, and salted so meekly that eating it was as satisfying as hearing a friend talk about a burger his cousin ate. – New York Times restaurant critic Pete Wells on Shake Shack Burgers, NYT, 2/21/2012 Here’s what the wise […]

Quote of the Day – Dickens on Indians

On the occasion of Charles Dickens’ 200th birth centenary, it’s time to look at what the acclaimed British writer thought of Indians. Here’s what the dickhead Dickens wrote after the 1857 mutiny/First War of Independence: I wish I were Commander in Chief over there [India]! I would address that Oriental character which must be powerfully […]