Disgrace! Vishwaroopam Ban Upheld

Despite Kamal Haasan’s craven surrender to the Muslim community by offering to delete scenes in Vishwaroopam they find objectionable, the actor was beaten down in the Madras High Court today. A bench of the court overturned the order of the single judge and upheld the ban on screening Vishwaroopam in the state for two weeks. […]

Tamil Nadu Lifts Ban on Vishwaroopam

The Madras High Court lifted the ban on Kamal Haasan’s Vishwaroopam a few minutes back (around 10PM IST). This means that Tamils, who make up the majority of the glorious state of Tamil Nadu, unjustly deprived of seeing the film for the last five days can now watch it. The state government banned Vishwaroopam after […]

Vishwaroopam Review – A Daring Attempt

By Naveen Unless you are living in a shack in Siberia, you would know that Kamal Haasan has made a movie called Vishwaroopam. The movie was banned one day before its release in Kamal’s home state of Tamil Nadu and as a result of the ban there is chaos and confusion in the traditional media, […]

Alas, Kollywood is So Short of Men

Vishwaroopam Review – A Daring Attempt Oh, what a shame! No Men in Kollywood When the Tamil Nadu government was raping Kamal Haasan and his film Vishwaroopam on specious, flimsy grounds, the Tamil film industry (Kollywood) proved it’s woefully short of men! I can’t recollect seeing a single leading star coming to Kamal Haasan’s defense. […]

Great Response to Vishwaroopam in Chicago

Vishwaroopam Review – A Daring Attempt Final Update (after completion of movie): * Ban Not Justified. * Muslims are not insulted at all. But since movie is about terrorism it is impossible to keep Islam out. * Never before seen visuals in Tamil or maybe Indian cinema. * Audience engrossed. Whistles and noise for Kamal. […]

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