Boss Review – Undiluted Trash

To say I was surprised by the turnout for the opening show of Boss, Akshay Kumar’s latest putrid gift to his fans, would be an understatement.

At AMC 25 in Times Square NYC, there were about 30 people for the 12:40PM opening show on a week day!

And to my great dismay, several members of the audience seemed to be enjoying this great apotheosis of trash.

SI rationalized it this way – You can take the Chutiya out of India but you cannot take the Chutiya out of the Indian.

Depravity Only Indians Will Love

Boss belongs to the same genre as Akshay Kumar’s 2012 movie Rowdy Rathore – Undiluted trash.

A perversity in every possible way, Boss did not endear itself to me in any manner.

Not even when Aditi Rao Hydari strutted out of the pool in a reddish pink bikini flaunting her tits, thighs and legs did I feel a rush of blood.

The woman can’t act to save her life and fortunately the creature’s role in the film is as skimpy as her bikini.

Hopelessly boring, this remake of a Malayalam blockbuster (Pokkiri Raja) is an endless litany of Akshay Kumar beating one guy after another to pulp the way they do it in those crude Tamil films.

As is the case with most Bollywod films, there’s little by way of a story in Boss too.

Akshay Kumar plays the eponymous gangster Boss estranged from his father, an upright teacher played by Mithun Chakraborty.

When the Boss’ younger brother Shiv (Shiv Pandit) gets into big trouble with the cruel police officer Ayushman Thakur (Ronit Roy), the upright father hires his goonda son, the Boss, to save his younger son.

Such is the kind of bilge one must endure in this relentless parade of nonsense directed by a classless dolt called Anthony D’Souza.

A crooked politician, his moronic son, a cowardly police inspector, a constantly sneezing buffoon and a gaggle of bozos whose only job is to serve as human chairs (I’m not kidding) to Akshay Kumar’s character show up now and then in this poppycock.

Ronit Roy, who plays the cruel police officer, wears a single expression in the entire movie – that of a man in desperate need of a laxative!

The fight scenes tested my patience given that that most are crude to the point of disgust and hopelessly one-sided with Akshay’s character pummeling his victims in every possible manner including in one instance twisting the limbs of his attacker in a grotesque manner.

The love angle between Boss’ brother Shiv and Ankita is hopelessly underdeveloped!

That in this day and age Bollywood continues to churn out drivel like Boss and that fans continue to patronize such offal is a testament to the deep-rooted depravity, and utter absence of any semblance of class, among Indians.

Boss is another in a long list of tawdry contributions from Akshay Kumar to the Bollywood cesspool.

Watch at your peril!

4 Responses to "Boss Review – Undiluted Trash"

  1. shadowfax_arbit   October 17, 2013 at 2:02 am

    I feel somehow you manage to watch (and review) all these putrid movies while you miss out on decent movies (intentionally or unintentionally) like like John Day and Lunchbox in Hindi, and Raja Rani, Onnayum attukuttiyum etc in Tamil. Responds:

    Crappy Bollywood movies get wider release in the U.S. (including in mainstream American theatres).

    For the so called better Indian movies, it means a round trip of at least 250-miles (400KM) because they release only in Anil Ambani’s theatres.

    I thought John Day was panned by critics.

    Have you seen the film or are you mentioning it just because it features Naseeruddin Shah?

  2. MadAtBollywood   October 17, 2013 at 3:40 pm

    John Day is a half-baked, poorly executed thriller. Even Naseer and Hooda couldn’t save the film. Hooda’s character was so poorly sketched. His character was portrayed pretty much the same way as he was in Saheb, Biwi aur Gangster. But in SBG, his character was developed, but in John Day, it was half-baked.

    I thoroughly enjoyed Lunchbox though. What’s there to complain if you put Irfan and Nawazuddin in the same frame!!! These 2 actors are so classy. It was a cinematic bliss to watch them in the same frame.

    Another recent movie that I really enjoyed was Kai Po Che. There was so much sub-layering around the plot, but all the layers were coherent with the main plot. The characterization of all 3 protagonists was superb!! All 3 principle characters were brought to full maturity by the end of the film.

  3. sanjaaay12   October 25, 2013 at 12:44 am


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