Entertainment Review – What a Bitch

This insufferable Bollywood movie featuring dogs, Akshay Kumar, bitches and Tammanah Bhatia plumbs the depths of the depravity business. A bizarre species named Sajid-Farhad held the dog-leash of this exercise in cruelty, pretending to direct the canine-pack of bipeds and quadrupeds. Apparently, the duo also ‘wrote’ the screenplay and dialogs. Who’s the Dog? Who’s the […]

Boss Review – Undiluted Trash

To say I was surprised by the turnout for the opening show of Boss, Akshay Kumar’s latest putrid gift to his fans, would be an understatement. At AMC 25 in Times Square NYC, there were about 30 people for the 12:40PM opening show on a week day! And to my great dismay, several members of […]


Mark my words! Ten years from now when Akshay Kumar’s strapping 21-year-old son Aarav struts down the streets of Mumbai, passersby will sullenly glare at the youth, rain curses on his entire family and spit on the sidewalk muttering, “There goes the son of the Nathuram who destroyed the Hindi film industry.” No big Indian […]

Special 26 – A Jolly Caper

By Naveen The name Akshay Kumar is synonymous with mindless comedies and some of the most vile garbage from Bollywood. So, Special 26 was not even on the horizon for the choice of my weekend Bollywood fix. However my curiosity got the better of me after I learnt that Special 26 is made by the […]

Joker Reviews – Garbage, Say Critics

If it’s an Akshay Kumar film, you can be sure it’s got garbage written all over it. The bozo’s new film Joker released today, to almost universal derision. The only silver lining is that the trashy film has had a poor opening in India. Here, read excerpts from some of the reviews for Joker: NDTV […]

Rowdy Rathore Crashes in Second Wknd

Pitiful. That’s the only way to describe Rowdy Rathore’s box office performance in the U.S. If it was bad in the opening weekend, it was downright terrible in the second weekend (June 8-10, 2012). Say what you will but Indians in Amreeka have more brains than their counterparts in Mera Bharat Mahaan who think this […]

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