Microsoft Launches New Smartphones Few People Will Care About

Microsoft Launches New Smartphones Few People Will Care About

If history is any guide, Indian consumers will for the most part ignore Microsoft’s new Lumia smartphones launched in the country today. Lumia 510 and Lumia 950 XL, Microsoft’s latest smartphones, debuted in India November 30, 2015 just 10 days after their U.S. launch. The high-end Lumia 950XL (Rs 49,399) has a 5.7-inch screen, 20MP […]

12 Cool Products from Unknown People

If you schmucks thought all the cool products in the world emerge only from the womb of giant corporations like Apple or Sony, you’d be so wrong. Thanks to the paradigm shift wrought by the Internet, even unknown individuals with limited resources but bright ideas can get funding to realize their giant dreams. In 2014, […]

Obama Declares War on 54,000 Poor People, Massively Screws Cheap Chinatown Buses

In an effective declaration of war on on tens of thousands of poor Americans, the Obama administration today shut down 26 low-cost Chinatown buses alleging safety violations. The U.S. Department of Transportation boasted that it was “the largest single safety crackdown in the agency’s history.” Besides shutting down the 26 Chinatown buses, the Federal Motor […]

U.S. Job Killer Nasscom Thinks Americans are Really, Really Stupid People

Indian software services trade organization Nasscom must have a very poor opinion of Americans. Not content with robbing hundreds of thousands of Americans of their well-paying software and call-center jobs, Indian businesses are now stooping to insult the intelligence of Americans. American Job Killers As anyone with that body appendage called the head knows, Indian […]

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