Quote of the Day – Jackie Cogan

Ha ha ha, love you the movies? Me too, kid. Me too. One of the movies I’m so eagerly looking forward to is Talaash, Khiladi 786 the Brad Pitt gangster film Killing Them Softly. The English movie is based on the book Cogan’s Trade by the late writer George V. Higgins. America’s not a country. […]

Quote of the Day – Vineet Jain

We are not in the newspaper business, we are in the advertising business. – Vineet Jain, Managing Director, BCCL (publisher of the world’s largest selling English-language newspaper, Times of India) The October 8, 2012 issue of New Yorker has an excellent article on Bennett, Coleman & Company Ltd, publishers of Times of India, Economic Times […]

Quote of the Day – Schopenhauer

Der Mensch kann was er will; er kann aber nicht wollen was er will. – Arthur Schopenhauer cited in Free Will by Sam Harris p.75 Of the countless ‘great’ quotes I’ve stumbled upon in a long life, the above line by Schopenhauer is extraordinary for its simplicity and insight. For it strikes at the heart […]

Quote of the Day – Queen Victoria

It is worth being shot at to see how much one is loved. – Queen Victoria after surviving another assassination attempt ( in 1882). Source: How Not To Kill a Queen by John Sutherland, New York Times, July 29, 2012 Victoria survived eight assassination attempts on her life. Surviving great danger or coming through fine […]

Quote of the Day – Saki

Tell me your longitude and I’ll know what latitude to allow you. – Sir Lulworth in The Blind Spot by Saki Source: The Complete Works of Saki, P.295 Here’s the context for the above brilliant quote. In The Blind Spot by Saki, Sir Lulworth is telling his nephew Egbert that people’s behavior can be explained […]

Quote of the Day – Saul Bellow

The bitches come and the bitches go….If she wants to go, fuck her! Let her go! You’ll be okay. So you were a sucker! Big deal! Every man is a sucker for some type of broad. I always got clobbered by the blue-eyed kind, myself. – The lawyer Sandor Himmelstein speaking to a depressed Moses […]