Incredible India 64 – Yes, Indians are Chutiyas

India is a nation with two deeply hostile neighbors, a nation with people dying of starvation, a nation wracked by internal rebellion, a nation without toilets for over 600-million, a nation where hundreds of million struggle for survival every day, a nation where people are ‘encountered’ to death every day….. And yet, what is the […]

Guzaarish BO – Plunges 62% in Second Weekend

Guzaarish continues its unimpressive performance at the U.S. box office. Here’s how the movie fared for the November 26-28, 2010 weekend compared to a few prominent Bollywood films: Related Stories: Guzaarish Box Office – Disaster in U.S. Guzaarish Review – SLB, Hrithik Deliver a Winner

Enthiran Review – Orgy of Stupidity

If Enthiran director S.Shankar had an iota of shame or self-respect, he’d place his head on the rail-road track at the Egmore station and let the Tambaram local train roll over it. That’s the only way to ensure that incompetent dickheads like Shankar never raise their ‘head’ to unleash monstrosities like Enthiran on the hapless […]

Quote of the Day – Salman ‘Flop’ Khan

I am very happy she [Aishwary Rai] is married to Abhishek. He is a great guy from a good family. The best thing I can want for her is that she leads a happy life. – SalmanΒ ‘Flop‘ Khan quoted in Times of India Ha ha ha ha ha . πŸ˜† Related Stories: Salman β€˜Flop’ Khan […]

Endhiran Music Review – If Rahman Farts, is it Still Music?

Enthiran Box Office – Unimpressive Average Gross Enthiran Review – Orgy of Stupidity Emmathitanga Ayyo, Emmathitanga (they’ve cheated us, God, they’ve cheated us). A BIG disappointment. πŸ™ A.R.Rahman and Shankar have taken Tamil music fans for a ride with the Endhiran album. Endhiran’s music is nowhere in the class of Rahman’s Slumdog Millionaire or his […]

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