HP Waves the White Flag, Kills TouchPad in 49 Days

A bleeding, beaten, crushed HP today waved the white flag at Apple today, abandoning its fledgling moves into the tablet market. Folks, if we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a million times. There is only one tablet that matters – Apple iPad. And smart, thinking people including yours truly are buying only the iPad. […]

It’s iPad or No Pad, Say Consumers

Let the Gurujis and other clowns say what they will, but the people have spoken. When it comes to tablets, the people want Apple’s iPads or nothing. We couldn’t agree with them more. After using the iPad 2 for a couple of months, we confess this widget is our new inamorata, in bed and out. […]

Vizio Begs Consumers – Whip Me, Whip Me

Some companies just won’t get the message, at least not until they hear the swoosh sound of the whip falling on their exposed backside. People don’t want to buy just any tablet. They want only the Apple iPad. How hard can that be to understand. But some folks just won’t listen and keep rolling cheap […]

Can Amazon Lift the Sinking Android Tablets?

To digital media aficionados, a group that includes yours truly, one of the most anticipated events is the upcoming launch of Amazon’s tablets. Let’s make it the supposed launch since Amazon has yet to officially announce its tablet strategy. But the rumors are flying fast and furious. Amazon will launch three tablets. No, there will […]

Non-iPad Tablets Should Roll Over & Die

The yawning gap between market leader Apple and the rest of the Tablet vendors (Motorola, Samsung, Acer, Asus, HP and the like) is growing wider. A couple of days back during a visit to Staples, we found the U.S. office supplies store offering $100 instant rebate on all tablets except the Apple iPad and HP’s […]