Nightcrawler Review – Electric Night Thriller

Think of our newscast as a screaming woman running down the street with her throat cut. – TV station News director Nina (Rene Russo) to Louis Bloom (Jake Gyllenhaal) in Nightcrawler Don’t you dare count me among the surprised when Jake Gyllenhaal has his hands full with trophies during the coming awards season for a […]

Madras Review – Class Act

After wearily trudging through the endless Sahara of trashy Tamil movies, I serendipitously discovered a welcome oasis in Madras (Karthi, Kalaiarasan Harikrishnan, Catherine Tresa, Rama, Ritwika et al). Pa Ranjith directed the film based on his script (a claim that so far has not been disproved). Like so many good films, Madras defies easy categorization […]

Meet Sergei Loznitsa – The Not Rohit Shetty

Each time I watch a Bollywood movie, an urgent need to rinse my mouth with two good foreign films overwhelms me. Having recently inflicted upon myself the masochistic trauma of sitting through Ajay Devgan’s latest emetic Singham Returns, I was besides myself in agony. How in Heaven’s name can this Rohit Shetty mis-directed turdpile Singham […]

Why are Indians Going to Town on Rape?

(Image Courtesy: Times of India) If you ask me, Indians (media, people and politicians) are going overboard on rape. Now I’m not one to suggest we bestow honors on criminals who attack women or hang marigold garlands around rapists’ necks. Every human – male, female and the transgendered – needs to be protected from society’s […]

Rosemary – Begging for Injustice

Rosemary Martoma with Husband Mathew Martoma Hailing as I do from India, I’m no stranger to humanity’s most persistent crime through the ages – Benign acceptance of and frequent contempt toward fellow humans reduced to the soul crushing hell of begging. Begging by Have-Nots In my mind, there can be no greater mass injustice than […]

2 Good Niches for Indian Writers – Corruption and Cowardice

Is it the long, sun-less winters that turn Scandinavian crime fiction writers to morbid, dark thoughts of blood, gore, murder, suicide, torture, guns and knives? Or is the selection of crime fiction niche just a serendipitous move that succeeded beyond any Scandinavian novelist’s wildest hopes. Some even say Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme’s murder in […]

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