Can Trash King Akshay Kumar’s Action Replayy Match Back to the Future?

Akshay Kumar aka Trash King for his insufferably trashy Bollywood movies is back.

This Diwali, Akshay Kumar’s Action Replayy will fight Golmaal 3 (Ajay Devgan) for the chance to dip into the wallets of Bollywood fans.

If you believe the rumors, Action Replayy is inspired by the old Hollywood blockbuster Back to the Future.

We watched Back to the Future recently and while the quarter century old movie is certainly no classic it does posses a beguiling charm that the passage of time has not erased.

Science Fiction Comedy
Directed by Robert Zemeckis (of Forrest Gump fame), Back to the Future (1985) comes wrapped within the fig-leaf veneer of science fiction to deliver a fairly decent comedy that keeps you engrossed for the most part to the flickering images on the screen.

The setting is 1985 California.

We have a young high school student Marty McFly (Michael Fox) with a pretty girlfriend Jennifer Parker (Claudia Wells) and an eccentric-looking scientist friend, the older, weird-looking Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd).

Marty is a carefree young fella, happy with his girl, his aspirations to be a rock star and to just roll along on his skateboard while holding on to the back of a pickup truck.

His dad George McFly (Crispin Glover) is badly bullied character (by his boss even at his age) while Marty’s mother Lorraine is a close friend to Bacchus.

Not exactly a great home for Marty to return to.

Big Trouble
Trouble, big time, erupts, when Marty heads to a late night rendezvous to see his friend Doc’s new invention at  a supermarket parking lot.

As Doc is showing off his hot new invention (a Plutonium-powered Time Machine inside a DeLorean car) to Marty,  a bunch of Libyan terrorists suddenly arrive in a van and gun down the doc.

As the menacing looking Libyan terrorists turn their attentions on Marty, the young chap jumps into Doc’s new Time Machine invention to escape his pursuers.

Whaddaya think happens?

With the shooting Libyans in hot pursuit, Marty pushes the pedal of the Time Machine car, hits 88MPH and, voila, in a few seconds, is transported back to 1955.

But wait a minute, why are Libyans the bad guys?

Remember this was the early 1980s, Al Queda didn’t exist and Saddam Hussein was no big threat to America.

The 1950s
Ha ha ha, the fun begins now as Marty meets his much younger Dad, Mom and Doc and the bullies tormenting his father.

Also, how does Marty return to the present?

The movie has its share of hilarious moments, some involving Marty’s mother as a young girl.

We won’t tell you more lest we spoil your fun.

What Makes Back to the Future Attractive
Besides the endearing performances by Crispin Glover, Michael Fox and Christopher Lloyd, the movie also owes its success to the fine amalgam of comedy, romance, action and Time Machine.

For centuries, if not longer, humans have longed for a Time Machine that can transport them back in time or far ahead into the future.

Michael Fox fits the role to a T but our favorite was Crispin Glover with his perennial droopy, hangdog, loser expression.

Often science fiction movies lose out on the emotional drama in the rush for gee whiz fancy gadgets and special effects.

But Back to the Future avoids that folly by keeping the Time Machine in the background and keeping the comedy in the foreground.

The Solomons at recommend Back to the Future. You can rent the DVD from Netflix or, maybe, even from your neighborhood Blockbuster store.

By the way, Action Replayy also features one of Bollywood’s worst actress Aishwarya Rai, who wouldn’t be able to spell the word acting if her life depended on it.

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